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Latest Breaking News

Workers relieve pressure on leaking Alaska oil well
Apr 16 - Associated Press

Colombias transitional justice system set up by communist sympathizers, Uribe tells US Congress
Apr 16 - Colombia Reports

Vice President Pence to visit DMZ
Apr 16 - Cnn.com

World North Korea missile failure means no need for U.S. response, Americans say
Apr 16 - Washington Post

North Korea's unsuccessful missile launch 'may have been thwarted by US cyber attack'
Apr 16 - Telegraph UK

Manhunt in Cleveland After Killing Broadcast on Facebook Live
Apr 16 - NBC

EPA emerges as major target after Trump solicits policy advice from industry
Apr 16 - The Washington Post

Hillary Clintons Campaign Turns Over Email List To DNC
Apr 16 - Huffington Post

Turkey's Erdogan declares victory in close referendum to expand his powers, but opposition parties..
Apr 16 - The Washington Post

Trump aide McMaster: Time for tough talks with Russia
Apr 16 - Reuters

U.S., allies weigh options after North Korea's missile test: adviser
Apr 16 - Reuters

Kelly: Marijuana 'not a factor' in drug war
Apr 16 - Politico

Trump says "someone should look into who paid for" tax return rallies
Apr 16 - CBS News

McCain: North Korea May Be the First Test of Trump's Presidency
Apr 16 - Mediaite

McMaster: US Prefers Action 'Short Of A Military Option' In North Korea Response
Apr 16 - Talking Points Memo

Egypt acquits US-Egyptian citizen after 3-year legal ordeal
Apr 16 - Associated Press

Pence Calls North Korea's Failed Missile Launch A 'Provocation'
Apr 16 - Talking Points Memo

Trump defends breaking promise to label China a currency manipulator in Easter morning tweet
Apr 16 - RawStory

Trump claims immunity as president from protesters' lawsuit
Apr 15 - MSN/Associated Press

Trump Has Already Spent $500,000 In Re-election Funds On His Own Businesses
Apr 15 - MSN/Huffington Post

Turkey referendum: Campaigning ends ahead of landmark vote
Apr 15 - BBC

Another journalist is gunned down in Mexico the fourth in just six weeks
Apr 15 - Los Angeles Times

Calif. Governor Grants Pardon to Deported US Veteran
Apr 15 - NBC Los Angeles

Hundreds demonstrate in Laguna Beach to demand that Trump release his taxes
Apr 15 - OC Register

North Korea attempts but fails to launch missile: South Korea
Apr 15 - reuters

Thousands march in Los Angeles to demand release of Trump tax returns
Apr 15 - LA Times

Computer pioneer Robert W. Taylor dies at 85
Apr 15 - New York Daily News

Hundreds of Trump supporters and counter-protesters face off at Berkeley rally
Apr 15 - LA Times

Thousands at New York rally demand Trump release tax returns
Apr 15 - Reuters

At least 100 killed after car bomb explodes near buses carrying Syrian evacuees
Apr 15 - CBS News

Trump takes route to Mar-a-Lago that misses Tax March protesters
Apr 15 - The Hill

Trump demands gold-plated welcome
Apr 15 - Times of London

Trump To Nominate Export-Import Bank Opponent To Head Export-Import Bank
Apr 15 - Talking Points Memo

Rouhani says Iran needs "no one's permission" to build missiles
Apr 15 - Reuters

Turkey probes senator, ex-CIA director over links to cleric
Apr 15 - AP

North Korea shows off new missiles in huge military parade, but doesnt test nuke
Apr 15 - Washington Post

Liberal group launches site tracking Trump's Mar-a-Lago trips
Apr 15 - CBS News

Shocking education report reveals taxpayers paying hundreds of millions for unneeded and inferior c
Apr 15 - Raw Story

Apr 14 - WNBC

Arkansas Is Accused of Deception in Buying Drug Used in Executions
Apr 14 - New York Times

Utah judge at rape sentencing: Ex-Mormon bishop a good man
Apr 14 - Associated Press

Courts Block 7 Executions Set For 11-Day Span In Arkansas
Apr 14 - NPR

Key US senator pushes back against Trump's proposed aid cuts
Apr 14 - Associated Press

Man gets 4 years in prison in firefighter's fatal shooting
Apr 14 - Associated Press

Ex-NFL star Hernandez, serving life, acquitted in 2 slayings
Apr 14 - AP

North Korea says it is up for war if US President Donald Trump wants it
Apr 14 - The Age

Delta lifts cap for voluntary bumping to $9,950
Apr 14 - USA Today

Dashcam video captures police officer rescuing submerged motorist
Apr 14 - CBS News

5 Miss. high school students arrested, accused of gang rape
Apr 14 - CBS News

West Virginia governor reveals platter of bull dung to slam state budget
Apr 14 - The Hill

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