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Obamas unveil design of presidential center in Chicago
May 3 - Chicago Tribune

GOP Rep. Says Revised Obamacare Repeal Bill Is 'Like A Kidney Stone'
May 3 - Talking Points Memo

Puerto Rico Declares a Form of Bankruptcy
May 3 - New York Times

Tillerson defends outreach to foreign leaders who deviate from American 'values'
May 3 - Politico

'They get along unbelievably well': Trump abruptly claims Israel and Palestinians 'work together...
May 3 - RawStory

House GOP Pushing for Thursday Vote on Health Care
May 3 - Political Wire

Comey Looking At Whether FBI Agents Leaked Info To Giuliani During Campaign
May 3 - Talking Points Memo

Upton, Long reverse themselves, back Obamacare repeal bill
May 3 - Politico

Congress Is About To Confirm Another Former Goldman Sachs Honcho For Trump
May 3 - HuffPo

Mulvaney: House May Vote On Health Care 'As Early As Saturday'
May 3 - Talking Points Memo

Christian Author: Satan Is Directing Anti-Trump Protests
May 3 - Huffington Post

Private-sector hiring slowest in four months, ADP says
May 3 - MarketWatch

Poll: Voters resist pre-existing condition opt-out
May 3 - Politico

GOP holdout intros pre-existing condition amendment
May 3 - Axios

Exclusive: U.S. senators seek sanctions, other ways to address Venezuela crisis
May 3 - Reuters

Former GOP House intel chairman: Russian election hacking was 'wildly successful'
May 3 - Reuters

Ben Carson: Homeless shelters shouldn't be 'comfortable settings' or else people might just stay..
May 3 - RawStory

Trump and Putin Agree to Seek Syria Cease-Fire
May 3 - New York Times

Trump transition staffers head to K Street despite lobbying ban
May 3 - Politico

Clinton brings up Handmaids Tale in Planned Parenthood speech
May 3 - the hill

Big Summer Shutdowns Loom for U.S. Auto Plants as Sales Sputter
May 3 - Bloomberg

US firm in Iraq ignores smuggling, security risks for F-16s
May 3 - ap

White House Correspondents win DW Freedom of Speech Award
May 3 - BW

What Secret Service spent on Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump's Whistler trip
May 3 - CBS News

The final cache of secret JFK records set for release this year
May 3 - Star Tribune

Over 200 Members of Congress File Federal LGBTQ-Rights Bill
May 3 - NBC News

California farmers peeved at Trump, claim they were 'pawn' in US-Argentine trade deal
May 3 - CNBC

In the Trump White House, the momentum has turned against the Paris climate agreement
May 2 - Washington Post

Pelosi: Democratic candidates should not be forced to toe party line on abortion
May 2 - Washington Post

Police Officer Who Fatally Shot 15-Year-Old Texas Boy Is Fired
May 2 - New York Times

Pence: Trump considering moving U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
May 2 - Politico

Heritage Foundation board ousts president Jim DeMint
May 2 - Washington Post

GOP candidate's husband shares image urging voters to 'free the black slaves from the Democratic...
May 2 - CNN

Video shows Detroit Lyft driver in argument before shots fired
May 2 - WXYZ-TV

House GOPer: Move To Another State If You Have A Pre-Existing Condition
May 2 - Talking Points Memo

May 2 - Associated Press

May 2 - Associated Press

President Trump uses speech to Air Force Academy football team to ask, hows health care coming, fo
May 2 - Salon

Trump-tied Texas group petitions EPA to reconsider whether greenhouse gases are a problem
May 2 - Think Progress

May 2 - Associated Press

Plagiarism or a 'wink'? Le Pen lifts conservative's speech
May 2 - Associated Press

Justice Department will not charge Baton Rouge officers in fatal shooting of Alton Sterling
May 2 - The Washington Post

Black lawmakers set boycott over Confederate emblem on flag
May 2 - Associated Press

Justice Department will not charge Baton Rouge officers in fatal shooting of Alton Sterling
May 2 - Washington Post

Funeral home denies refusing gay man's cremation
May 2 - Associated Press

US senators back immigrant facing deportation to Guatemala
May 2 - Associated Press

Court: Gay couple's suit against Kentucky clerk can proceed
May 2 - Associated Press

Planned Parenthood reopens abortion clinic in Texas
May 2 - Associated Press

White House aims for Thursday signing of religious liberty executive order
May 2 - The Hill

Betsy DeVos-founded group lobbies Congress for D.C. voucher program extension
May 2 - Washington Post

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