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White House Analyzes Plan That Would Dramatically Speed Up Deportations
Sunday - Slate

Poll finds Trump standing weakened since springtime
Sunday - Washington Post

Bernie Sanders returns to Iowa to water the grassroots
Jul 15 - CNN

Brazil to open up 860,000 acres of protected Amazon rainforest to logging, mining and farming
Jul 15 - Independent

President Donald Trump urged Theresa May to 'fix better UK reception' for him
Jul 15 - sky.com

McCain to miss week, likely delaying healthcare vote
Jul 15 - The Hill

Trump may reverse decision on climate accord, France's Macron says: JDD
Jul 15 - Reuters

Former Trump campaign chairman Manafort earned nearly $17m from Ukrainian party
Jul 15 - The Age

Feds ask that judge's ruling on travel ban be put on hold
Jul 15 - Associated Press

Georgia elections chief plans changes after security issues
Jul 15 - Associated Press

Tuskegee Syphilis Study descendants to seek settlement money
Jul 15 - Associated Press

Comeys Writing a Book, and Publishers Are Eager to Pay Big Money for It
Jul 15 - New York Times

Florida sinkhole that swallowed two homes has stopped growing, officials say
Jul 15 - The Guardian

Conway praises Trump for getting all-girl Afghan robotics team to United States. Critics disagree.
Jul 15 - The Washington Post

Leaked draft of Rick Perry grid study debunks his attack on renewable energy
Jul 15 - Think Progress

Trump campaign paid lawyer now representing son $50,000 in June
Jul 15 - Reuters

Women's March gathered in D.C. for vigil at the Department of Justice
Jul 15 - by ABC7

Chinese Dissident Liu Xiaobo's Ashes Scattered at Sea in Controversial Burial
Jul 15 - The Daily Beast

Chechen Leader on Torture Claims: Gays Are 'Not People'
Jul 15 - The Daily Beast

Trump Calls Russia Scandal A Hoax While Touting Stock Market Numbers
Jul 15 - Talking Points Memo

Floyd Mayweather says Conor McGregor called him a monkey
Jul 15 - MSN

White House pitches health bill to skeptical U.S. governors
Jul 15 - MSN/Associated Press

Trailblazing maths genius who was first woman to win prestigious Fields Medal dies aged 40
Jul 15 - The Independent

White House Says Budget Deficit To Be $99B Higher This Year
Jul 15 - Talking Points Memo

San Jose serial cat killer gets 16-year sentence
Jul 15 - SF Gate

Iran blames Trump for instability, rejects 'rogue' label
Jul 15 - Reuters

Trump lawyer: This will all be a fascinating movie one day
Jul 15 - The Hill

Castro to Trump: Cuba doesn't need 'lessons' from the US
Jul 15 - The Hill

GOP lawmaker: I can't '100 percent' say Trump campaign didn't collude with Russia
Jul 15 - The Hill

Columbia Settles Lawsuit Brought by Former Student Accused of Sexual Assault by 'Mattress Girl'
Jul 15 - Time

{UK Chancellor of the Exchequer} Philip Hammond in row over 'even a woman can drive a train' jibe
Jul 15 - The Guardian

Honolulu fire: three dead after blaze breaks out in high-rise building
Jul 15 - Guardian

Toxins in water under Tennessee power plant causing alarm
Jul 15 - Associated Press

Texas' biggest assisted-living facility for Medicaid closing
Jul 15 - Associated Press

Insurers warn Cruz provision will 'skyrocket' premiums for sick people
Jul 14 - MSN/The Hill

Evidence Suggests Russian Intelligence Pipeline To Trump Campaign
Jul 14 - HuffPo, AP

Governors from Both Parties Slam Senate Obamacare Repeal Bill
Jul 14 - New York Times

Indiana appeals ruling blocking part of abortion law
Jul 14 - Associated Press

Tulsa cop cleared in killing of unarmed black man resigns
Jul 14 - Associated Press

The CBO thinks Trump's budget math is about $3.4T off
Jul 14 - cnn

How hot is too hot aboard an airliner? The law doesn't say
Jul 14 - Associated Press

Study finds Oklahoma leads US with higher education cuts
Jul 14 - Associated Press

Dems want scrutiny of Ivanka Trump over Kushners Russian contacts
Jul 14 - Politico

Trump to Hire Lawyer Ty Cobb to Respond to Russia Probes
Jul 14 - bloomberg.com

Trump Tower Russia meeting: At least eight people in the room
Jul 14 - CNN

US kills leader of ISIS in Afghanistan
Jul 14 - CNN

Trent Franks Proposed What? His Amendment to Survey Islamic Thought Shot Down in House
Jul 14 - Phoenix New Times

The White House just posted the emails of critics without censoring sensitive personal information
Jul 14 - Vox

Dems mock Trump Jr with giant Time cover on the House floor & read his emails into the Congressional
Jul 14 - RawStory

Turkey dismisses thousands more police, civil servants and academics
Jul 14 - Reuters

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