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edisdead's Journal
edisdead's Journal
April 5, 2024

Santita Jackson - my blood is boiling

Turned on AM 950 this morning to listen to Steph Miller and caught the end of thebSantita Jackson show to hear her guests talking about how they are safer with Trump than they are with Biden. wtf?!?! Then they were talking about how they will not vote for Biden because he hasn’t stopped the killing in Gaza. Their new slogan is “we can survive a ban not bombs”.

I just fucking can’t anymore. We have to fight the right and we have to deal with this shot on the supposed left. UNFUCKINGREAL!!!! We absolutely need to start calling into these programs and hitting up their socials to let them know what they thing. Either they are completely fucking stupid or they are actively working to destroy our Docracy. And this isn’t the only program to do this.

Look I know that there are strong feelings regarding Israel and Gaza. But this is absolutely nuts. ABSOLUTELY INSANE. we need to let these people know that their tactics and their messages are not good.

December 9, 2023

Nonstop cookies popup on iOS Chrome

It is making the site unusable. It pops up every page refresh.

I have tryied everything from signing out, signing in, closing the tab, closing the browser, clearing cache.

It is every click and sometimes pops up twice for each page load.

December 1, 2023

Ewwww no likey the tabs on mobile

Too much real estate taken up.

Those should be in an expandable hamburger menu.

Ugh and it’s stickied?

November 5, 2023

Eye on the prize

The war between Israel and Hamas is horrible. It is terrible awful saddening and everything else.

But we cannot allow it to take our eyes off the prize of the 2024 elections. It is being used to divide Americans and more specifically Democrats and the left.

I find myself getting angry at people on the left that are expressing their raw emotions that I don’t agree with and I have to stop myself and remember that there are other items that I cannot get distracted with. Trump in office and more importantly right wing senate and house would/will be disastrous for not just our democracy but for the world.

We can have our feelings on the conflict but how much can we do about it and how much ground are we willing to give on who controls the world’s most powerful government with the most influence in the world? We have to ensure that it stays at least somewhat sane!

October 30, 2023

being harrassed by another member

I am being hounded by another member into other threads where they are following me and misrepresenting a post of mine as white supremacist though it could in no way be construed as such.

It is getting to be extremely creepy and I am not sure what I can do besides alerting. But seemingly every post I make they follow me and continue.

Here is one of the posts https://www.democraticunderground.com/100218410534

October 30, 2023

Sorry maybe not the right forum.

How to speak to a forum admin or host/moderator?

I know we have the jury system but there is a matter that I believe needs further attention.

October 27, 2023

Gun Control rant

There will never be any meaningful gun control in thos country until the elite on this country fear the masses with guns in their hands. Let me head off the idea that I am suggesting or calling for violence. I am not. But truth be told I cannot see how we get any meaningful change until they are scared shitless of the masses and gun control will come quickly and it will be thorough and it will be ugly. Until that time they are happy to keep dumbing down our population. After all, there are only so many boogeymen to get the masses to fear, turn on, and hate.

And until we break that cycle of hating each other instead of hating those that keep is in this cycle it will be the same thing. There has to be an enlightenment that we are being controlled before we can wake up. But it’s the republicans! No it’s the democrats! (really it is the republicans) that are keeping us down!!!!

Over and over and over with ever more sophisticated technology to keep is from waking up.

October 26, 2023

[updated] I need advice...

wasps got into my house and are causing a massive problem. I was going to call an exterminator to treat the wasps in my house, but my buddy convinced me to bring in more wasps to sting the other wasps instead. That should work.

what do you guys think?

I just spoke with another friend who gave me some more advice. I think it’s pretty good. If I pray that the bees go away that will help to rid me of my problem. I should also pray for the good wasps as well to make sure that they have the lord and savior protecting them as the combat the evil wasps. Crossing my fingers. Will keep you guys updated!

October 20, 2023

One enhancement suggestion

I know you guys are busy with the DU4 rollout.

However, one thing that has always bugged me... wel, two things actually. It is regarding the posts that have many replies and how you have to click on "View All" to see the replies. Why? THat has always seemed unnecessary. If I clicked into the thread why would I not want to see the replies?

Additionally can you make the replies navigation tree below the OP into a collapsable div and have it default to collapsed? It seems like unnecessary scrolling to me.

Ok just one last thing.... why is it sometimes after I reply to a thread it doesn't take me back into the thread? I post my reply and then I am sitting there looking at my reply but not the rest of the thread? I have to hit my back button twice just to get back into the thread.

October 19, 2023

DU4 looking much better this evening

I posted this as a reply in another thread but wanted to post it to give the admins a big applause because I think they deserve it (especially since I was hyper critical earlier today)

When the site first loaded it was God Awful. Throughout the day it has gotten better and better. Even as I was taking screenshots to share with Earl and the admins things would get better. Most of the issues I was seeing was bad css but I am windering is the CSS was cached (either locally or in cloudflare or whoever they use) and we were being served a css file that wasn’t playing nice with the changes.

Either way on my end things are WORLDS better than what they were. I mean I still have some nitpicky things that I would like to see changed like a better color scheme that isn’t jarring primary colors but that’s just my personal preference and it is their site to make it appear how they want. Also, there is some margin and padding problems still but overall it is much much better.

I do think that css caching had a lot to do with the problems.

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