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Poll: Majority of GOP say shutdown is 'embarrassing for the country'
Jan 12 - The Hill

Oregon governor says husband sending Trump bill for cleaning state forest bathrooms amid government
Jan 11 - Oregonian

SpaceX to lay off 10% of its workforce
Jan 11 - LA Times

A new migrant caravan is forming in Central America, with plans to leave next week
Jan 11 - Washington Post

F.B.I. Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia
Jan 11 - NY Times

Thief breaks into two State Department buildings, steals phones
Jan 11 - Washington Post

Rep. Debbie Dingell wants to add breathalyzers to cars in honor of Michigan family killed by drunk
Jan 11 - MLive

Ivanka Trump is reportedly under consideration to lead The World Bank
Jan 11 - business Insider

Tulsi Gabbard says she's running for president
Jan 11 - The Hill

Some Airport Security Lanes to Shut as Shutdown Squeezes TSA
Jan 11 - Bloomberg news

US flu season poised to be milder than last year's harsh one
Jan 11 - AP news

Priest who abused boys, made 1 confess, sentenced to prison
Jan 11 - AP news

Pelosi says there's 'interest' in taking action on Steve King
Jan 11 - The Hill

FL Gov. Ron DeSantis Suspends Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel Over Parkland Shooting Response
Jan 11 - Mediaite

Republic of Macedonia Approves Name Change In Step Toward Joining EU
Jan 11 - Bloomberg

EXCLUSIVE Senate Democrats Call For DOJ Ethics Probe After Whitaker Non-Recusal
Jan 11 - The Daily Beast

White House Contemplates Weeks More of Shutdown
Jan 11 - Wall Street Journal

WH Economist: Fed Workers Actually 'Better Off'
Jan 11 - Talking Points Memo

Families of Sandy Hook shooting victims win legal victory in lawsuit against InfoWars, Alex Jones
Jan 11 - ABC News

Trump Says He Won't Declare National Emergency to Build the Wall...For Now: 'We Want Congress to...
Jan 11 - Mediaite

GoFundMe refunding entirety of $20 million "Build the Wall" campaign
Jan 11 - Axios

Man's goal was kidnapping Jayme Closs, not killing her parents, police say
Jan 11 - Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Texas set to remove Confederate plaque from state Capitol
Jan 11 - Associated Press

Ex-officer gets 3-12 months in jail for drag racing death
Jan 11 - Associated Press

Rahaf al-Qunun: Saudi teen granted asylum in Canada
Jan 11 - CNN

Steve King defends himself on House floor against 'white nationalist' criticism
Jan 11 - Roll Call

Trump Sold $35 Million Of Real Estate In 2018
Jan 11 - Forbes

Florida clemency board grants pardons to Groveland Four
Jan 11 - The Guardian

The Progressive Group Closely Tied To Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has Named The First Democrat It Wants
Jan 11 - Buzz Feed

Abrams goes to DC to discuss potential 2020 Senate bid
Jan 11 - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Puerto Rico governor hits Trump over talk of using disaster funding for wall
Jan 11 - theHill

Social Security Official: Married Working Mothers Are Bad for Society
Jan 11 - The Daily Beast

Poland detains employee of Chinese tech giant Huawei on spying charges
Jan 11 - Washington Post

Former Defense Executive to Be Named Deputy National Security Adviser
Jan 11 - The Wall Street Journal.

Government Shutdown Could End 99-Month Job Growth Streak
Jan 11 - The Wall Street Journal.

Trump Insists New NAFTA Trade Deal With Mexico Will Pay For the Wall 'Many Times Over'
Jan 11 - Mediaite

APNewsBreak: US approved thousands of child bride requests
Jan 11 - Associated Press

Sherrod Brown plans Iowa trip as top aide accelerates 2020 prep
Jan 11 - Politico

Muslim vice-chair of Texas county GOP survives effort to oust him over his religion
Jan 11 - USA Today

Miami airport to close terminal as gov shutdown continues
Jan 11 - abcnews/AP

Exclusive: Trump team should be allowed to 'correct' final Mueller report, says Giuliani
Jan 11 - The Hill

America held 'hostage': Kamala Harris, eyeing 2020, slams Trump over the shutdown
Jan 11 - NBC News

Trump promises changes to H1-B visas, including potential citizenship
Jan 11 - Reuters

Documents Show NRA and Republican Candidates Coordinated Ads in Key Senate Races
Jan 11 - Mother Jones

Americans Don't Want a Border Wall
Jan 11 - PoliticalWire

U.S. military announces start of Syria troop withdrawal
Jan 11 - The Washington Post

Tom Suozzi wins seat on House Ways and Means Committee
Jan 11 - Newsday

The Government Shutdown Is Taking a Toll on Space Science
Jan 11 - NBC News

Las Vegas Police Issue Warrant for Cristiano Ronaldo DNA Sample in Connection with Reopened Rape Inv
Jan 11 - Slate/Wall Street Journal

Federal workers protest shutdown outside McConnell's local office in Kentucky
Jan 11 - The Hill

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