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A supportive spouse! One of the best things in life. nt No Vested Interest May 2018 #1
Good for you both! SallyHemmings May 2018 #2
Made my day too! cpamomfromtexas May 2018 #3
I'm glad you made her day. Aristus May 2018 #4
Your wife is wrong. Delmette2.0 May 2018 #17
It's not like she's vehement about it. Aristus May 2018 #18
Oh good. Delmette2.0 May 2018 #24
Flowers, buy her flowers too, giving a woman flowers tells her Canoe52 May 2018 #35
You have clearly never met Mrs. Aristus: Aristus May 2018 #41
I'll go out on a limb here and assume a puppy wouldn't be good either? Canoe52 May 2018 #56
You're safe on that limb. Aristus May 2018 #57
When I met my first Scarsdale May 2018 #49
When my husband complements me... MoonchildCA May 2018 #44
The day my wife passed away at 71, she looked like 24 when I met her. rickford66 May 2018 #5
I feel the same seleff May 2018 #7
I am exactly her age so I know how she feels. Chemisse May 2018 #6
You are a very sweet husband! smirkymonkey May 2018 #8
Our culture has pounded female beauty standards LuckyLib May 2018 #9
Guess that's why I act 22 SCantiGOP May 2018 #10
Love that greymattermom May 2018 #11
Same here, grey. kag May 2018 #25
I say the same, kag mcar May 2018 #32
I was decidedly NOT pretty 40-50 years ago. I look better now. calimary May 2018 #53
If my hubby said that to me . . . moreland01 May 2018 #12
I love it!!! bdamomma May 2018 #38
My wife of 38 years is my favorite gazing subject....each year NRaleighLiberal May 2018 #13
You got that right! BlueJac May 2018 #14
I love that!! Thanks for posting!! ailsagirl May 2018 #15
I have no doubt it is true. Remember that one, folks. Well done. Brilliant. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz May 2018 #16
Aw, this thread brought me to tears. MBS May 2018 #19
+1,000 malaise May 2018 #20
You done good. keithbvadu2 May 2018 #21
Grandma! Vinca May 2018 #23
I think we all have a day like that. I know I did a few months back and I'm 69. Vinca May 2018 #22
Treat her to one of those "queen for a day" spa treatments, Liberty Belle May 2018 #26
The joy and beauty is in the laugh lines and the eyes. I feel sorry for applegrove May 2018 #27
Well, and it just looks weird for a 60 y/o leftyladyfrommo May 2018 #31
Yeah, I just saw Book Club with Jane Fonda TexasBushwhacker May 2018 #46
I saw Madonna on tv not long ago. leftyladyfrommo May 2018 #50
I agree. Ohiogal May 2018 #33
I know how she feels. Ohiogal May 2018 #28
I love you! nt Chalco May 2018 #29
You are a good husband mcar May 2018 #30
Im 67 hubby says im beautiful all the time... samnsara May 2018 #34
63 isn't old. That's the new 43. Christie Brinkley is about 65. Honeycombe8 May 2018 #36
how sweet bdamomma May 2018 #37
tell her this .... Botany May 2018 #39
What a great response! K&R secondwind May 2018 #40
My wife and I have been together for 31 years. GulfCoast66 May 2018 #42
I know the feeling kimbutgar May 2018 #43
I'm glad I'm not the only one samplegirl May 2018 #45
That is some wisdom there, shockey! BobTheSubgenius May 2018 #47
Good answer DFW May 2018 #48
And that's how you win "Husbanding 101" Docreed2003 May 2018 #51
The thing is, thats not a line Soxfan58 May 2018 #52
Yep! You sure did! Good job! calimary May 2018 #54
Makes me think of Billy Joel Ohiya May 2018 #55
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