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MLK's daughter calls for Waffle House boycott until it has 'discussion on racism'
May 11 - The Hill

White House: AT&T's Cohen payment shows Trump can't be bought
May 11 - The Hill

Not Just Michael Cohen: AT&T Met With Other Allies For Trump Intel
May 11 - The Daily Beast

Board Suggests Firing Officer Who Killed Terrence Sterling
May 11 - NBC TV DC

Giuliani: Trump special counsel interview decision delayed
May 11 - Associated Press

EXCLUSIVE Top State Department Nuclear Expert Announces Resignation After Trump Iran Deal Exit
May 11 - Foreign Policy

Trump blasts drugmakers, middlemen for high U.S. drug prices
May 11 - Reuters

Joe Biden slams White House over Trump aide's remark about John McCain's illness: Decency
May 11 - CNBC

Nearly 80-Foot Tall Wave, Largest Ever, Recorded In Southern Hemisphere
May 11 - International Business Times

Trump Was Told of Schneiderman Assaults Years Ago, Lawyer Says
May 11 - Bloomberg

Go along with US sanctions, and you'll face jail: Russian lawmakers warn
May 11 - Reuters

EXCLUSIVE: Special counsel probing donations with foreign connections to Trump inauguration
May 11 - ABC News

Documents Reveal How Russian Official Courted Conservatives In U.S. Since 2009
May 11 - NPR

Philippine Supreme Court removes Duterte 'enemy' judge
May 11 - Reuters

Britain Apologizes for Role in Libyan Dissident's C.I.A. Nightmare
May 11 - The New York Times

AT&T Executive Who Oversaw Michael Cohen's Contract Forced Out
May 11 - WSJ

Menendez questions Trump, his business about letter to Panama president in hotel row
May 11 - The Washington Post

UPDATE: AT&T CEO: Hiring Trump lawyer Michael Cohen was 'a big mistake'
May 11 - Washington Post

Trump: I'm hoping for new Iran deal that is 'better for them'
May 11 - NBC News

Lawmakers weigh Plan B to protect Mueller's work
May 11 - NBC News

GOP has few takers for 2020 convention
May 11 - The Hill

Thousands in Iran protest Trump's decision to withdraw from nuclear deal
May 11 - Associated Press

Iran nuclear deal: France condemns US move to re-impose sanctions
May 11 - BBC

U.S. Hits Iran With New Sanctions
May 11 - The Daily Beast

Kelly: Trump 'embarrassed' by Russia probe
May 11 - The Hill

We won't back rushed NAFTA deal, say Democrats on U.S. trade sub-committee
May 11 - CBC

China again flies bombers around Taiwan
May 11 - Reuters

7 found dead with gunshot wounds on west Australia property
May 11 - AP

Parkland Shooters Brother Zachary Cruz Seeking New Life in Virginia
May 11 - Sun Sentinel

US Issues Apology After Canadian Minister Told To Take Off Turban At Airport
May 10 - The Guardian

White House cancels NASA program on greenhouse gas --report
May 10 - GMA News

GOP candidate boasts he would 'round up criminal illegals' himself in new ad
May 10 - The Guardian

Homeland Security Denies Report That Secretary Drafted Resignation Letter
May 10 - HUFF POST

Fox News military analyst says torture is effective because it worked on 'Songbird' John McCain
May 10 - Business Insider

Devin Nunes Gets Meeting On Secret Russia Probe Source After Threatening DOJ
May 10 - HUFF POST

Report: Terror Groups Are Still Posting on Facebook
May 10 - The Daily Beast

Trump administration to reconsider housing bias protections
May 10 - Reuters

Cohen's $600,000 deal with AT&T specified he would advise on Time Warner merger
May 10 - Washington Post

White House official mocked 'dying' McCain at internal meeting
May 10 - The Hill

Homeland Security Secretary Defends Separating Families Who Cross Border Illegally
May 10 - NPR

Homeland Security Secretary Was Close to Resigning After Trump Berated Her.
May 10 - nyt

Number of Incarcerated Women, Girls Jumps 700 Percent
May 10 - Newsweek Magazine

Angela Merkel: Europe Can No Longer Rely on U.S. Protection
May 10 - Newsweek Magazine

Novartis CEO tells employees 'we made a mistake' in making deal with Trump lawyer Michael Cohen
May 10 - CNBC

State officials say Abdul El-Sayed is eligible to run for Michigan governor
May 10 - Michigan Radio

Baltimore Police Chief Darryl De Sousa charged with failing to file taxes
May 10 - Baltimore Sun

US says Iran nuclear inspections must continue: officials
May 10 - Yahoo News

Russians' Biggest Facebook Ad Promoted 'Blue Lives Matter'
May 10 - The Daily Beast

Iran's supreme leader reveals private letter Trump sent to Arab allies
May 10 - Washington Post

Five Top ISIS Officials Captured in U.S.-Iraqi Sting
May 10 - NYT

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