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Costco's co-founder and chairman dies
Aug 1 - CNN

Justice Dept. to Take On Affirmative Action in College Admissions
Aug 1 - New York Times

Coast Guard chief to transgender personnel: 'I will not turn my back'
Aug 1 - Politico

Facebook Shuts Down AI Robots After They Invent Their Own Language
Aug 1 - Pittsburgh CBS

Exclusive: Former Justice Department official joins Mueller team
Aug 1 - Reuters

White House: Legal review holding up Russian sanctions
Aug 1 - Yahoo

Christopher Wray confirmed as new FBI director
Aug 1 - CNN

Debt-ceiling talks between White House, Senate break up with no progress
Aug 1 - Washington Post

Live updates from Seattle mayors race, more 2017 primary election results
Aug 1 - Seattle Times

Trump disapproval reaches new high.
Aug 1 - Political Wire

NATO jets intercept Russian planes near Estonia
Aug 1 - The Hill

Baker Bill Would Allow Officers To Honor Certain ICE Detainers [in Mass.]
Aug 1 - WBUR

Senate Poised to Confirm Wray to Lead FBI Past Political Squalls
Aug 1 - Bloomberg

Top senators set to unveil next steps on healthcare
Aug 1 - The Hill

Former Fox News Executive Said to Be Considered for White House Job
Aug 1 - nytimes

ACLU sues Maryland, Kentucky governors over social media censorship
Aug 1 - The Hill

Booker introduces bill to legalize marijuana nationwide
Aug 1 - Politico

Afghan official says explosion inside mosque kills 20
Aug 1 - Washington Post

GOP leaders say its time for Senate to move on from health care
Aug 1 - WaPo

Speaker Ryan releases awkward music video ad to promote border wall funding
Aug 1 - Think Progress

Pro-Trump mayor of sinking island to debate Al Gore on CNN
Aug 1 - Associated Press

U.S. eases environment laws for Mexico border wall near San Diego
Aug 1 - Reuters

Islamic State and Climate Change Seen as Worlds Greatest Threats, Poll Says
Aug 1 - nytimes

Dunlap again refuses to give Maine voter data to Trump fraud panel
Aug 1 - Bangor Daily News

Kushner On Middle East Peace: "What Do We Offer That's Unique? I Don't Know."
Aug 1 - Wired

Fox News Busted As Fake News As Fox Worked With Trump On Seth Rich Conspiracy Story
Aug 1 - Politicus USA

Senate Democrats say 'no' to cuts for rich in GOP tax plan
Aug 1 - ABC News

GOP rep on Trump dictating Russia meeting statement: Best to have maximum amount of transparency
Aug 1 - The Hill

Sen. Johnson: 'We cant move on' because ObamaCare is a mess
Aug 1 - The Hill

Jordanian parliament repeals marry the rapist clause
Aug 1 - Associated Press

Venezuela opposition figures taken from homes
Aug 1 - CNN

Britain's SFO opens investigation into British American Tobacco
Aug 1 - Reuters

GOP House member calls on Mueller to resign
Aug 1 - The Hill

Graham: GOP 'should be politically horsewhipped' if we give up on healthcare
Aug 1 - The Hill

Orrin Hatch Says Senate Is Too Divided To Keep Up Healthcare Push
Aug 1 - HuffPo

North Korea can hit most of United States: U.S. officials
Jul 31 - Reuters

White House officials tricked by email prankster
Jul 31 - CNN

Sarah Palin coming to Omaha area for Mom's March, a response to Women's Marches
Jul 31 - Omaha World Herald

Kushner: Trump campaign too disorganized to collude with Russia
Jul 31 - The Hill

The Trump Team Is Pushing a False FEC Deadline to Raise Cash
Jul 31 - LawNewz.com

At Bellevue town hall, Rep. Fortenberry urges both sides to come together, work on changes to ACA
Jul 31 - Omaha World Herald

WP: Trump Dictated Son's Misleading Statement on Meeting with Russian Lawyer
Jul 31 - Washingon Post

US detects 'highly unusual' North Korean submarine activity
Jul 31 - CNN

Planet has just 5% chance of reaching Paris climate goal, study says
Jul 31 - The Guardian

Nearly all Cabinet officials attend Bible lessons with right-wing pastor who compares Trump to bibli
Jul 31 - Raw Story

Former staffer with U.S. contractor pleads guilty in State Department scam
Jul 31 - Washington Post

Jul 31 - Associated Press

Jul 31 - Associated Press

Scaramucci incorrectly listed as dead in Harvard Law alumni directory: report
Jul 31 - The Hill

Austria: Court convicts man who questioned gassing of Jews
Jul 31 - Associated Press

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