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57. Isn't that the truth
Sun Dec 24, 2017, 07:40 PM
Dec 2017

The objectivist philosophy that 99% of us discarded in high school. High school! Not even college level material. I guess that might indicate that these three cretins are part of the 1%.

malaise then raised her glass malaise Dec 2017 #1
But BYOB, right? dchill Dec 2017 #6
I almost wrote that I'm raising my glass at home malaise Dec 2017 #12
Blue Nun ???? pangaia Dec 2017 #19
Not at all. Blue Nun is a Rhine/Hesse wine from a Grosselage or collective, whereas Boones Farm... marble falls Dec 2017 #22
I stand corrected... pangaia Dec 2017 #26
A commune in Detroit put Boones Farm to good use. alfredo Dec 2017 #48
I'm there for the commune and the weed. Boones Farm? Not so much, did it remove the paint ..... marble falls Dec 2017 #49
Maybe thats why nothing grew where the Boones Farm spilled. alfredo Dec 2017 #54
It wouldn't matter to me malaise Dec 2017 #46
Thanks Malaise, and the same to you... pangaia Dec 2017 #50
Used to drink Blue Nun joshdawg Dec 2017 #37
I have long loved me some Blue Nun malaise Dec 2017 #45
The trick is to dial in on a label you like and stick with it. Its blended from different years .... marble falls Dec 2017 #51
So true malaise Dec 2017 #59
Boom! Lol, that was good! peequod Dec 2017 #2
Hope they invite Gop members of congress as well TEB Dec 2017 #3
*sniff* Happy endings always make me misty *sniff* TheCowsCameHome Dec 2017 #4
+1 FailureToCommunicate Dec 2017 #24
Hahaha good one not fooled Dec 2017 #25
But their freedom to choose that bar was preserved. guillaumeb Dec 2017 #5
I have a little tear in my eye Bettie Dec 2017 #7
Ayn Rand, Rand Paul and Paul Ryan... dchill Dec 2017 #8
Except folk music nobody but a deplorable would want to hear The Genealogist Dec 2017 #29
I love inspirational stories like this! VOX Dec 2017 #9
or as I've been refering to them and their ilk collectively: yonder Dec 2017 #10
you forgot grover norquist. pansypoo53219 Dec 2017 #11
True. But the verbal link is missing rpannier Dec 2017 #30
Another happy ending to that scenario... Fritz Walter Dec 2017 #13
It's a Christmas Miracle! Ilsa Dec 2017 #14
What a wonderful world it would be. democratisphere Dec 2017 #15
Wish there was a Like feature for posts. Roland99 Dec 2017 #16
Antifreeze from one of the town's military surplus armored personnel carriers, like the Russians. TheBlackAdder Dec 2017 #17
I hope they paid their bar tab first. lpbk2713 Dec 2017 #18
After a couple of drinks, they both sit there all night waiting for the other to pay the check. marble falls Dec 2017 #20
Rofl shenmue Dec 2017 #21
Ayn Rand Paul Ryan chwaliszewski Dec 2017 #23
+1 Takket Dec 2017 #27
Love it! Duppers Dec 2017 #28
And their ghosts sue......the end. AJT Dec 2017 #31
I love Happy Endings rpannier Dec 2017 #32
+1014 NNadir Dec 2017 #34
It's probably a better way to die than being bored to death by "Atlas Shrugged." I really... NNadir Dec 2017 #33
Isn't that the truth disalitervisum Dec 2017 #57
Time to all sing together! longship Dec 2017 #35
If fairy tales just came true world wide wally Dec 2017 #36
Radical libertarians are fine with that. They would sue everyone involved into debtor's prison. . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2017 #38
But on the good side... DAngelo136 Dec 2017 #39
And there was much rejoicing The Polack MSgt Dec 2017 #40
That reminds me of the joke: Liberalagogo Dec 2017 #41
Rand Paul: the link between Ayn Rand... malthaussen Dec 2017 #42
It's a shame the typewriter she used Ilsa Dec 2017 #58
Ba-da-BOOM benld74 Dec 2017 #43
Best. Punchline. EVER. (n/t) Moostache Dec 2017 #44
lol RandiFan1290 Dec 2017 #47
Threadwinner appalachiablue Dec 2017 #52
K & R! Lifelong Protester Dec 2017 #53
Ayn Rand doesn't die right away..she lives on Social Security for several years before she dies red dog 1 Dec 2017 #55
Ha! Roland99 Dec 2017 #56
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