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RFCalifornia's Journal
RFCalifornia's Journal
June 23, 2022

This GenXer is listening to Jefferson Airplane's "Volunteers"

The whole album

Especially the first song

June 23, 2022

My Prediction: DeSantis will be the 2024 GOP Nom

Trump and co will be dealing with so many legal problems, they won't be able to run an effective campaign

DeSantis' hands are clean, legal wise, of all the Big Lie shenanigans

And unlike Trump, he has a functioning (yet diabolical) brain

Buckle your seat belts everyone, it's going to be a bumpy ride

June 23, 2022

One good thing about the SCOTUS Gun Ruling

We on the left can protect ourselves against the gun worshippers

Or, "Waffeficken" as my German friends call them

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