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2 suspicious packages found outside Supreme Court building
Oct 8 - AP

Friction Between U.S., European Regulators Could Delay 737 MAX Return to Service European air-safety
Oct 8 - The Wall Street Journal.

Turkey says it won't bow to US threat over its Syria plans
Oct 8 - Associated Press

Lawmaker sounds alarm over possible US withdrawal from Open Skies Treaty
Oct 8 - Stars and Stripes

Oct 8 - Newsweek

Grocery bills will 'significantly go up' with new EU tariffs, experts say
Oct 8 - ABC News

China's CCTV threatens to cut NBA broadcast ties as commissioner defends free speech
Oct 8 - CBS News

Witness in Trump-Ukraine Matter Ordered Not to Speak in Impeachment Inquiry
Oct 8 - New York Times

Trump's shock Syria retreat reverberates as Turkish troops mass
Oct 8 - The Guardian

Brexit: Deal 'essentially impossible' after PM-Merkel call - No 10
Oct 8 - BBC

Gordon Sondland, key U.S. official in political storm over Ukraine, to be deposed
Oct 8 - Washington Post

Poll: Majority of Americans say they endorse opening of House impeachment inquiry of Trump
Oct 8 - Washington Post

Nobel Prize in physics awarded for research on exoplanets and the structure of the universe
Oct 8 - Washington Post

HIV Prevention Drugs Will Be Available Without A Prescription In California
Oct 7 - LA Times

Pat Robertson: Trump Will Lose His 'Mandate of Heaven' if He Pulls Out of Syria

Rep. Engel Blasts Trump Administration's Potential Plans to Pull Out of Open Skies Treaty
Oct 7 - Daily Beast

Perry denies pressing Ukraine on energy company, says he's not resigning
Oct 7 - Politico

Extinction Rebellion: 280 Arrested In Central London Protests
Oct 7 - The Guardian

U.S. Authorities Protecting Whistleblower in Trump-Ukraine Matter: Source
Oct 7 - US News & World Report

British Isis fighters in Syria 'may be freed if US allows Turkey invasion'
Oct 7 - The Guardian

House Democrats consider masking identity of whistleblower from Trump's GOP allies in Congress
Oct 7 - Washington Post

PG&E issues unprecedented power shut-off watch for much of Northern California
Oct 7 - San Francisco Chronicle

'A Complete Shock:' Long-Running Freeform Radio Station WBAI Abruptly Shut Down
Oct 7 - Gothamist

U.S. Supreme Court tosses challenge to Republican-drawn Ohio congressional maps
Oct 7 - Reuters

'POTUS went rogue': Trump's Syria move blindsides national security leaders
Oct 7 - Politico

Top Military Officers Unload on Trump
Oct 7 - The Atlantic

Saudi Arabia says it seeks removal of Sudan from US terror list
Oct 7 - Al Jazeera

Trump administration tells agencies to restrict unions in the workplace
Oct 7 - Washington Post

Ohio GOP Sen. Rob Portman: Trump wrong to seek help from Ukraine, China
Oct 7 - Columbus Dispatch

Oct 7 - Newsweek

McConnell joins other Republicans in rebuking Trump's Syria withdrawal
Oct 7 - Washington Post

Pro-immigrant protesters force McAleenan to abandon speech (acting Dir. of DHS)
Oct 7 - CBS News

Republicans unload on Trump for Syria shift when he needs them most
Oct 7 - Politico

House committees subpoena Pentagon chief and acting director of Office of Management and Budget
Oct 7 - Washington Post

Boris Johnson will speak to Trump if US refuses to waive immunity for diplomat's wife
Oct 7 - Politico

Trump Ordered to Turn Over 8 Years of Tax Returns to the Manhattan D.A.
Oct 7 - New York Times

Lindsey Graham calls Trump's Syria decision a 'disaster in the making' - live
Oct 7 - The Guardian

Elaine Chao favored Kentuckians in meeting with officials seeking grants
Oct 7 - Politico

Trump pulls troops from northern Syria as Turkey readies offensive
Oct 7 - Washington Post

Nobel Prize in Medicine Awarded to 3 for Work on Cells
Oct 7 - New York Times

US to help secure Baltic energy grid against cyber attacks
Oct 7 - AFP

White House: Turkey to invade Northern Syria
Oct 6 - Associated Press

Minneapolis police union selling "Cops for Trump" T-shirts, in wake of uniform ban
Oct 6 - Minneapolis Star Tribune

Trump to hold election eve rally against Louisiana governor
Oct 6 - Associated Press

Swedish teen climate activist touring Dakotas reservations
Oct 6 - Associated Press

UAW says GM labor talks 'have taken a turn for the worse'
Oct 6 - CNBC

Scoop: Trump's private concerns of an impeachment legacy
Oct 6 - Axios

Trump allies pressed Ukraine over gas firm
Oct 6 - AP

Rip Taylor, Flamboyant Comic and Host of 'The $1.98 Beauty Show,' Dies at 84
Oct 6 - Hollywood Reporter

Anne Sacoolas Identity revealed of diplomat's wife who fatally hit British teen and claimed immunity
Oct 6 - Sky News

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