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I though it was moving and beautiful. madaboutharry May 2018 #1
I thought it was too long. He made his point about love early in the message. mfcorey1 May 2018 #6
And yet... It might be of interest to a political forum Hortensis May 2018 #28
Loved it demtenjeep May 2018 #73
Me too nt d_r May 2018 #9
He is the head of the U.S. Episcopal Church BumRushDaShow May 2018 #2
hes all i have heard since i woke up... samnsara May 2018 #3
So he's squirming so much he's asleep? BannonsLiver May 2018 #60
Sorry to disagree snowybirdie May 2018 #4
There is nothing stuffy about receiving a message . This one was just too long for mfcorey1 May 2018 #7
Was she raised an Episcopalian? cwydro May 2018 #8
Somewhat? Sgent May 2018 #13
I know. cwydro May 2018 #24
Needs to wind it up. cwydro May 2018 #5
Paid by the minute. nt NCjack May 2018 #10
I'm surprised that there was not a time limit SoCalDem May 2018 #11
I very much enjoyed listening to him Siwsan May 2018 #12
You've never been to a black church. MariaCSR May 2018 #14
Amen, amen. :) It was especially meaningful at Hortensis May 2018 #16
Yep, loved loved loved it! redstatebluegirl May 2018 #17
LOL - this was actually pretty abbreviated ... EffieBlack May 2018 #19
Amen! SallyHemmings May 2018 #26
Right??? They ain't seen how we get TURNT up in church fr MariaCSR May 2018 #50
It wasn't the length, it was the histronics that got to me nitpicker May 2018 #15
This is a tradition of the black church EffieBlack May 2018 #20
Agree. I read he thought someone was joking him Hortensis May 2018 #72
I suppose you have never been in a black church? BumRushDaShow May 2018 #21
Call and response EffieBlack May 2018 #31
In my black Episcopal church BumRushDaShow May 2018 #35
At least no one got happy and started shouting this morning EffieBlack May 2018 #38
!!!! BumRushDaShow May 2018 #40
Brown Funeral Home fans with the picture of the black family on the front would have been perfect EffieBlack May 2018 #43
!!!!!!!!! BumRushDaShow May 2018 #44
You know exactly what I'm talking about EffieBlack May 2018 #46
I remember my grandmother had one of those (beautiful) fans BumRushDaShow May 2018 #47
You are nitpicking. kwassa May 2018 #27
You have obviously have never had the pleasure of attending.. MicaelS May 2018 #59
You are wrong. Demsrule86 May 2018 #64
I thought he was awesome EffieBlack May 2018 #18
You know who perked up? Grandpop! BumRushDaShow May 2018 #23
It was long winded if you didn't engage in what he was saying Brother Buzz May 2018 #22
In good Baptist terms his job was to give a Sermon GulfCoast66 May 2018 #25
I have to say...some of the comments on the Head Bishop of the American Episcopal church border on Demsrule86 May 2018 #65
I sincerely apologize since apparently I communicated poorly GulfCoast66 May 2018 #67
No no, I am so sorry. I was not referring to you...and I see I posted incorrectly if you thought I Demsrule86 May 2018 #76
I didn't perceive it as lengthy... Kittycow May 2018 #29
I thought it was a really good sermon T_i_B May 2018 #30
I haven't watched it yet but read about Ave Maria Cello piece MaryMagdaline May 2018 #33
Anglo-Catholic Anglican/Episcopal churches do BumRushDaShow May 2018 #36
You may be the one to ask MaryMagdaline May 2018 #48
Yes BumRushDaShow May 2018 #49
I went to a church like that as a child...we now have two services...the high Episcopal at 8:00 and Demsrule86 May 2018 #66
We do too BumRushDaShow May 2018 #68
I wish my kids went to church more. I don't know how you make it without faith. Demsrule86 May 2018 #75
Been used at my Lutheran church zeusdogmom May 2018 #53
Not odd at all - would value your insight MaryMagdaline May 2018 #34
I was waiting to see Communion BumRushDaShow May 2018 #37
I didn't notice that they didn't take Communion EffieBlack May 2018 #39
I expect they did it just for the immediate family when they left to "sign the register" BumRushDaShow May 2018 #41
Ahhh EffieBlack May 2018 #42
Very good engaging sermon underpants May 2018 #32
It was too long. It was also wonderful! WillowTree May 2018 #45
well, it wasn't about you and it had meaning for them. WhiteTara May 2018 #51
No need for the snark! I felt it was too long and he made his point early. mfcorey1 May 2018 #57
Sorry, mfcorey1, I wasn't going for snark WhiteTara May 2018 #61
I thought it was wonderful. TomSlick May 2018 #52
Lol! EffieBlack May 2018 #74
Only fourteen minutes, right? raging moderate May 2018 #54
Having listened to many of Bishop Curry's homilies, mn9driver May 2018 #55
This was far from being too long and IMHO, had OldHippieChick May 2018 #56
A long winded preacher?... lame54 May 2018 #58
When the American Episcopal minster launched into discussing de Chardin it confirmed for me mulsh May 2018 #62
I thought it was moving and beautiful...he is the Bishop over the entire Episcopal church.I Demsrule86 May 2018 #63
Took too much time? Why bother to watch at all? Judi Lynn May 2018 #69
I like your thinking. It takes a fairly long time for a positive message on LOVE to sink in. Alethia Merritt May 2018 #70
You're so right. It comes down to a matter of character, after all. Judi Lynn May 2018 #71
Fourteen minutes. raging moderate May 2018 #77
I thought he was terrific MustLoveBeagles May 2018 #78
I thought so at the time, I was sleepy and anxiously waiting Raine May 2018 #79
I have to admit that when I went back and listened to it again, I came to the same mfcorey1 May 2018 #81
I thought he was delightful - animated and enthusiastic. 3catwoman3 May 2018 #80
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