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Mega-donor urged Bannon not to resign
Apr 6 - Politico

House Intelligence Republicans Boycott Briefing From FBIs Russian Double Agent
Apr 6 - the Daily Beast

Florida legislature poised to bolster 'Stand Your Ground' law
Apr 6 - MSN/Reuters

Trump Defends Bill O'Reilly, Calling Him a Good Person
Apr 6 - MSN/NY Times

Coalition of 17 states challenges Trump over climate change policy
Apr 5 - The Guardian - US

Bannon threatened to quit if removed from National Security Council role: report
Apr 5 - The Hill

Russia Bans 'Extremist' Image Of Putin In Makeup
Apr 5 - MSN/Huffington Post

GOP Senators Fault Trump Policy For Syria Chemical Weapons Attack
Apr 5 - TPM

Aung San Suu Kyi: No ethnic cleansing of Myanmar Muslim minority
Apr 5 - BBC

Rural Maine districts worry as Trump aims to beef up school choice
Apr 5 - Bangor Daily News

Secret Service agent on VP's detail caught after meeting with prostitute at Maryland hotel
Apr 5 - CNN

Swalwell dares Trump: Declassify the surveillance documents
Apr 5 - Politico

Woman sues Uber after fellow passenger allegedly stabbed her during shared ride
Apr 5 - Chicago Tribune

House Prepares to Leave for Recess Without Health Care Deal
Apr 5 - NBC NEWS

A Full Border Wall With Mexico? Unlikely, Homeland Security Chief Says
Apr 5 - New York Times

'Abortion Sanctuary City Zoo'? Missouri senator proposes new name for St. Louis Zoo
Apr 5 - STL Post Dispatch

Apr 5 - Newsweek

Student who choked on pancakes at contest died of asphyxia
Apr 5 - Associated Press

Missouri sheriff charged with assault in woman's handcuffing
Apr 5 - Associated Press

UN human rights chief says Trump torture talk unsettling
Apr 5 - Associated Press

Judge tells Kansas official to produce plan taken to Trump
Apr 5 - Associated Press

Lawsuit: Kentucky police planted evidence in murder case
Apr 5 - Associated Press

US may add airports to electronics ban
Apr 5 - CNN

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: No HS diploma without a plan for graduation
Apr 5 - CBS News

Pepsi Pulls Controversial Kendall Jenner After Social Media Backlash
Apr 5 - New York Times

BREAKING: Rick Perry added to National Security Councils core decision-makers
Apr 5 - Statesman

Conservatives outside Congress say latest health-care revision push has foundered
Apr 5 - Washington Post

Trump Suggests Susan Rice Committed Crime, Citing No Evidence
Apr 5 - New York Times

Iceland set to tackle gender pay gap with world's toughest law
Apr 5 - BBC

Bannon Removed From National Security Council Role in Shakeup
Apr 5 - Bloomberg

F-16 Military Plane Crashes Near Joint Base Andrews: Sources
Apr 5 - NBC News

Ahn and Gomez appear headed to a runoff in L.A.'s congressional race
Apr 5 - Los Angeles Times

Private sector adds 263,000 jobs in March: ADP
Apr 5 - MarketWatch

Gorsuch Apparently Plagiarized Passages in Book
Apr 5 - Political Wire

Court: Workplace discrimination against gays is prohibited by federal law
Apr 5 - The Washington Post

21 companies pull ads from 'The O'Reilly Factor' in growing backlash
Apr 5 - CNN

Rice denies compiling, leaking names of Trump officials from intelligence reports
Apr 5 - washington post

Justice Department shields Trumps anti-trust nominees emails from scrutiny
Apr 5 - raw story

Trump's border wall faces legal battles over private land
Apr 4 - al Jazeera

Mexican journalist held at US border for past two months
Apr 4 - Reporters Without Borders

Anti-Government Protests in Venezuela Turn Violent
Apr 4 - NY Times

Centrists push back on new ObamaCare repeal plan
Apr 4 - The Hill

Former Trump campaign adviser: Any info given to Russian spies 'immaterial'
Apr 4 - The Hill

Survivors of Syria Gas Attack Recount a Cruel Scene
Apr 4 - New York Times

US official: North Korea fires a possible ballistic missile
Apr 4 - CNN

Dem predicts Trump aides will go to jail in Russia investigation
Apr 4 - CNN

McConnell starts clock on Neil Gorsuch nuclear showdown
Apr 4 - CNN

Arizona sheriff to shut down famed Tent City jails complex
Apr 4 - Associated Press

President Trump Will Warn China That 'the Clock Has Now Run Out' on North Korea
Apr 4 - Time

Senators advance bill requiring Nebraska schools to provide place for students to pump breast milk
Apr 4 - Omaha World Herald

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