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Michele Bachmann eyeing run for Franken's Senate seat
Jan 2 - CNN

Orrin Hatch to Retire from Senate, Opening Path for Mitt Romney
Jan 2 - NYTimes

Two senior executives suspended at Vice amid sexual harassment allegations
Jan 2 - the hill

GOP Rep. Bill Shuster to retire, spend final year working with Trump on massive infrastructure bill
Jan 2 - Washington Examiner

Iran Tells Trump to Fight U.S. Crime & Poverty, Not Other Countries on Twitter
Jan 2 - Newsweek Magazine

Trump Takes Credit for Air Safety System Run by Obama Holdover
Jan 2 - Bloomberg News

Intel Dem says minority may publish report detailing panel GOP attempts to hinder Russia probe
Jan 2 - The Hill

U.S. service member killed, four wounded in Afghanistan
Jan 2 - Reuters

Keep global warming under 1.5C or 'quarter of planet could become arid'
Jan 2 - Guardian

Brutal cold torments the US, and 'the worst is yet to come'
Jan 2 - CNN

U.S. Power Will Decline In 2018, Says Report
Jan 2 - Newsweek Magazine

Putin Says KGB Agent Past Helped Prepare Him To Lead
Jan 2 - Newsweek Magazine

Graham: I 'fully believe that if North Korea goes to the Winter Olympics, we do not'
Jan 2 - The Hill

Coal mining deaths skyrocket in 2017
Jan 2 - The Hill

Former Treasury Secretary Lew Says Tax Cuts Will Leave the U.S. Broke
Jan 2 - Bloomberg News

Dem senator rips Trump: The 'only dream' he cares about is his 'empty one of a border wall'
Jan 2 - The Hill

Trump: Sanctions beginning to have 'big impact' on North Korea
Jan 2 - The Hill

House GOP whip: Entitlement reform, ObamaCare repeal on agenda for 2018
Jan 2 - The Hill

Ohios Move To Toss Inactive Voters From Rolls Goes To Supreme Court
Jan 2 - Talking Points Memo

Golfer: Trump didn't take calls while golfing
Jan 2 - The Hill

US ambassador summoned to explain Trumps Pakistan tweet
Jan 2 - The Hill

As protests rage in Iran, Trump blames Obama for foolishly giving funds to Iranian government
Jan 2 - Politico

'This guy's insane': Report reveals South American leaders feared Trump planned to invade Venezuela
Jan 2 - RawStory

Trump: Time for DOJ to act on Abedin, Comey?
Jan 2 - The Hill

Exclusive: New streaming network launching for liberals
Jan 2 - Axios

Long queues at US airports as immigration computers go down
Jan 2 - The Guardian/Reuters

Trump Jr. starts off 2018 by attacking Hillary Clinton with conspiracy claims from WikiLeaks
Jan 1 - raw story

Report: The American Public Spent $43 Million Last Year So Trump Could Play Golf
Jan 1 - MSN

14 California Republicans at risk of losing their House seats due to Trumps unpopularity: Wall Str
Jan 1 - raw story

Long Branch shooting: 16-year-old boy suspected of New Years Eve murder of family
Jan 1 - NBC News

Joe Hockey discussed Alexander Downer's Russia revelations with FBI
Jan 1 - Sydney Morning Herald

NYT: Clinton supporters donated $700K to help Trump accusers
Jan 1 - The Hill

Iranian police say one officer killed by protester, raising stakes in unrest
Jan 1 - Reuters

Tax on medical devices to resume after 2-year suspension
Jan 1 - StarTribune (AP)

Trump to New Year's Eve guests: 2018's 'going to be something very, very special'
Jan 1 - CNN

Pence: US won't repeat 'shameful mistake' of ignoring resistance of Iranian people
Jan 1 - The Hill

Nigerian army says 700 Boko Haram captives have escaped
Jan 1 - BBC

Pence visit indefinitely postponed due to scheduling conflicts
Jan 1 - The Times of Israel

Bernie Sanders resolves to 'intensify the struggle against Trumpism' in 2018
Jan 1 - The Hill

Updated: Trump Hits Iran, Pakistan in First Tweets of New Year: 'TIME FOR CHANGE!'
Jan 1 - Mediate

Iran unrest: 'Ten dead' in further protests overnight
Jan 1 - BBC

Chief Justice Roberts says courts will examine protections against sexual harassment
Dec 31 - Washington Post

World North Korean leader says he has 'nuclear button' but wont use it unless threatened
Dec 31 - Washington Post

'Make them taste their own blood': Sheriff David Clarke sends graphic tweet slamming press
Dec 31 - Business Insider

Mattis nixes holiday tradition of seeing troops in war zones
Dec 31 - AP

Kelly: Trump doesn't ask 'how other presidents did this'
Dec 31 - The Hill

Graham: 2018 will be year of 'extreme danger'
Dec 31 - The Hill

Media watchdog: Threats against independent journalists 'at epidemic levels'
Dec 31 - The Hill

Multiple officers shot, suspect at large, bomb squad, SWAT on scene in Douglas County (Colorado)
Dec 31 - Denver Post

Mattis: 'I'm saving money for bombs' instead of gratitude tokens
Dec 31 - The Hill

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