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Samrob's Journal
Samrob's Journal
February 9, 2023

So when you have NOTHING you go back to Hunter Biden and Ivermectin...and you still got

NOTHING!! GOP accusing government CDC of lying about Ivermectin. But even the latest study will not convince the Qs like MTG that Ivermectin was not the miracle cure they said it was.


February 8, 2023

Great SOTU, Biden. Now, staff, get busy planning and carrying out the follow through.

While that speech is still fresh in the minds of those who viewed it, get out there with some town hall meet ups in key red areas and purple areas. Take the questions, give the facts, show the receipts. ASK FOR HELP FROM THE CITIZENS. Let them know their ideas are important too. Listen! Promise to listen more but to make the best decision based on info you have and they don't. Ask for trust, respect, support in helping ALL citizens.

Pick off the fence-sitters one town hall at a time, one press release at a time, interview at a time...all the while the GOP cult is busy with their "oversight hearings." They won't know what hit them in two years.

February 8, 2023

What an horrific display of anti-democracy and anti-Americanism by the GOP at the SOTU!

How anyone of any political stripe watch that GOP behavior and continue to support and vote for most Republicans is beyond me.

I believe Nancy would have taken a few Dems acting like that to her private wood shed (even to Trump).

Wouldn't it be nice to see a few switches from GOP to Dem as a result? House or Senate is ok with me but certainly a few from the House is in order. They have perfect cover now. (Dreaming on.)

I was so proud of Joe Biden, our President, and the way he handled those cretins.

February 3, 2023

Tom Fitton Joseph Goebbles. The insurrection was starting back in July of 2020.

We are moving right along with McCarthy at the helm in the House. Name your historical characters among the GOP House members.

February 3, 2023

Being of mixed race and part of a totally ethnically mixed family, I have become obsessed with

viewing every WWII documentary or docudrama I can find.

I had to stop watching the news, even on MSNBC. Listening to the news every night and day only confirmed in my mind how this country is spiraling down the abyss that swallowed Germany during WWII under Hitler. Just finished Spielberg's The Last Days.

Many here and elsewhere we say I am over reacting and spewing conspiracy theories. It can't happen here but it is already happening if you understand what is before your very eyes and ears. My fear, as well as the fear of many POC are real and deep. Recent killings of blacks by police only heighten fears. It's the little ways it begins...more auto rages, more mass shootings, more and more guns, government in the hands of insurrectionists, price fixing and gouging. You must study history to understand what gives rise to underlying fears of many...unspoken, deep but real fears.

The media is following the 1940 script almost to every dot and tittle. They are not warning, they are not exposing, they are complying.

I used to post "stay woke" Now I want people to WAKE THE FUCK UP!!

February 2, 2023

Omar: Good floor speech. Anti-Semitic insurrectionists still on FR Committee never apologized for

their anti-Semitism or their support for insurrection. Remember the GOPers who vote for this nasty move and vote them out!

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