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Mon Feb 12, 2018, 10:30 PM

They Know [View all]

Despite their efforts to praise Trump, his administration, and his policies, the Republican powers-that-be know the truth.

They know Trump is a mentally-deficient, pathological liar who is totally unfit for office. They know he is a racist, a misogynist, and a sexual predator who has zero respect for women, POCs, the disabled, and veterans, along with people from “shithole countries”.

They know he has lowered our nation’s standing in the world, has distanced us from our traditional allies, and is not trusted by the countries who were once our staunchest supporters.

They know his policies are detrimental to our national security, our financial well-being, and our ability to protect ourselves from our enemies – foreign AND domestic.

They know he is too stupid to govern, and too self-serving to lead. They know his advisors and Cabinet appointees are incompetent, inept, and have no qualifications for the influential positions they hold.

They know he is totally ignorant of the workings of government, and is completely devoid of any knowledge whatsoever of how our international dealings operate.

They know he is a loose cannon whose own ego is more important than the welfare of those he swore to serve, and whose policies are detrimental to the citizenry he swore to protect.

They know he is an idiot, and many of his own party have called him so – but only behind closed doors.

They know his assault on the middle-class is literally ruining the lives of millions, and is preventing millions of hard-working Americans from surviving, no less getting ahead.

Above all else, they know that when it comes to Trump & Co’s ties to Russia – and all of the lies that have been told, and the cover-ups that have been exposed – there is a whole universe of “there” there.

They know ALL of this – and more. They read the same headlines we all read, they look at the same polls we look at. They see the same inane “tweets”, the bizarre statements, the humiliating behaviour of their “pResident” and his lackeys on the world stage.

They know. And that is the heartbreak of the Trump “presidency” – the fact that his own party knows beyond any doubt what damage is being done by the narcissistic buffoon they elected and continue to support. They know that people are suffering – like Dreamers who live in fear of being be deported, the sick who are facing death due to lack of healthcare, the down-and-out who can no longer rely on their government for any assistance – and yet Republicans persist in looking the other way as their fellow citizens suffer and die.

They know. And those who claim they don’t know are lying hypocrites. Many have decided to put party above country; many have simply decided to put their own financial and/or political interests above the nation they claim to love.

But they ALL KNOW. And after a year of scandal after daily scandal, news story after news story, headline after headline, any Republican who tells you otherwise is a collaborator – no different from those who collaborated with the Nazis and said of the concentration camps, ”Don’t blame us. We just didn’t know”.

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