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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA
Current location: Maryland
Member since: Wed Jan 19, 2022, 09:08 PM
Number of posts: 4,298

About Me

Staunch advocate for voting rights. I couldn't take it any longer and have joined 3 public boards within the last week to add my voice to the quest for a voting rights. Lifetime Democrat. Retired Federal medical researcher.

Journal Archives

After people have been elected to represent them, is it not unconstitutional to deny them

representation by expelling those elected for anything that is not an unlawful act?

I respect the voters who did not vote for Trump in 2016 and 2020 for their wisdom to discern his

dark, dark soul. It should not have been difficult to see through his empty heart, his history of lying, his history of assaulting and demeaning women, his racism, his other hateful isms, and his grifting. All of it was there for everyone to see. It was his recorded history.

We should not spend a lot valuable time and money trying to bring them over to our side. Rather we should spend the time and money to make sure those already on our side return to the voting booths, bringing at least two new voters with them. The others are not worthy to pursue...they should come on their own or not at all.

Why doesn't "free speech" apply to those Rep in TN being expelled for standing with students and

parents protesting for gun reform? Can anything be done to help these people? If they are expelled, they lose their health insurance but if they resign they can keep it. WTF. There seems to be no one speaking out for these legislatures?

When the MAGA Trumpian mob finally realizes how they have been played...and eventually they will...

their insanity will be unleashed upon their fascists overseers. Not all of them will turn against their puppet masters but enough of them will to make the label GOP akin to the swastika. Our job is to make sure the label sticks.

Any of the GQP who comes out after today calling the Bragg investigation "weak" or "witch hunt"

should be made to pay at their next run for election...and that includes Mitt.

How many people of color are sitting behind bars tonight because of "weak" cases? How many are sitting behind bars because of not trial or conviction?

Overall a good day for Dems...WI Chi NYC

If we can just keep it all together and get ready to kick ass in 2024


We must keep linking ALL Republicans to the Trumpians and their fascist agenda. Keep it going...

Dems must stick together to help Joe and Kamala MAB (Make America Better) setting the stage for GenZ to MAG (Make America Great). Fuck "AGAIN" Again means like it used to be and we sure as hell don't want that!



So HRC caused foaming at the mouth and snorting of nostrils for 0 felonies.

And what do we get from MAGAs and other Trump supporters for Trump's charges of 34 felonies?
A barrage of sympathetic MSM pundits, and major attacks against Federal and state justice departments, threats against DAs and AGs, massive grifted campaign donations, and prime time free campaign address.

Still we rise. Still we press on. Still we hope.

No matter what, Trump's address tonight should not be covered by MSM in prime time.

It just more of his free campaign time.

MSNBC thinks it all was a medium burger.
CNN thinks it was a nothing burger and is doing some of FOX's spin.
FOX thinks it wasn't even a burger.

It's a matter of spin and perception but in truth it is a Big Mac that MSM is scared to call it like it really is. Each one of those charges comes with jail time. We shall see.

My experience with the IRS this afternoon.

Called in to set up installment agreement. Lines busy as usual so signed up for call back.
Call back came withing 30 minutes.
Gentleman gave his badge number and proceeded with the usual 'how can we help you today?'
Explained my situation totally. His next reply was, "I'm able to help you set up an agreement. You have a range of payment options."
He first asked for my phone number in case we were cut off.
He explained all the options and asked which one I wanted to sign up for.
I picked a 4-month option but could have extended the time to 72 months.
The agent was very patient, professional, and helpful.
Explained that I would be getting a letter from the IRS with documents to sign and explained that as long as I paid according to the installment agreement, IRS would take no further action.

After we ended the call I really became very angry. Almost raging, because I thought about all the MAGA hate directed at civil servants and especially the IRS and Homeland Security employees. I thought about all the billionaires who had a thousand loopholes at their disposal to avoid paying their fair share of takes, some of whom pay no income taxes at all even while receiving Federal subsidies.
They can make all kinds of arrangements to pay what they actually owe but would prefer to pay millions to attorneys to keep from having to pay any taxes.

I am not saying that every civil servant or Federal employee is perfect. There are a few poor performers in all walks of life and employment. But I can say this, I have never encountered a rude, or disrespectful customer service agent in any Federal or State agency dealing with the public. In fact, just the opposite...including our state's DVM (motor vehicles).

Just taking a hat tip to all the unsung men and women who carry out their public service responsibilities honestly and without favor to particular customers.
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