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Gender: Male
Member since: Thu Mar 31, 2022, 02:52 PM
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Ukrainian millionaire says he asked the military to bomb his mansion when he saw Russian troops

A Ukrainian millionaire says he asked his country's military to bomb his mansion after he saw it had been seized and occupied by Russian troops.

Andrey Stavnitser, the CEO of the Ukrainian IT company, TransInvestService, told ITV's "Good Morning Britain" that he saw Russian forces, including a tornado rocket launcher, move onto his property near Irpin on March 5 via a security camera. Irpin is a town outside the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.

"They destroyed most of the cameras inside the house, but there was one small amateur webcam," he said.

Business Insider

Thank you Senator Feinstein

I’m going to assume that a majority in her state are currently being served very well by the good Senator. I’m not questioning the voracity of what a couple of her colleagues said. I’m just saying that this Floridian would give up a lot to be represented by a Senator like her.

How a 27-Year-Old Texan Became the Face of Russia's American TV Network as It Imploded

RT America had to fold when it was kicked off the air after the Ukraine invasion. But Rachel Blevins is still broadcasting Kremlin propaganda.

The last programming that viewers of RT America saw, on the morning of March 1, was a half hour of BoomBu$t—the Russian-funded network’s business show. That day, cohost Rachel Blevins, a 27-year-old from Mineral Wells, an hour west of Fort Worth, had led with a roundup of economic fallout from Western sanctions against Russia over, as she put it, “its ongoing military operation in Ukraine,” using Vladimir Putin’s euphemism for his war.

Though that day’s coverage of the conflict on BoomBu$t was mellow compared to the previous RT America show, which had featured one guest averring that “not all Ukrainians are Nazis” and another complaining that Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky was being hailed as a “hero.” Blevins focused on the negative impacts from the sanctions: higher oil prices, a potential 2008-style global financial crisis, recession fears, and even tensions over the International Space Station. Next: a plug for The World According to Jesse—hosted by Jesse Ventura, the wrestler, conspiracy theorist, and former Minnesota governor—followed by a cheeky house ad that said, “RT is not alt-left or alt-right, but we are a solid alternative to the bullshit.” Then, abruptly, the screen went dark and a message appeared: “This channel is no longer available. DirecTV.”

It was another blow to a network that was seeing its reach drastically curtailed due to government bans in Europe (an EU ban took effect the next day) and restrictions imposed by big tech companies such as Facebook and TikTok. Two days later, RT America announced that it was suspending its operations altogether. Launched in 2010, the channel was the Washington, D.C.–based offshoot of the network formerly known as Russia Today. RT had begun broadcasting in 2005, soon expanding into a globe-spanning network of TV channels and digital media funded by the Russian government and run by close affiliates of Vladimir Putin. RT America became a home for iconoclasts, second-act pundits, and opportunistic apparatchiks, many of whom pretended not to notice their employer’s alignment with the Kremlin.

Texas Monthly

So many darn armchair quarterbacks!

And I love it. Why such negative thoughts toward armchair quarterbacks? I get it. I get it. The whole concept that only Geithner is qualified for the job! Only this person knows this! You aren't qualified!

Well let me tell you something, these Cheeto stains didn't manufacture themselves. This build up of cheesy goodness on my fingers(all over the place, really) happened as a direct result of my hardcore research and deep studies. I'm a more voracious reader than George Fucking Bush! To be honest, I also think I'm more qualified to talk about any topic over that of W.

So lets drop some predictions when it comes to Russia/Ukraine. Ohhhhh come on now. You aren't above it. Post after post is dripping with potential future actions or possibilities.

My prediction:

We have two or three more weeks of intense warfare. The world is going to continue to act shocked as Putin continues to do what Putin does. At this point, Putin mainly wants the Port city of Mariupol and areas around it. Putin will be successful in this endeavor. Ukraine will accept it. The world will accept it.

During the next couple of weeks Putin will continue to kidnap or kill leaders in certain areas he wants to be very Russian friendly. It will work in a number of places closer to the Russian border. Again, the world community will accept it. Ukraine, not so much. It will be an issue in the years ahead. It won't be something that brings about lasting war.

Putin will pull out of most of Ukraine while establishing a massive presence in and around Mariupol. They will become far less spread out and really focus on very specific areas. He will bring many of his troops home to parades and victory parties. He will claim he liberated Russians. Everyone will view this as the end of the war.

I actually feel pretty confident about what I just put forward. What I'm less confident about....

Will the US be able to keep the world sanctions in place? If not, they were never worth it in the first place. All sanctions must remain as long as Putin is in power. I wish I felt more confident we will be able to do this.

Does Putin assassinate Zelenski? Hasn't been able to yet and I think he has probably given it a pretty good effort. I think he missed his window of opportunity on that one. Needed to happen within the first weeks of the war. This is going to be a serious problem for Putin moving forward. If Putin is who I think he is, he will not game-plan the assassination. It will be a very personal decision. He is just going to try to do it in the final days of the war.

Get your predictions on. This forum is already rife with them they are just mainly one-offs. And why shouldn't it be, it's a discussion forum and I'm confident the average intelligence and knowledge about these events are much higher than the average public.

Mom!!! Bring me some more Cheetos!!! I'm in deep over here!!!

If you want to question my thought process when it comes to interjecting a bit of light commentary while also talking about extreme brutality, fair game. No one is rushing in to save Ukraine today, tomorrow, or next month. Putins history of brutality is long. There is simply nothing at all I'm seeing that is shocking. I can't view what is well known and historically established as shocking. Putin apologizing and pulling out would be shocking. Putin taking part in war crimes and extreme brutality is his lifes work and the norm.

Disney heir comes out publicly as transgender, condemns anti-LGBTQ bills

Charlee Disney, one of the heirs of The Walt Disney Co., came out publicly as transgender and condemned anti-LGBTQ bills in a recent interview.

Disney, who uses gender-neutral pronouns, announced that their family would match up to $250,000 in donations to the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest LGBTQ advocacy group, during the organization's annual gala in Los Angeles last month.

Roy P. Disney, Disney's father and the grandson of the company's co-founder, upped that amount to $500,000 last week.

“Equality matters deeply to us,” Roy P. Disney said in a statement, according to the Los Angeles Times, “especially because our child, Charlee, is transgender and a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community.”


Marissa J Johnson. Founder of Seattle BLM, philanthropist, activist, speaker, author, and much more

Founder of The Phoenix Fighter

Marissa Jenae Johnson is a Seattle-based writer, entrepreneur, speaker, and organizer working at the intersections of politics, Blackness, womanhood, and Christianity. She has previously organized within the Black Lives Matter movement, and has been a consistent national voice on issues of Black liberation and allyship. Marissa controversially reached the national stage when she helped take over a Seattle rally for 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and has been pushing white liberals to be effective ever since.

Marissa was the co-creator and content director for Safety Pin Box, a subscription service for white people who want to be allies in the fight for Black liberation. Safety Pin Box’s core mission was to fund the radical work of Black women and femmes.

As the sole content creator for most of Safety Pin Box’s products, including the Ally Backpack and SPB Kids, Marissa has continued her dedication to Black liberation in the creation and launch of The Phoenix Fighter. As the driving force behind the political education of the brand, she both produces original content and helps bring the work of other Black women activists to a national stage.

In the past, Marissa has been compared to ISIS in a campaign ad tweeted by Donald Trump himself, and she also dragged rapper Killer Mike in a takedown that was covered by Complex Magazine. Her work stretches from the unconventional and controversial to the mundane, but her influence is felt by many.

The Phoenix Fighter

What it Means to be a Phoenix Fighter

The Phoenix Fighter is a digital subscription box created to equip white allies with the knowledge and perspective necessary to be effective in the fight against white supremacy while providing essential funding to the work of Black activists across the globe.

Each month Phoenix Fighter takes on a different theme pertaining to white supremacy. You’ll learn how each month's issue affects where you live, what work is already being done in your community to combat it, and what next steps you can take to help.

Our holistic approach encompasses four key pillars: education, understanding, self-awareness, and action. Not only do we educate you about white supremacy, we help you examine your own life so that you can implement anti-racist tactics and strategies in your own life.

Phoenix Fighter also provides opportunities for you to ask questions, learn with other people wrestling with the same things you are, and learn from activists working on the ground in their communities. And we do this all while giving back to Black activists working to make their communities a better place!

The Phoenix Fighter


So You Wanna Be an Ally
Or How Not to Be a Racist Asshole

Harper Collins

The Roots' Top 100 Activists

Marissa Johnson is an activist and co-founder of the Safety Pin Box.

Marissa Johnson is providing lessons on racism and how to fight white supremacy, one box at a time. Johnson, a Black Lives Matter activist and speaker, co-created the Safety Pin Box with fellow activist Leslie Mac in the wake of the 2016 election. The Safety Pin Box is a monthly subscription service that helps white people who want to fight for black liberation. Some of the proceeds go toward black female organizers who are on the front lines of fighting for justice in our communities. But Johnson isn't new to this work. In 2015, she jumped onstage during a Bernie Sanders rally to demand that the politician speak up on behalf of black lives and to denounce police brutality. But since then, she's tried to steer her energy toward supporting black female activists and getting white allies on the same page as black freedom fighters.

The Root

More Information On The Safety Pin Box

These Women Started a Company to Teach White People How to Be Less Racist

Since the safety pin trend launched after the election, a lot of people have tried to profit from it — from Etsy artisans to luxury brands. But amidst the corporations trying to figure out how to capitalize on white Americans’ desire to broadcast their solidarity in the Trump era, one company is doing something different: Safety Pin Box is the brainchild of two women of color who were frustrated with the superficial display of white activism. If white people really wanted to be allies, they wondered, would they be willing to do more than pin a piece of metal to their shirts? And if so, what would that look like?

Marissa Jenae Johnson and Leslie Mac created Safety Pin Box to find out. The monthly subscription service challenges its users to do more with their outrage than display it, and in exchange for $50–$100 a month (depending on the program) receive not a pin, not a pussy hat, but a lesson about racial bias and a task to tackle it. Plus, their cash contributions fund black-women activists, in an attempt at reparations. Three months later, Safety Pin Box has 800 subscribers and has contributed nearly $21,000 to Black Women Being. Both Johnson and Mac have quit their jobs to focus on the project full time.

The Cut

Our future is bright.

5 Georgia women who shaped history

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re spotlighting five Georgia women who have shaped our state and country.

Rosalynn Carter
Gladys Knight
Juliette Gordon Low
Leah Ward Sears
Grace Towns Hamilton

Read the full article here: AXIOS

It's frightening how easily we accept brutality.

What happened and is happening in Syria is horrific. One of the greatest human disasters in history. The Russian Army was bombing one hospital per day in Syria. They used thermobaric bombs in Syria. They took part in egregious human atrocities. It created one of the largest migrations of humans in history.

I'm now hearing....

There should no longer be doubt that Putin...

Can you believe Putin....

How can someone do.....

Putin is acting like Putin and people are acting shocked. I guess that means everything is right with the world. Seems to be the same old same old. Putin is not upping his game. At all. He hasn't become more brutal. At all.

In very very general terms, we just didn't mind who his brutality was directed as as much as we do today. Take that statement as you wish. It's the human truth of the matter. Resources. Geography. Narratives. All matter more than the acts of brutality themselves.

I know. You are above it. So am I.

If that is what you really think then you need to take a cruise around the message boards to see just how many people seem to be completely unaware of how brutal Putin has always been.

When you don't stand up to a bully because you are willing to dismiss the person being bullied, don't act shocked when the bully focuses on your friend.

We have to better at dealing with threats when first recognized.

Eric Holder Rocks! Doing a lot of winning. When he isn't winning he has Republicans scrambling.

Stung by redistricting rulings, Republicans target state court elections

April 11 (Reuters) - Republicans are vowing to spend record amounts in key state supreme court races this fall, seeking to take advantage of a favorable national political environment to elect conservative judges at the state level amid deep political divisions.

A string of decisions throwing out Republican-drawn congressional maps in Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania has intensified the party's determination to install justices who could give lawmakers fresh opportunities to muscle through more advantageous maps.

"The stakes in this election are going to be as high as the Senate race," said Robert Paduchik, the Republican chair of Ohio, where an open U.S. Senate seat is up for grabs.

There are nearly 90 state supreme court seats on the ballot nationally this year, according to the elections website Ballotpedia, and control of the top courts in Ohio, North Carolina, Michigan and Illinois are all in play.


Learn more about Holders group here: NDRC

Donate to the NDRC here: Donate Secure Act Blue

Is anyone able to open this or make sense of what it is?

The text on a google search shows up as...

A=1; B=2, C=3; etc @ darpa.mil "source code" to obtain names...https://www.d emocraticunderground.com › ...
daily daimler daintier dainties daintiest daintily daintiness dainty daiquiri ... mail mailbag mailbags mailboat mailboats mailbox mailboxes mailed mailing

https://www.democraticunderground.com/ 10025856281 This is the link in question.


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