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The Daily Mail has something to say about the fake agents arrested.

Stash of assault rifles, body armor, passports with multiple visas, and sham uniforms found in penthouse of 'fake' Homeland agents - including one with 'links to Pakistani intelligence' - who 'infiltrated Biden, Kamala and Jill's Secret Service details'

Daily Mail

I'm not very familiar with the Daily Mail. Thanks

Office of Ethics votes unanimously, clearing Elhan Omars name in ethics complaint.

Right wing group NLPC filed multiple ethics complaints against Omar. Their own press release on their website uses a darkened photo of Omar at the top of the page. Truly deplorable.


Not suggesting you click this link. It's to the webpage of the right wing organization who brought the ethics complaints forward. They seem to have a thing for Omar as these are the only ethics complaints they have lobbied against her.

Ethics Office Dismisses Complaint Over Rep. Omar's Book Royalties


Between this group and Judicial Watch, our fine congressperson is being harassed.

The growing movement to save Black cemeteries

Historical Black burial sites are a reminder of the ways Black humanity is devalued in life and in death. Now, a movement for redress and preservation is growing across the country.

Once, when Raphael Morris was 10 years old, he and his father drove through Hillsdale, Missouri, just a few miles from their hometown, Pagedale, and stopped in front of Greenwood Cemetery. “You have family in there,” his father told him. As a child, Morris said, he didn’t think much of the news and didn’t think twice about the cemetery.

Until more than 50 years later.

Morris found himself back at the burial grounds in 2016 after seeing a news program about what poor condition the land was in. So, he traveled just 15 minutes from his home in Olivette to the cemetery to see for himself.

“It was absolutely nothing but a forest. You couldn’t see a single headstone on the property,” said Morris, now 69. By then, he said, Greenwood was mostly riddled with discarded mattresses, television sets, furniture and other garbage dumped there over the years.


Are you looking for a little buddy?

Do you have the means to feed and shelter someone? Maybe be their mentor? Have you thought about giving opportunity to a young child lacking direction and stability?

That kind of sounds like being a parent.

Consider adoption.

That is all.

Thank you.

One should know that hanging a black doll from a string might conjure up images of lynching.

I'm not sure this teacher didn't know the visual implications.

If you do something so stupid, your whole past might be gone through with a fine toothed comb.

A Social Science teacher, no less.

White Chicago Teacher Under Fire For Hanging Black Doll From String In Front Of Classroom

It’s become exhausting to keep up with the acts of racism happening in classrooms lately, from cotton being thrown at a Black student in Louisiana to a whole mock slave auction a few weeks ago in Chatham County.

The latest involves a teacher at Whitney Young Magnet High School in Chicago that got himself suspended after an altercation with another teacher over a Black doll that appeared to be hanging from a string in his classroom for all students to see.

Black America Web

'Miaow, miaow, miaow.' Inside Robert and Ghislaine Maxwell's toe-curling relationship

The most recent season of HBO’s Succession was a let-down until its Shakespearean final twist, in which Shiv was shivved by milquetoast husband Tom. But for those whose appetite for dysfunctional media dynasties remains un-sated, the latest in a, well, succession of documentaries about Robert and Ghislaine Maxwell ticks the box satisfyingly.

The big takeaway from The House of Maxwell (BBC Two, Monday) is that, when it comes to familial weirdness, Succession’s fictional Roys have nothing on the Maxwells. Recalling a phone conversation between Robert Maxwell and his favourite child, Ghislaine, Maxwell’s former secretary Carol Bragoli, lifts the lid on a father-daughter relationship so toe-curlingly bonkers it can only have been real.

“Miaow,” she remembers Mirror-group mogul Maxwell saying. “Miaow, miaow, miaow,” responded Ghislaine. Not even Logan and Shiv Roy could carry off a two-hander so absurd.

Robert and Ghislaine seemed to inhabit their own bizarre microclimate. Maxwell, born in what is now Ukraine and a former double agent for the KGB and MI5, had become obsessed in his later years with Rupert Murdoch and was determined to usurp him as Britain’s most notorious press baron. It was a fixation that eventually led down the path to self-destruction.

The Irish Times

What Can Biden Do Now to Protect the Ballot? We Asked Eric Holder and Six Other Voting Rights Expert

As Trump’s Big Lie festers among the Republican Party and political norms continue to erode, we at The New Republic are pretty concerned about the future of small “d” democracy, both in the U.S. and abroad. So we’ve started a series we’ve termed Democracy Watch, wherein we will regularly survey experts, writers, and generally interesting thinkers on a specific question about the state of democracy and what keeps them up at night.

This month’s question: Major voting reform legislation, beyond perhaps changes to the Electoral Count Act, is going nowhere in the Senate. What further action should the Biden administration take to protect ballot access?

Our treasured democracy is at a moment of reckoning. We must do everything we can to protect the integrity of not only presidential elections but all elections. The Senate should consider and pass individual components of the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act. But with or without new federal laws, the Department of Justice should use its power to vigorously enforce the Voting Rights Act and constitutional voting protections, especially in states that have restricted ballot access in recent years.

Our democracy is in crisis and the Biden Administration must continue to use its bully pulpit to reinforce that message to lawmakers and the American public. The White House must continue to call for action, including congressional action on voting rights. The country needs a reinvigorated Department of Justice that is closely following, documenting, and challenging voter suppression and election subversion in laws recently passed by states.

The New Republic

Joel Bervell: Highlighting racial disparities in medicine

This is one of 12 finalists for The Herald Business Journal’s annual Emerging Leaders awards for 2022. The winner will be named at an event on April 27.

Joel Bervell was a Mukilteo middle school student when he and his siblings created a nonprofit called Hugs for Ghana.

Since 2007, Hugs for Ghana has raised more than $500,000 for medical and school supplies for children in Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Sierra Leone.

Herald Net


"A panel of United Nations human rights investigators reported that the Syrian government used thermobaric bombs against the strategic town of Qusayr in March 2013."

New York Times

The TOS-1 Rocket systems to deliver these bombs were given to Syria by Russia. I use the word "given" very lightly as Russian's themselves were on the ground.

Russia officially deployed their military into Syria in 2015. That's after propping up Assad for years. They immediately began striking from the air.

Ghost soldiers: the Russians secretly dying for the Kremlin in Syria


The Christian Science Monitor

Russia made it a point to bomb hospitals. There was a period when it was believed that Russia was taking out one health facility per day.


The Russian military was purposefully targeting civilians.


From the early days of the civil war, Russia was providing Assad with guns, ammunition's, helicopter gunships, air defense system, fuel, flight systems, thermobaric munitions, fighter jets, and more.

Russian arms shipments bolster Syria's embattled Assad


Syria will receive attack helicopters from Russia, Kremlin confirms

]The Guardian

Russian civilians were paid to join the conflict.


And to think that Trump left very few troops behind to protect oil in Syria but hung the Kurds out to dry. Today the Kurds in Syria are being forced to negotiate with Assad and Putin.

What's happened in Syria is one of the largest human catastrophes in history and it's still the Putin/Assad show.

Music teacher resigns after writing 'You are free to be yourself' message on classroom board

Tyler Clay Morgan is now out of a teaching job. He resigned from his role as a music teacher at West Irvine Intermediate School in Kentucky on Monday after facing controversy over this colorful message of support to his students:


Kentucky teacher Laura Hartke was asked to give an outside educator's perspective on the comment about discussing topics "far beyond the music curriculum" and she said, "I'm not privy to the conversations that happened, but conversations outside of curriculum happen every day," Hartke said. "Every day. There's no teacher that just reads from a book and just delivers you content. Kids have questions. They have conversations. We are educating whole children. So the thought that the conversation being outside of curriculum is alarming to him, is alarming to me."


I'm not sure of the proper way to highlight that my paragraphs from the article are not back to back, in the article. I hope my "Break" is understandable.
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