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Fri Jul 27, 2012, 07:25 AM Jul 2012

"Job Creators" is offensive. [View all]

The American economy is not driven by suits in walnut clad offices alone. The worker has just a big of stake in "job creation" as the CEO who collects 500% more in pay. Without the worker on the floor, at the machines, in the line, at the computer, the American economy would come to a halt. Every worker, every employee in this nation contributes to our prosperity, and we have sat back and let the Republicans twist reality yet again and convince the public that jobs come from the wealthy.

I find this so offensive it makes me want to spit. The media and even the rank and file working class conservatives signed on to the meme that only the wealthy who receive generous tax cuts have the ability to create jobs. That is a lie. It is the network of worker and management together across numerous entities that create jobs. Quality products, engineered and manufactured here in America, services rendered coast to coast, food grown, packed and shipped by countless tireless hands all add to driving our economy forward.

The American worker should be ashamed that they allowed the Republicans to remove them from the economic continuum. I think it is time to put an end to the "job creator" myth once and for all.

Take back our place in the economy. Without the worker there is no economy and no job creation.

"Job Creators" is offensive. [View all] Evasporque Jul 2012 OP
K&R. Want to watch this one. n/t Egalitarian Thug Jul 2012 #1
indeed... Evasporque Jul 2012 #3
The real job creators are consumers!!! nt nanabugg Jul 2012 #34
When labor is superior to capital, everybody does better. Put the money into the hands of the people Egalitarian Thug Jul 2012 #36
Without us worker bees, there'd be no "job creators" tilsammans Jul 2012 #2
The Biggest Failure Of The Labor Movement... KharmaTrain Jul 2012 #4
spot on...union and non-union workers alike... Evasporque Jul 2012 #10
The 1% of today made most of its money off the technology and industry of WWII. JDPriestly Jul 2012 #24
Without the masses these job creators would have nothing. nc4bo Jul 2012 #5
or Gods Proud Liberal Dem Jul 2012 #8
It wouldn't be, except for one teensy-weensy question Zyzafyx Jul 2012 #6
They don't create jobs out of thin air Proud Liberal Dem Jul 2012 #7
more like 500 times more in pay, not 500% tk2kewl Jul 2012 #9
good correction.....thnx... Evasporque Jul 2012 #19
k&r Starry Messenger Jul 2012 #11
Customers create jobs.... Jeff In Milwaukee Jul 2012 #12
K&R warrprayer Jul 2012 #13
Shout it from the rooftops!! sarchasm Jul 2012 #14
Save the Rich warrprayer Jul 2012 #15
K&R Scuba Jul 2012 #16
The really offensive part is the utter stupidity of the argument William Seger Jul 2012 #17
Well put treestar Jul 2012 #23
500% more pay? No. lastlib Jul 2012 #18
correct 500x.... Evasporque Jul 2012 #20
The rich don't own the economy. Cary Jul 2012 #21
Agreed with no one to buy their products they can't create jobs treestar Jul 2012 #22
Exactly. lumberjack_jeff Jul 2012 #25
I agree that it's offensive, and I continue to be amazed by the fact that Marr Jul 2012 #26
They could "create" all they want; without someone there to do it & to buy it, they got nothing. patrice Jul 2012 #27
They create high paying jobs for friends & familiy. raouldukelives Jul 2012 #28
Now you're talking. Blanks Jul 2012 #43
It's not offensive - It's misdirected ... Trajan Jul 2012 #29
Kay and effin' ARRRRGH! nt hifiguy Jul 2012 #30
Tell these bums that they are mispelling the term! They should be called "Job Craters"... cascadiance Jul 2012 #31
"Job creators" is merely the term protect our future Jul 2012 #32
"Job creators" = wealth concentrators = economy killers. moondust Jul 2012 #33
Even if there are potential new customers... kentuck Jul 2012 #35
It is DEMAND for goods and services that creates jobs. Bake Jul 2012 #37
Exactly what I was going to say Canuckistanian Jul 2012 #40
They use the word creator because they are their gods. mmonk Jul 2012 #38
Another ungrateful peasant who doesn't know her place. Recommend. Zorra Jul 2012 #39
So whose fault is it that the economy isn't creating jobs? The workers? dkf Jul 2012 #41
It's the PUBLIC that buys products and services that create jobs, along with... Honeycombe8 Jul 2012 #42
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