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1. Thank you!
Mon May 28, 2018, 08:16 AM
May 2018

I just want him and his crime family to be banished to one of Jared’s or Hannity’s housing projects.

Thank you! SallyHemmings May 2018 #1
Only if that housing project is in the Faroe Islands jmowreader May 2018 #20
OMG, how gross! He starts with "Happy Memorial Day" like It's time for sinkingfeeling May 2018 #2
That last picture is the best I've seen in two weeks. Cracklin Charlie May 2018 #3
Another day, another batch of trumpdumps empedocles May 2018 #4
Sicko smooth64 May 2018 #5
Appalling. Hopeless case. JohnnyLib2 May 2018 #6
True narcissist: everything is about me. mnhtnbb May 2018 #7
More accurately.... marble falls May 2018 #10
Just when I don't think Ohiogal May 2018 #8
How does one who is so shallow Bob Loblaw May 2018 #9
And yet many members of the military think he is great... Takket May 2018 #11
Vomit. But thank you for the perfect image to share. Guilded Lilly May 2018 #12
Could that same text box be added to this photo? Fritz Walter May 2018 #14
He keeps telling us what he is, Progressive dog May 2018 #13
It must be very rosy in his deluded little world. Grammy23 May 2018 #15
Should we be grateful that he did not say what he said about McCain question everything May 2018 #16
We will be the judge of you ? Not you. pwb May 2018 #17
Because bone spurs are a patriotic thing RainCaster May 2018 #18
Veterans everywhere are rolling over in their graves from hatred of what orange assface is doing. lark May 2018 #19
Journalist David Frum Totally Tunsie May 2018 #21
How much more of this shit can we take? red dog 1 May 2018 #22
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