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Samrob's Journal
Samrob's Journal
June 3, 2022

A proposal on assault weapons.

If the Congress fails to pass a ban on assault weapons then President Biden should issue and Executive Order on banning THE USE of assault weapons OUTSIDE A PERSON'S HOME. I see no Constitutional provision guaranteeing the right to use the weapons outside the home. Declare a national emergency on the use of assault weapons outside the home. Let the gun humpers in the House and Senate vote against it. Since the GOP is accusing Dems of politicizing the gun issue make it a real political issue.


June 3, 2022

Rewatched "The Smartest Guys in the Room" Conclusion:

From what is going on in today's economy, they are still in the room. Still using the same fraudulent, grifting BS.

June 3, 2022

Wonder if FOX is going to carry the J6 Hearings?

Might be some hackers around to feed the stream into all FOX outlets. That would be a hoot!

June 2, 2022

Well, it turns out many Latinos are just as racist and bigoted as white supremacists.

It is really scary that many in a minority group that is scorned and hated do not believe they are. Primarily skin color has a lot to do with it. MSNBC special.

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Staunch advocate for voting rights. I couldn't take it any longer and have joined 3 public boards within the last week to add my voice to the quest for a voting rights. Lifetime Democrat. Retired Federal medical researcher.

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