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Major Nikon

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22. Different retirement systems
Tue Mar 27, 2018, 06:45 PM
Mar 2018

I haven’t looked into the particulars, but McCabe is probably vested and will still eventually get a retirement, just not as good as he would have.

Well.. cannabis_flower Mar 2018 #1
I listened to Costello an hour ago erlewyne Mar 2018 #26
I would bet that he suspects exactly that response from a lot of Dems.. Volaris Mar 2018 #31
Once again the republican party wants to cheat MagickMuffin Mar 2018 #2
We do it also, finding ways to use the system to advantage. Hortensis Mar 2018 #24
Costello interview this morning was interesting to say the least. Wellstone ruled Mar 2018 #3
that strategy pretty much sounds like business as usual for the repubs groundloop Mar 2018 #23
Appears personnal attack Politics of Trump Wellstone ruled Mar 2018 #25
Sounds to me like Costello is calling it quits with the GOP, not just retiring. nt Hekate Mar 2018 #4
That's how I read it. Disgusted with them for some reason? SharonAnn Mar 2018 #20
That's my district. So happy.. mvd Mar 2018 #5
Maybe the Eagle win will spread to the Dems BigmanPigman Mar 2018 #10
The gerrymandering was horrific mvd Mar 2018 #14
Well, no Russian/NRA money for him!!!! dameatball Mar 2018 #6
Yippee!! thucythucy Mar 2018 #7
What is up with this guy ? magicarpet Mar 2018 #8
Conscience maybe? paleotn Mar 2018 #18
I think that there are a lot of Republicans who believed certain things and do not want to LiberalArkie Mar 2018 #9
This looks like a nice opportunity for PA Democrats! FakeNoose Mar 2018 #11
Here's her pic. longship Mar 2018 #12
Aww! I know it's not supposed to matter, but she is adorable!! flibbitygiblets Mar 2018 #27
So thats what he sounds like SallyHemmings Mar 2018 #13
I read up on Chrissy Houlahan, she is impressive. Blue_true Mar 2018 #15
If you can't win an election with a lady named Houlahan in Philly bucolic_frolic Mar 2018 #16
Excuse me: ''Retires''? Fritz Walter Mar 2018 #17
Different retirement systems Major Nikon Mar 2018 #22
He will not get early retirement with full benefits. He will have to wait. Marcuse Mar 2018 #30
Wonder why he timed it that way? Orange Free State Mar 2018 #19
Sucks to be a Republican these days, doesn't it? PJMcK Mar 2018 #21
This is why Dems need to always have candidates ready everywhere IronLionZion Mar 2018 #28
If he only did two terms he has no pension coming. pwb Mar 2018 #29
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