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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA
Current location: Maryland
Member since: Wed Jan 19, 2022, 09:08 PM
Number of posts: 4,298

About Me

Staunch advocate for voting rights. I couldn't take it any longer and have joined 3 public boards within the last week to add my voice to the quest for a voting rights. Lifetime Democrat. Retired Federal medical researcher.

Journal Archives

The arrogant, smug seditionists Rhodes and other believe they will never serve on day in jail for

this conviction.

I believe the latest ad by the Warnock campaign has hit upon something

The GOP and their supporters have been so obscene and hateful in their rhetoric, we should be gathering all their comments and making as similar to Warnock latest ad using only Walkers own words.

We need those kind of ads with statements from and about J6 and ll their comments about racism, antisemitism (or not), and what they have said about Russia, etc. Gini Thomas's comments as well as SCOTUS comments. It would be a lot cheaper to make. And would not be easily taken as fake news, or fake comments.

So happy Dems are gearing up for "rapid response" to GOP lies they will be telling after Jan 3

And please be aware that Dem rapid response will be successful and effective ONLY IF MEDIA allows the forums, space, and time for public access to the Dem responses.

I have advocated for rapid response teams for Dems ever since Bill Clinton employed this method during his campaigns and all through his terms. I thought we lost a step during the the 2016 campaigns or rather, the MEDIA kneecapped HRC by giving most all the time to DT and GOP lies.

Biden teams is smart to be planning for reframing and refocusing the GOP bullshit. I hope they are planning for prime time responses as well.

Dark Brandon is the BOMB!!!


Corporate pigs!! Firing 2700 workers with no notice.


The GOP and their wealthy funders are renewing their cry of "wealth redistribution."

A meme that makes poor whites believe they are wealthy and that the government is taking their money and giving it to minorities, immigrants etc.
Our spokespeople need to make it very clear that BOTH parties are into wealth distribution. The difference is that Republicans what wealth distribution upward so that they get all the benefits of paying no taxes while getting working men and women to foot the bill for building and rebuilding corporate infrastructure, covering their business losses, and generally passing legislation that benefits their families and their businesses.

Dems want to ensure that the taxes they pay are distributed downward and across the population to ensure an adequate social safety net for the elderly, the disenfranchised, veterans, our children, and all of have access to affordable healthcare and housing.

Every time the GOP opens their smarmy mouths to talk about their notion of wealth redistribution and socialism, we need our folks to jump on their evil, selfish memes with a rapid response that clearly explains the differences.

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How do I paste a clip or photo?

Schumer, call the Senate back early and deal with gun violence before the new year!

And while you are at it, handle the debt ceiling and gov't shutdown.

Rachel's ULTRA is bringing it home. It is most relevant to what is happening today with the J6

investigation. Our "institutions will not save us." Evil is so powerful but evil with endless money is more powerful.

We are living on the brink of destroying our nation for good.

I'm gonna put this hear and run for cover:

As we are dealing inside our country with wannabe fascists, climate change is dealing with the actual global fascists. I just hope we have enough sense and guts to keep them from fleeing here. Those are the migrants and immigrants we need to worry about. They are coming here on planes and ships in droves as we look to our southern borders and rant against immigration. Watch out in the mid west, these fascists pigs and their families have enough money to resettle away from the spotlight.
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