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Samrob's Journal
Samrob's Journal
March 23, 2022

So it really looks like it will get down to Manchin again. No GOP support for Jackson???

If that is true, Manchin will once again be the key. What do you think he will do?

March 23, 2022

Time to call Cruz and Graham the hysterical, over emotional twits that they showed themselves to be.

Tags they usually apply to women that they are afraid of. These two men certainly will never be nominated to the SCOTUS, ever! They do not have the emotional control and stability it calls for. Oh, shit...Kavanaugh... oh well.

March 23, 2022

The rage and anger is that they know they all screwed up by supporting Trump through all of his

corruption, collusion with Russia, and his attacks against America and our allies. They know history, if written honestly, will portray everyone of them as spineless, some ignorant too, wannabe fascists who just could not control their hate and racism.
They all know that they have been EXPOSED for who they really are and they are angry about it. They are angry at themselves and angry that Trump was their fault and will forever be stitched to their legacies.

They are angry that Putin seems to be unable to take out Ukraine, thus reminding everyone that it was Trump who led the world down this horrific path in Ukraine and they ALL supported him by NOT voting to impeach him and find him guilty.

No amount of temper tantrums at Judge Jackson's hearing will change the honest and accurate picture of who they really are, no matter how it is covered up, ignored, or tolerated. Whether or not Judge Jackson is confirmed by these cretins, we have the receipts from the last six years including those from this hearing.

They know they don't measure up to this fine, woman of noble character and it gives them ED for which there is no blue pill.
My only hope is that ordinary, decent, honest and patriotic Americans GOTV and rid us of those damn spots!

March 23, 2022

It would be so nice, refreshing if the Senate would develop and adopt cogent and as fair a process

for conducting Judicial appointment hearings as Judge Jackson has developed and used for deciding her rulings as a Judge.

But that would be just too much to ask of the willfully ignorant, racist, mindless GQP now in the Senate.

March 23, 2022

Judge Jackson just tore Tillis a new one! So he stopped her before she ripped him wide open.

When each of these GOP questioners are being "owned" by Judge Jackson they have to cut her off and go on to something else. It is so damn obvious it's pitiful! i hope the Dems stomp him to the ground for his obnoxious deceitful questioning,

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Staunch advocate for voting rights. I couldn't take it any longer and have joined 3 public boards within the last week to add my voice to the quest for a voting rights. Lifetime Democrat. Retired Federal medical researcher.

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