Democratic Underground - 40RatRod's Journal 40RatRod's Journal Wed, 01 Feb 2023 03:20:28 Wed, 01 Feb 2023 03:20:28 Who leaked abortion ruling? That's not rocket science IMHO. Thu, 19 Jan 2023 21:25:35 Today I had to go into town today but stopped for gas because I thought I might run out. Thu, 29 Dec 2022 22:26:33 Got my booster today and asked for a flu shot too but... Wed, 07 Sep 2022 19:40:30 This would make Trumps pucker string go loose. Wed, 07 Sep 2022 19:13:17 Can anyone help me find this? Tue, 02 Aug 2022 18:53:52 Here is one reason we have high gas prices. Wed, 18 May 2022 17:47:34 Here is how my wife and I voted in the Georgia Primary. Some may disagree. Wed, 18 May 2022 17:38:36 If Supreme Court Justices can decide cases based on their Christian religion perhaps... Thu, 24 Mar 2022 12:24:10 If Georgia legal system can do this, why can't Jan 6th rioters be sentenced like this? Wed, 09 Mar 2022 12:49:38 I don't remember if I saw it here or elsewhere. Anyone know where I can find it? Tue, 08 Feb 2022 20:58:02 I could not believe many of the comments I received earlier today about General Flynn. Mon, 07 Feb 2022 16:37:54 I fail to understand why General Michael Thomas Flynn has not been recalled to active duty and Mon, 07 Feb 2022 14:35:03 My wife is having a total hip joint replaced tomorrow but... Mon, 24 Jan 2022 19:31:53 Could the 14th Amendment stop a 2024 Trump run? Sun, 09 Jan 2022 13:29:44 I'm sure someone on here knows the answer. Wed, 05 Jan 2022 16:51:53 Chilling Trump Letter Calling For 'Seizure' Of Election Material Revealed In Log To Jan. 6 Probers Sun, 02 Jan 2022 18:51:19 I just can't understand why at least... Fri, 31 Dec 2021 20:40:02 I went to Home Depot and Lowes Home Improvement for some parts for a door Sun, 19 Dec 2021 15:26:53 This is from the Supreme Court over 100 years ago: Thu, 02 Dec 2021 18:00:03 It is not over yet stupid! Tue, 05 Oct 2021 21:35:15 Happy Days are here again!!!!!!! Wed, 06 Jan 2021 15:27:44 My email sent to Austin Scott, my Georgia representative in who has signed on with Texas to ... Fri, 11 Dec 2020 21:45:07 My email sent to Austin Scott, my Georgia representative in who has signed on with Texas to ... Fri, 11 Dec 2020 19:16:03 I agree with Democrats not showing up today for the committee vote... Thu, 22 Oct 2020 17:06:35 What if... Fri, 13 Mar 2020 16:35:36