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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA
Current location: Maryland
Member since: Wed Jan 19, 2022, 09:08 PM
Number of posts: 4,298

About Me

Staunch advocate for voting rights. I couldn't take it any longer and have joined 3 public boards within the last week to add my voice to the quest for a voting rights. Lifetime Democrat. Retired Federal medical researcher.

Journal Archives

I just can't help thinking when I see that CPAC crowd on TV: "Scum of the earth"

Certainly scum of the nation. Anyone who can publicly support and revere Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and MTG just have to be the lowest of the low. It just blows my mind that people choose to ignore the immorality of these folks and their lying scamming, scheming
and grifting that actually hurts themselves. But then, I just finished watching the Bernie Madoff story and I shake my head.

We have lost the dream.

Heard from a friend today who is moving to Tulsa as part of this program.


Moving expenses paid plus $500/month stipend for 1st year. $3500 moving expenses.

Too many young people moving away from the mid-west after graduation from college.

In addition, Tulsa and cities like it are trying attract businesses to locate there and occupy their real estate. It appears that many young people want no part of the anti-woke, anti-democracy establishment.

I regard these tax-base deserts as opportunities to turn quite a few red states blue. Thoughts?

Listening to the discussion on MoJo about women delaying or not having children. SMH

Come on folks. After Roe, after Trump, and after the GQP taking over the House set to possibly take over the Senate, and after governors like DeSantis set to possibly become President... what woman in her right mind would want to bring a child into this world with so much hate and vitriol? With all this loss of pride in compassion, movements away from diversity, rampant corrupt law enforcement, unequal pay and treatment against women and people who are different from white RW males.

My granddaughter who turned 18 last month told me in no uncertain terms she has no desire to have children because she has witnessed so much bullying and racism and sexism in her years from middle school through high school. She wants to get her BA and move out of the country as soon as she can determine a place to live. She has received a full ride scholarship to a major university here and feels obligated to complete her education here. She is of mixed race and has several LBGTQ friends and a few white friends who feel the same way she does. Most of her friends despise the politics of their parents and want to get away from them as soon as possible. AND they all feel they have little hope of good paying jobs and their ability to move out on their own staying in the USA.

I would not even try to challenge her thinking. I am just so depressed with the turn our country has taken against all that we had built our hopes and dreams on. She also told me that her friend group now eligible to vote will vote only for a candidate who is FOR gun control laws. Environment is still on the table for them but gun issues are number one on their list. Take it for what it's worth.

Finished one of my many Netflix distractions. Docu on Bernie Madoff.

I may as well have watched the nightly news. Same depressed feelings. Not good for feeling optimistic about anything.

The beat goes on and on. Seems nothing changes.

I posted the comment below in another post earlier today. Then I read the news flash on msn below i

Ok, I am going to say this and hope it isn't taken the wrong way. I voted early for Biden Harris.

I will vote for them again if that is our Dem ticket. My loyalty pledge is I will vote for the Dem ticket unless MTG is on it.

But here goes what I want to say about Biden and ageism. I am 81. I feel like I could run for President. I believe Biden does extremely well for a person who had a stuttering problem and is now in his late 70s. He looks fit to me. And his small lapses and misstatements are mild compared to the bellowing orange man during his term in office and even now.

SO. I think the REAL issue not that Biden is too old run again. For many, he is too old to run again with Kamala as VP.

What bullshit! But it is a real sentiment expressed by, sadly, some of my friends who just do not want to see Harris as President.

Now imagine why the MAGAs talk about Biden's age all the time when Trump is almost as old.

I will happily vote again for the Biden Harris ticket but quite a few will not.


I don't live in Chicago but I was impressed with the Mayoral candidate on Morning Joe today.

Just sayin'

I believe it is time for Biden to let the country know that he called Gov DeWine immediately after

the toxic train accident and told him anything he asked for Biden was ready to supply. DeWine did not declare emergency. It's almost as if he wanted the situation to be as bad as it was to keep Biden and the Feds from getting any positive press mention.

The GQP is a clear and present danger to our nation and democracy. People of color are and should be fearful if the GOP take control of all reins of government. Dems especially need to get them out of the State Houses and I believe this is where our focus should be in 2024. We need to work hard to get our House back from the smarmy hands of McCarthy but we also need to begin now to replace Republican governors everywhere we can.

I don't care about the labeling of red or blue. We should not give up on a state because it's labeled red or blue. There are people in quite a few red states who are beginning to see what is really at stake. A few more exposures about FOX and other right wing media coupled with the enforcement and execution of Biden's chip and infrastructure agenda and Dems could take control of at least 4 or 5 governorships and 20 or more House seats.

Yeah, I'm a pessimist with an optimist's heart.

You know, the GQP could make their points during hearings in a less despicable manner.

It really is shameful to hear and watch the Trumpians like Cruz and Hawley virtually spit venom at those testifying especially if the those testifying are not white, GOP, Christian, or anti-democracy-Putin lovers.

I hope the display of indecency and rudeness makes difference in what and for whom people vote for next time.

Dominion suit, aside, with the new info about Murdoch/FOX actions now public, why can't Biden

campaign sue FOX for revealing their campaign ad info to Trump? This seems to me to be an additional crime even worse than the GOP access of HRC campaign donor info back in 2016 .

A Book recommended for DeSantis: "The Half Has Never Been Told" E. Baptist.

He should read it before he bans it. In fact, the masses should read it.
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