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Thu Apr 26, 2018, 10:25 AM

I want Joy Reid to come through this fine, hell, stronger than ever would be great [View all]

Yeah Joy has ruffled my feathers a few times with what seemed to my ear to be some overly caustic takes on the Sanders. I still like her. I still respect her. I know we need her. She is a powerful fighter for our side. And she is one of the most effective African American female voices on television. We need many more voices like hers, not less.

All of the real and or hacked homophobic posts from her past are exactly that, from the past. No "new" posts have surfaced indicating that Joy did not grow past her earlier bias. There is NO evidence that Joy still espouses homophobic positions. To the contrary, there are mountains of evidence to show that she has become a fierce advocate for LGBTQ rights, and has been one for years. Her very public and very sincere apology for her former attitudes makes any and all questionable comments attributed to her a decade or more ago completely irrelevant today.

I don't doubt that a relatively small group of Bernie Sanders supporters still has it in for Joy Reid. For the record I believe that a relatively small group of Hillary Clinton supporters still has it in for Bernie Sanders also. I have watched organized infighting on the Democratic side closely since 2003. Some people become entrenched in their anger, and then become vindictive. Echo chambers emerge on various bulletin boards, forums and user groups (some public, some not) that serve to amplify those feelings and organize their destructive impact. If the above sentences don't describe you, then I am not talking about you. I don't hang in Bernie supporter online circles, but nonetheless I would ask all Sanders supporters to take a step back from this controversy and not pile on. The truth lies out there to be discovered and I have no doubt that it will be. Personally, I hope that the truth fully vindicates Joy Reid.

It is possible (I simply don't know) that animosity toward Joy Reid from some Sanders supporter(s) angered over her treatment of Bernie or Jane could have led to the effort that surfaced the original OLD homophobic blog posts that Joy Reid subsequently fully apologized for. As for the more recently revealed posts that may or may not have been the result of Joy's blog being hacked, from what I can tell from what she is saying in her own defense, those alleged hacks occurred over a decade ago (please, ANYONE, correct me if I am wrong on that). There were no Bernie Sanders supporters who were angry with Joy Reid over her treatment of Sanders a decade ago. If she was hacked then, someone else did it.

Assuming Joy Reid is telling the truth (and I will give her the benefit of any reasonable doubt regarding that) Joy is correct in fighting back against false allegations made against her based on fraudulent blog posts. Somewhere in some alternate universe, had identical posts been admitted to by Joy as being genuine, I would find whatever embarrassing content in them to be fully absolved by Joy's subsequent full apology and hard work on behalf of progressive causes including LGBTQ rights. That's not the universe we live in though. In our real world alternate realities have as much legitimacy as alternate facts. In our real world Joy denies ever having written those posts with those words in the first place. Her denial needs to stand unless it can be proven false.

Only if she is proven wrong about that, only if it can be proved that Joy tried to lie about having been hacked and engaged in a false cover up to avoid having more old dirty laundry attributed to her, will I find her in any way wrong. If that ever is established it will sadden me greatly. For the average person I can cut a lot of slack when someone makes an effort to disassociate themselves from prior objectionable behavior that they have fully grown past. Joy did far better than that regarding the initial batch of blog posts she acknowledged as being hers. Joy's apology convincingly talked the talk, and all of her actions in recent years have fiercely walked the walk on behalf of the LGBTQ community.

Joy's current political and social views and Joy's current political and social work are to be highly commended irregardless of whatever she may have said or written over a decade ago. There is only one matter left for resolution. Precisely because Joy Reid is such an outstanding journalist herself, an accusation that she is engaged in a conscious coverup regarding her prior record as a political commentator, by fabricating a story involving hacking that never occurred, and that blames fictitious "others" for her own behavior - is a very serious charge leveled against her. Joy claims to be innocent, she is innocent unless proven guilty. Unless she is shown guilty of some elaborate conscious coverup, Joy Reid not only is innocent, she is also the victim of an attack against her.

I believe the truth in the not so distant future will be established either way. If Joy lied about being hacked there will (and should) be journalistic consequences for her. They could be serious but even then they should not be career ending. Five nights a week on MSNBC I see evidence at 11:00 pm that even the once guilty deserve a second chance. But that is all highly speculative. There is no reason not to believe Joy in her claims, or at the very least not to withhold final judgement regarding them, without firm evidence to the contrary. Let Joy do the work she does so well, and let whatever investigators assigned to this matter do their job well also. May the truth win out in the long run. We must all avoid potentially victimizing a victim.

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