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Wonderful news. lark Apr 2018 #1
Bad News for Republicans NewJeffCT Apr 2018 #2
I have high hopes the influx of Puerto Rican voters helps turn FL too! HAB911 Apr 2018 #15
I hadn't thought of that but YES! Maraya1969 Apr 2018 #27
What took them so long? DownriverDem Apr 2018 #3
Educated, perhaps. Slow Learners Who Poorly Adapt -- Definitely! TheBlackAdder Apr 2018 #4
And Define Rich Too ProfessorGAC Apr 2018 #8
Agreed 25+ million net worth is where being R might make sense if one is selfish. nt Lucky Luciano Apr 2018 #21
That Sounds About Right ProfessorGAC Apr 2018 #22
People who don't know better think Dems are spendthrifts out to raise taxes. Ligyron Apr 2018 #12
So many Retirees listen to the TV True Blue American Apr 2018 #14
If true, they sure did not educate themselves with facts prior to the 2016 elections. Iliyah Apr 2018 #13
I'm not quite in that older voter category yet NewJeffCT Apr 2018 #16
Doesn't matter. We should welcome everyone who votes for Dems IronLionZion Apr 2018 #31
A different sort of education. Orsino Apr 2018 #32
Spanky is crushing their 401k SallyHemmings Apr 2018 #5
Also, baby boomers are aging into this group unc70 Apr 2018 #6
Dipshit is destroying their retirement funds IronLionZion Apr 2018 #7
Wish you used your educated brain Corgigal Apr 2018 #9
My generation and I couldn't be more ashamed mountain grammy Apr 2018 #10
Granny True Blue American Apr 2018 #17
With my inlaws, mountain grammy Apr 2018 #19
My InLaws True Blue American Apr 2018 #24
We do have a few, thank goodness. mountain grammy Apr 2018 #30
This is the best anti public education arguments the Republicans have world wide wally Apr 2018 #11
Older voters helped trump win... moonseller66 Apr 2018 #18
From what I have been reading True Blue American Apr 2018 #25
Talkin' abut MY GENERATON..... MY GENERATION Sparko55 Apr 2018 #20
I think Billy would have been ashamed of Franklin. True Blue American Apr 2018 #26
You can be educated but still do stupid things Politicub Apr 2018 #23
I remember obnoxiousdrunk Apr 2018 #28
Absolutely fantastic news!!! BobTheSubgenius Apr 2018 #29
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