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Sat Jan 20, 2018, 12:16 PM Jan 2018

Trump voters are upset because people are calling them stupid. [View all]

Trump voters elected the most unqualified, incompetent, dishonest, greedy, corrupt person ever to the presidency. They do not have the ability to recognize any of it. What are people supposed to call that? Smart.

Not only are they stupid they also have a mental defect that does not allow them to recognize all of what I described about Trump. It's a mental defect that has killed millions of people throughout history. Blindly following until your life is destroyed.

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Yes and their devotion certainly has cult like feel to it. n/t Kirk Lover Jan 2018 #1
It's the Dunning-Kruger effect. The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2018 #2
right on, you can't fix stupid onetexan Jan 2018 #26
Message auto-removed Name removed Jan 2018 #31
I thought you said the Durning-Kruger effect LastLiberal in PalmSprings Jan 2018 #38
int's bigger than that. 1500 radio stations have been sued for 30 years to rationalize their stupid certainot Jan 2018 #43
Exactly! mountain grammy Jan 2018 #78
i think it has to come down to protests at stations and the university and pro teams certainot Jan 2018 #81
Thanks! jazzcat23 Jan 2018 #82
Trump is ate up with the Dunning-Kruger Major Nikon Jan 2018 #54
Are you suggesting that the Very Stable Genius Fortinbras Armstrong Jan 2018 #96
At the Dunning-Kruger Research Institute... Major Nikon Jan 2018 #104
+1, their bubble confirms their intelligence often uponit7771 Jan 2018 #73
Coupled with Confirmation Bias Bernardo de La Paz Jan 2018 #77
Well, they are stupid. smirkymonkey Jan 2018 #3
+1 If they voted for him, that's proof... period nt Jarqui Jan 2018 #11
That's right ailsagirl Jan 2018 #19
There are two kinds of stupid people thbobby Jan 2018 #4
And not only just stupid...they are lashing out at anyone that ... SWBTATTReg Jan 2018 #5
People moved to those kind of places to avoid "those" people Yavin4 Jan 2018 #27
Fear of diversity drives out the people who would save their local economies DBoon Jan 2018 #103
They are a cult Va Lefty Jan 2018 #6
The Cult of Trumpisms!!!!! TarponSnook Jan 2018 #7
Welcome to DU! WhiteTara Jan 2018 #16
Yes it has become a cult FakeNoose Jan 2018 #76
Not just stupid. Mean and stupid. C_U_L8R Jan 2018 #8
They were defly guided by russian bots and Cambridge Analytica with Jared's input too. BSdetect Jan 2018 #9
Why they aren't just STUPID CountAllVotes Jan 2018 #10
Shoe, meet foot. nt Persondem Jan 2018 #12
And They Are Being Let Off Easily By Only Being Called Stupid....nt global1 Jan 2018 #13
Mama always said "Stupid is as stupid does" NightWatcher Jan 2018 #14
I think they are right - they are not stupid malaise Jan 2018 #17
To quote Judge Judy - "Beauty fades, but stupid is forever!" bullwinkle428 Jan 2018 #15
Ummmm... ailsagirl Jan 2018 #18
I'm sick of catering to, and trying to reason with, people who remain PatrickforO Jan 2018 #20
Truth hurts nt maryellen99 Jan 2018 #21
No Doubt WestIndianArchie Jan 2018 #22
Well said not fooled Jan 2018 #69
Trump is truly their cult leader. UCmeNdc Jan 2018 #23
And greedy. The irony is that they describe Democrats... Beartracks Jan 2018 #24
Yes it is a combo platter I believe lunasun Jan 2018 #51
Proving that they ARE stupid. Duh! George II Jan 2018 #25
Meh Freethinker65 Jan 2018 #28
They should hear MFM008 Jan 2018 #29
Ma Mama always said, "Stupid is as stupid does" underpants Jan 2018 #30
We are telling the truth STUPID. usaf-vet Jan 2018 #32
and gullible, and a little bit racist RussBLib Jan 2018 #33
What bugs me isn't so much making a mistake grumpyduck Jan 2018 #34
Dangerously Stupid alwaysinasnit Jan 2018 #35
But I thought they didn't LIKE political correctness. raging moderate Jan 2018 #36
Well look at it this way, Stupids sarge43 Jan 2018 #37
And ugly too. world wide wally Jan 2018 #39
This headline made my day! Nitram Jan 2018 #40
First they came for the Dreamers. Stonepounder Jan 2018 #41
They are not STUPID..THEY ARE yuiyoshida Jan 2018 #42
Both Major Nikon Jan 2018 #55
This, to the power of infinity! n/t Different Drummer Jan 2018 #65
At this point, to admit what they've done would be admitting they've done wrong. PubliusEnigma Jan 2018 #44
Maybe they would feel better if we called them dangerously stupid.. LakeArenal Jan 2018 #45
Even Forrest Gump knew he was "not a smart man." BobTheSubgenius Jan 2018 #46
Their stupidity is burning us all. onecaliberal Jan 2018 #47
They are. Lifelong groupthink validations keep them reinforcing their "consensus reality." ancianita Jan 2018 #48
Re: #1 Iggo Jan 2018 #106
I don't call them stupid muntrv Jan 2018 #49
It is less that we call them stupid and more that their leaders claim we call them stupid SharonClark Jan 2018 #50
They ought to be grateful duforsure Jan 2018 #52
Aw the poor snowflakes Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jan 2018 #53
If the tinfoil hat... 3catwoman3 Jan 2018 #56
Poor snowflakes easttexaslefty Jan 2018 #57
They should be happy with "stupid" . . . Richard D Jan 2018 #58
Trump voters are white racists - many of which are also stupid. iluvtennis Jan 2018 #59
But trump supporters are very stupid Gothmog Jan 2018 #60
they must be STUPID IF THEY THINK bluestarone Jan 2018 #61
They need to hang on to their White Superiority JI7 Jan 2018 #62
Lemmings that would follow drumpf into the sea. Stupid. democratisphere Jan 2018 #63
I make mistakes all the time. reflection Jan 2018 #64
they are worse than stupid Skittles Jan 2018 #66
They choose to not look beyond if l believe it, it must therefore be true. They Enoki33 Jan 2018 #67
Trump voters probably don't think they're dumb. JustABozoOnThisBus Jan 2018 #68
Tell them you call then stupid because you care about them bucolic_frolic Jan 2018 #70
BINGO !!! They don't want to be held responsible for believing Pizza Gate !!! uponit7771 Jan 2018 #71
One of my favorite sayings is---Stupid people don't know they're stupid---and today I've added Doitnow Jan 2018 #72
Dimwitted. My bad JDC Jan 2018 #74
They ARE stupid...except for the top 10% rich ones. They know; it's just they chose the gold. nt Honeycombe8 Jan 2018 #75
Why would anyone be upset jrthin Jan 2018 #79
Good to know. I'll be upping my frequency of saying it. Squinch Jan 2018 #80
They voted for Trump because The Wizard Jan 2018 #83
Painting them with a broad brush is a mistake. summer_in_TX Jan 2018 #84
I agree with you. Alwaysna Jan 2018 #89
they ARE racist if they are still supporting Trump now JI7 Jan 2018 #91
Believing the propaganda seems to support the accusation of stupidity though. Pacifist Patriot Jan 2018 #94
Really doesn't matter what we call them on this forum Bradical79 Jan 2018 #100
Rather than labeling them as stupid.... jmbar2 Jan 2018 #85
To call them stupid is unkind. Turbineguy Jan 2018 #86
Yes! They were lied to by right wing propaganda sharedvalues Jan 2018 #98
They are unfamiliar with Russian epic of Cinderella.... 47of74 Jan 2018 #87
Many Are Evangelicals, Who Appreciate His Moral Rectitude and Piety, And .... DoctorJoJo Jan 2018 #88
He pulled a fast one on a lot of voters marlakay Jan 2018 #90
I'll say! Their "snowflake" appelations are nothing more than projection es466 Jan 2018 #92
Oh, bless their hearts HAB911 Jan 2018 #93
I cannot argue with a Trumper anymore. sellitman Jan 2018 #95
I prefer Suckers. They got suckered by Fox and Limbaugh. sharedvalues Jan 2018 #97
If The Shoe Fits... dlk Jan 2018 #99
They also will never admit when they're wrong. Just like Trump. CrispyQ Jan 2018 #101
These idiots are so stupid that it is funny Gothmog Jan 2018 #102
They are just gullible. Which is worse then stupid. They hate being suckers. kydo Jan 2018 #105
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