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Oh please...... BigOleDummy Mar 2018 #1
Yeah baby! lagomorph777 Mar 2018 #68
Not the sharpest tools Blue Owl Mar 2018 #2
Is this guy a reliable source? AJT Mar 2018 #3
new to me kpete Mar 2018 #12
He's highly reputable in his field. herding cats Mar 2018 #14
Thanks herding cats kpete Mar 2018 #15
You're welcome. herding cats Mar 2018 #32
Thank you for these links. I get Techdirt posts frequently but don't remember these. ancianita Mar 2018 #58
Yes, thank you. I expanded hoping someone would be able to Hortensis Mar 2018 #72
oh how i would love to see a re-vote on brexit. mopinko Mar 2018 #4
Yes, it would be beautiful n/t Lulu KC Mar 2018 #7
This part d_r Mar 2018 #5
I have been SO waiting for someone to connect those dots on the server dameatball Mar 2018 #11
Take a number. calimary Mar 2018 #22
I am still not getting the Spectrum Health connection. dameatball Mar 2018 #21
I think d_r Mar 2018 #29
Okay, thanks. It is just so odd that Spectrum is involved.....that's DeVos, right? dameatball Mar 2018 #36
It's her hubby's BumRushDaShow Mar 2018 #41
Right.....the Amway guy dameatball Mar 2018 #42
The Amway guy is her brother-in-law!!!! BumRushDaShow Mar 2018 #44
Yes d_r Mar 2018 #64
The Database of Truth??? peggysue2 Mar 2018 #23
The OP's tweeter said he sent it to "the authorities" BumRushDaShow Mar 2018 #37
Bannon Is beyond screwed. And he WILL roll over...there's no Gin in The Joint Volaris Mar 2018 #50
That is the beauty of this because . . . peggysue2 Mar 2018 #54
My most fervent wish..... SergeStorms Mar 2018 #60
"Go Directly to Jail. Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200." 🤣 sprinkleeninow Mar 2018 #66
I am believing Lulu KC Mar 2018 #6
Chuckle. KPN Mar 2018 #19
Agree didn't Cruz campaign manager boast they had the best nice targeting campaign in history? grantcart Mar 2018 #24
r'd poboy2 Mar 2018 #8
Is this for real? workinclasszero Mar 2018 #9
Seems England & Canada have been making the connections BumRushDaShow Mar 2018 #17
I checked the one link to gizmodo workinclasszero Mar 2018 #20
And CA was involved in Cruz's campaign BumRushDaShow Mar 2018 #28
What a tangled web they weaved... workinclasszero Mar 2018 #30
I posted some links in a different thread sortof showing how it kicked off BumRushDaShow Mar 2018 #34
K&Red it workinclasszero Mar 2018 #39
Here is a retrospect BumRushDaShow Mar 2018 #43
Hey I remember reading this article in the summer of 2016 FakeNoose Mar 2018 #55
It seems BumRushDaShow Mar 2018 #56
What might happen here? Like Donald Trump becoming president? The horror! Nitram Mar 2018 #67
This is like a foreign language to me. Can anyone.. PearliePoo2 Mar 2018 #10
I would appreciate as well kpete Mar 2018 #13
He found not only the source code for all the dirty tools CabalPowered Mar 2018 #16
Thank you kpete Mar 2018 #18
This sounds like good news, especially "forensic evidence of multiple crimes" can be... PearliePoo2 Mar 2018 #25
That helps. Thanks! FailureToCommunicate Mar 2018 #61
I know! Thank you! n/t Lulu KC Mar 2018 #35
Looks like an intentional breach/pass through to avoid a direct link bigbrother05 Mar 2018 #26
I doubt it. CA would be worse off if they left data open for anyone to access blake2012 Mar 2018 #38
Only if people can find the needle in the haystack. tinrobot Mar 2018 #59
I don't think so CabalPowered Mar 2018 #40
So would have taken someone with special interest and skills to find bigbrother05 Mar 2018 #47
Ya CabalPowered Mar 2018 #52
K&R... spanone Mar 2018 #27
A big, swift KICK!! What a Monday this is!! nt Leghorn21 Mar 2018 #31
Help me.... Lulu KC Mar 2018 #33
It is related but went deeper BumRushDaShow Mar 2018 #46
Thank you! Lulu KC Mar 2018 #48
Makes me wonder whether someone like Rachel will try to tackle this now BumRushDaShow Mar 2018 #53
Yes, it is. There's more, but that's what opens more doors for prosecutors. herding cats Mar 2018 #49
Kick and Rec Hekate Mar 2018 #45
I love it when you talk code SallyHemmings Mar 2018 #51
I hope someone mirrored that data neohippie Mar 2018 #57
I hope Kurt V. Mar 2018 #62
What kind of electronic search warrant is needed to make this a legal bust? Ligyron Mar 2018 #63
If This Guy Found It As Publicly Available Information. . . ProfessorGAC Mar 2018 #73
I have actually heard of him.. too long a story to tell Thekaspervote Mar 2018 #65
Amazing they thought it would remain undiscovered in the digital age bucolic_frolic Mar 2018 #69
Geeezzuzzz, what a score. We should all have figured this type of thing goes on.. vkkv Mar 2018 #70
Makes sense to me nolabels Mar 2018 #71
What's illegal, though? I mean, this is an interesting discovery, but a quick skimming of it xor Mar 2018 #74
Kick! UCmeNdc Mar 2018 #75
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