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LiberaBlueDem's Journal
LiberaBlueDem's Journal
August 29, 2023

Democrats should be ashamed

But we know Dems are beyond shame. Just look at how they are making TFG feel! Don is down in the dumps at a time when he should be feeling great. He is way ahead in all the polls and was destined for becoming the next president. Now he is gonna have to pull off a miracle to save himself! Dems have made it so he doesn't even stand a chance, no matter how much he spends on lawyers and advertising.

The media loves him, but the Dems are playing alt-media and crushing the millionaire talking heads on TV with their alt-media talking points. Points like Don is a huge conman, liar and cheat. Dems never miss a chance to refute Don's badly attended rallies where now only a few dozens of his formerly billions of supporters who cheered and cheered as he attacked everyone and anyone who was not at the rally.

Now all that is for naught, and Don is beng chased by prosecuting attorneys from NY to Miami all because the Dems are mad at the Doncon, not because he broke many laws. They could only come up with 91 charges!

Where is America headed with all these Dems, lead by Biden and Smith, in charge and leading the way? America will never be the same without Don who said only he could save America, while it is all to evident that Don can't even save himself from the now all powerful Dems who will win everything in 2024.

August 27, 2023

A Well Regulated Militia

How can we have that?

Each and every gun owner would be in the militia.

Then, according to the A2, the government could regulate the members of that militia.

Regulations could be a broad as needed to make sure the miltia is well regulated.

August 25, 2023

Prediction of trump's future

He is already in more trouble than he has ever been and he's feeling it. He's pretty much imprisoned by the justice system. He can't make a move that prosecutors don't see and everything he says can be used against him in court. He is very constricted, more constricted than he has ever been.

More than a few of his co-conspirators will go to jail.

One or two will testify against him in his trials

Everyday he loses more followers. Even some of his best friends are thinking about how to save themselves and how to jump ship.

Mentally he suffers. He will likely suffer depression as he looks around and sees this new reality.

Basically the trump we knew is over and done with. It will take a few years before he is history, and out of our misery.

August 24, 2023

I am excited

This may be the last time we get to cheer for awhile. From now on it will be the court and lawyers say this or that --- boring!

Tonight Public Enemy #1 gets arrested and we all get to watch and cheer!

The rest of the world is watching to see if America really is the Land of the Brave. Do we really have a system of justice for all?

I am sad that 45 turned out to be such a conman, I am excited to see him going down, freely and fairly.

August 23, 2023

At tonights coven of rep witches, who will be first to state

Con45 is not qualified to be on the ballot.

Do any of them have the guts to go after him?

August 22, 2023

We are witness to history being made

con45 is the first US president to be criminally indicted for felony crimes committed while in office.

the followers of his, who we know as con45 junkies, say, well,
"he's only got 91 charges! Who here has not been charged 91 times?"

This is a time of history of seeing "Public Enemy #1" being taken down. Here comes the judge!

August 22, 2023

A new study found that the top 10% of households responsible for 40% of U.S. greenhouse ga

The study also identified racial inequities in how different groups are responsible for carbon emissions, reporting that Black households, on average, have a carbon footprint of 19 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent from both supplier and producer emissions. In comparison, White Hispanic households show slightly higher emissions with 26 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent from suppliers and 25 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent from producers but the most significant emissions can be observed within White non-Hispanic households. They have 40 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent from suppliers and 36 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent from producers.


August 22, 2023

I do not care what they say

The Common Good is about people, not business.

Business is about capital and socialism is about the common good of the people. If one is concerned about the common good of the people, they should wear the socialism badge proudly, no matter what capitalist's say.

August 21, 2023

My view of DU

Been here a few weeks reading. Good to see a forum of good Democrats with so few trolls.

Just keep in mind we are winning. We are winning the hearts and souls of the American public and in due time we will overcome and once again control the government.

2024 will go down in history as the year we really started to finish the job.

August 14, 2023

I love wearing womens clothes

Just jeans and tops in public but have several dresses I relax at home wearing. Not brave enough to wear a dress in public yet and that's okay for now.

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