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If Not For The FBI - Comey PaulX2 May 2018 #1
McConnell threatened Obama's people at a meeting to make it highly partisan if people shraby May 2018 #10
And why did they cave??? calimary May 2018 #14
Exactly. And gone on tv every day that it's not partisan, it's american Roland99 May 2018 #15
Please post cites for your allegations.... Honeycombe8 May 2018 #19
The FBI's lies and manipulations during the fake email scandal were a much bigger deal. (eom StevieM May 2018 #2
How can you assess that? triron May 2018 #9
The poll numbers dropped 2 points directly because of the letter. SunSeeker May 2018 #17
Also, she might have recovered other voters who she had just recently lost, mostly because StevieM May 2018 #24
Absolutely. Thanks to Comey, Putin's cyberattack for Trump succeeded. nt. SunSeeker May 2018 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author StevieM May 2018 #26
This message was self-deleted by its author SunSeeker May 2018 #30
The change in the polls after Comey intervened. StevieM May 2018 #18
The email issue was real. Clinton acknowledged it. nt Honeycombe8 May 2018 #20
Russian Trump supporters celebrated their victory. keithbvadu2 May 2018 #3
And a member of the Russian Duma bragged about it too. Botany May 2018 #4
US intel didn't miss it as much as McConnell and Ryan refused to let it be known. keithbvadu2 May 2018 #7
McConnell was a told and he blocked that information from the American people and that info was .... Botany May 2018 #8
it was Comey Kurt V. May 2018 #5
You just keep thinking that and ignore McConnell's threat to make it highly political shraby May 2018 #11
I don't understand the thinking there. Kurt V. May 2018 #12
Please cite your sources for that information. Because it's wrong. Honeycombe8 May 2018 #21
here. Kurt V. May 2018 #35
And their end game is quite clear. byronius May 2018 #6
Clapper DID NOT SAY Trump was illegitimate. Hortensis May 2018 #13
There is evidence that Russia DID hack some election systems. So it's likely that Russia did more. Honeycombe8 May 2018 #22
I don't think there is any evidence of vote hacking, just "could have happened." Fact is, Hoyt May 2018 #31
It was Maddow's interpretation. triron May 2018 #27
Why do you think more people weren't fooled than were, Hortensis May 2018 #32
Hmmm. Tell that to the many red state republicans who because of lack of Laura PourMeADrink May 2018 #29
Laura, Russia didn't dissuade those from voting Democratic. Hortensis May 2018 #33
Must be a finer point I am not picking up Laura PourMeADrink May 2018 #36
I'm guessing you're answering a different post here, Hortensis May 2018 #37
Why so politically correct? rolypolychloe May 2018 #16
First, equating investigationwith spyingis disengenuous, to say the least. BobTheSubgenius May 2018 #23
Feel so sad for Clapper. You can see it in his face. Master in Intelligence...yet Laura PourMeADrink May 2018 #28
This headline is a lie oberliner May 2018 #34
Please note that Raw Story is lying and Clapper did not say this (please delete the post) oberliner May 2018 #38
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