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Latest Breaking News

Ex-C.I.A. Officer Suspected of Compromising Chinese Informants Is Arrested
Tuesday - The New York Times

Judge Scoffs at Manaforts Doctor Letter Suggesting House Arrest Endangers His Health
Tuesday - Buzzfeed, Politico

'Only Hours Left' to Stop Senate From Giving Trump Expanded Warrantless Spying Power
Tuesday - Common Dreams

Texas man pleads guilty in fatal Oklahoma highway shootings
Tuesday - Associated Press

Police: Suspect in slaying says student was hitting on him
Tuesday - Associated Press

North Korea threatened with more sanctions, isolation at diplomacy summit
Tuesday - CBC News

Report: Porn star said she had yearlong affair with Trump in 2006
Tuesday - Yahoo

DOJ to appeal ruling that blocked Trump's DACA wind-down
Tuesday - Politico

Bannon tried to stonewall House panel on Trump transition until lawmakers subpoenaed him on the spot
Tuesday - RawStory

U.S. Chamber of Commerce to push Trump, Congress to raise the gas tax to fund infrastructure
Tuesday - The Washington Post

Phil Murphy sworn in, replaces Chris Christie as N.J. governor
Tuesday - Star-Ledger

White House staffers scream at CNN's Jim Acosta after Trump points at him and says 'out'
Tuesday - Raw Story

Pawlenty opts out of Senate run in Minnesota
Tuesday - The Hill

DHS Head Wasn't Aware Thousands Have Already Lost DACA Status
Tuesday - Talking Points Memo

Proposed Kentucky Law: Abstinence Is the Expected Standard in Sex Ed
Tuesday - motherjones

Trump: I Want Immigrants To Come To U.S. From 'Everywhere, Everywhere'
Tuesday - Talking Points Memo

New York to look at legalizing recreational marijuana
Tuesday - Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

Graham: 'This has turned into an s-show'
Tuesday - The Hill

Trump Boasts Approval Ratings With African Americans Have Doubled (They Have Not)
Tuesday - Mediate

Court rejects request for stay on ruling that threw out NC district map
Tuesday - The Hill

Former Sanders campaign chairman: Don't expect email list to be shared with DNC
Tuesday - The Hill

Sanders Says Trump Isn't Racist, Citing 'The Apprentice'
Tuesday - Bloomberg News

Bannon Is Subpoenaed in Muellers Russia Investigation
Tuesday - NYT

Trump ends 1st year with lowest average approval rating
Tuesday - Associated Press

Senate Dems one vote shy of restoring net neutrality
Tuesday - Axios

DHS Chief Says Under Oath That Trump Used 'Tough Language' In Meeting
Tuesday - Talking Points Memo

California city arrests a dozen people for passing out food and toiletries to homeless people
Tuesday - Think Progress

Judge Suggests Manafort-Gates Trial Won't Start Until Fall
Tuesday - TPM

Trial set to begin in ex-NFL player's road-rage killing
Tuesday - Associated Press

U.S. top court rejects former New York lawmaker Silver's appeal
Tuesday - Reuters

Panama Hotel votes to drop Trump _ but his company won't go
Tuesday - AP

GOP Access to FBI Files Rattles Agents Caught in Political Fight
Tuesday - Bloomberg News

Trump officials dismissed discrimination complaints from transgender students: report
Tuesday - The Hill

Trump tweets 'Russian Collusion Hoax is dead' as Bannon is interviewed for Russia probe
Tuesday - The Hill

Several dead in operation to arrest Venezuela pilot
Tuesday - AFP

Trumps White House Doctor Expected To Detail His Health Status Tuesday
Tuesday - TPM/AP

Japans Public Broadcaster Mistakenly Sends Out North Korean Missile Alert
Tuesday - AP/Talking Points Memo

Millions more Americans were uninsured in 2017
Tuesday - CNN-Money

Perez: GOP Must Answer for 'Appalling Silence' on Trump
Tuesday - Politico

Chinese agency Dagong cuts U.S. sovereign ratings to BBB+ from A-
Tuesday - Reuters

Trump's first-year report card: Voters say he's no genius
Tuesday - Politico

GE to Take $6.2 Billion Charge After Being Burned by Insurance
Tuesday - Bloomberg

Top Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic shot dead
Tuesday - BBC

Foreign governments, candidates, trade groups spent at Trump properties: report
Tuesday - Reuters

Trump in Palm Beach: President back in Washington after protests near Mar-a-Lago
Tuesday - palmbeachpost

Simone Biles claims she, too, was abused by Larry Nassar
Tuesday - Boston Globe

Devin Nunes is under pressure to release the transcript of a House Intel interview with Fusion GPS
Tuesday - MSN/Business Insider

Trump thinks he could easily beat Sanders in 2020 match-up: report
Jan 15 - MSN/The Hill

Poll: Far more Republicans than Democrats say immigration is a top problem
Jan 15 - The Hill

House intel committee to interrogate Trump confidante Hope Hicks as early as Friday: report
Jan 15 - RawStory

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