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8. Oh hell no! Let him keep his damn phone!
Sun Feb 18, 2018, 12:24 PM
Feb 2018

Let him keep exposing himself in all his nutzoid glory! Let him freak out in full view!

Scarborough - "Take. The. Phone." [View all] orangecrush Feb 2018 OP
Fuck the phone...take the nuclear football away from him... Wounded Bear Feb 2018 #1
Launching an unprovoked nuclear attack would cause more problems then it would solve for Trump bearsfootball516 Feb 2018 #2
But he is stupid and doesn't know that. n/t Chemisse Feb 2018 #6
I think Trump is incapable of making that judgement... Wounded Bear Feb 2018 #7
Your priorities orangecrush Feb 2018 #3
Exactly...he is using the death of 17 kids now to protect himself... HipChick Feb 2018 #4
The world is no doubt wondering orangecrush Feb 2018 #5
30% of 'we' +A whole lot of Putin.. HipChick Feb 2018 #9
Exactly orangecrush Feb 2018 #16
Exactamundo. dchill Feb 2018 #26
Oh hell no! Let him keep his damn phone! scarletwoman Feb 2018 #8
Yep, this tweet thing of his is self-exposing it all. poboy2 Feb 2018 #12
looks like orangecrush Feb 2018 #22
also an outlet Hermit-The-Prog Feb 2018 #30
No kidding, Joe................... ProudMNDemocrat Feb 2018 #10
Truth! orangecrush Feb 2018 #20
Morning Joe is right about trump Gothmog Feb 2018 #11
agree whoieheartedly. orangecrush Feb 2018 #17
He attacks the Hillary Clinton campaign in his following tweet oberliner Feb 2018 #13
A couple of aides said they tried to take his phone ProudLib72 Feb 2018 #14
and hasn't had his shots orangecrush Feb 2018 #18
I was contemplating adding the fact he has rabies ProudLib72 Feb 2018 #21
And a few other things orangecrush Feb 2018 #23
To the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus" ProudLib72 Feb 2018 #24
... orangecrush Feb 2018 #25
The staff around him must be shitting themselves, Trump is likely to hit out at someone physically. sunonmars Feb 2018 #15
sounds right orangecrush Feb 2018 #19
I wonder what a Drumphtweets would be like on sodium pentathol. LOL. Freelancer Feb 2018 #27
no effect at all. orangecrush Feb 2018 #29
Leave the phone. Take the canolis. nt TeamPooka Feb 2018 #28
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