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RFCalifornia's Journal
RFCalifornia's Journal
October 2, 2021

Silent Generation folks check in with this GenX'er

We were raised by you, mostly

Some boomers did, and certainly some Greatest Gen folks did

But the majority, if you look at the stats, is the Silent Gen folks who raised us

My parents were both Silent Gen -- Birthdates of 1935 and 6

They died over the past two years

My mom died of a UTI exacerbated by her dementia

My dad died of dementia, after having a stroke

I've gotten over it, but in the end, we GenXers never really understood our parents

Sure, we watched "MadMen" to see our parents' youth

We looked into it with intellectual fervor

But if you know Silent Generation folk, you KNOW they never talked about anything

We had to pry that out of them

So any Silent Generationers, for someone who recently lost their connection to that group, let me know how you're doing

How is life?

How is your outlook?

My mom was a Union Woman through and through

My dad was a cop through and through

One was R and one was D

Guess which one?

Anyway, check in with me

Tell me how you are doing

October 1, 2021

Any ex-smokers miss smoking?

I haven't smoked a cigarette for over 12 years

Yet every day I wish I could have one...just one!

Anyone else feel this way?

October 1, 2021

Anyone ever get cut on opening a screw top wine bottle?

No blood, but it's like the paper cut from hell!

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