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Otto_Harper's Journal
Otto_Harper's Journal
September 25, 2023

The Medicare Advantage deluge has started - Here's my plan

We're still 3 weeks away from the beginning of the open enrollment period in which the conniving insurance companies will try to get us to switch to valueless "Medicare Advantage"plans. And the deluge of mailings has begun arriving.

This year, I have resolved, as a strictly self indulgent activity of curiosity, to retain each and every item received, and then to report back here as to number of pieces of mail, and total weight of the paper they used to try to convince me to abandon my health care coverage.

Anyone else wish to keep track of their own traffic to see how uniform it is?

September 18, 2023

Carmakers Suck Badly at Keeping Your Data Private

A truly remarkable commentary by Australian Car Blogger and Curmudgeon John Cadogan on the current ways car makers are collecting and selling data about you

September 17, 2023

High School band director tased, arrested after police order him to end performance

Thank the heavens we live in a country where the police are issued lethal and near lethal instruments to enforce their will, and qualified immunity to protect them from the logical outcome of their own thuggery.

The question which this highly talented reported failed to ask was what authority do the police have to order school personnel to do anything in the conduct of their duties on school property at a school event?

The band director of a Jefferson County high school was tased and arrested by Birmingham police when authorities say he would not order his band to stop playing.

The incident happened Thursday night following the Jackson-Olin High School vs. Minor High School football game, which was played at Jackson-Olin.

The director who was arrested is Johnny Mims, Jefferson County school officials confirmed.


Birmingham police spokesman Officer Truman Fitzgerald released this account of what happened:

After the football game ended, Birmingham officers were in the process of clearing out the stadium and observed both bands still performing.

Officers spoke with both schools’ band directors to end the performance so students and attendees would leave the stadium. Officers were able to get Jackson-Olin’s band to stop performing.

Officers approached Mims and began asking him to get his band to stop performing.

Mims did not comply with multiple officers’ requests to stop his band from performing; he instructed his band to continue performing.

A BPD sergeant was among the officers who attempted to get the band director to stop his band from performing.

During the officers’ interaction with Mims, the decision was made to place him in custody.

Officers attempted to take Mims into custody for disorderly conduct when a physical altercation ensued between the band director, Birmingham City Schools System security personnel, and Birmingham officers.

During the physical altercation, Birmingham officers attempted to get Mims to place his hands behind his back, but he refused.

The arresting officer alleges Mims pushed him during the arrest. The arresting officer then subdued Mims with a Taser which ended the physical confrontation.


After being discharged from the hospital, officers transported Mims to the Birmingham City Jail where he was booked in and subsequently bonded out.

Officers presented the case to the City of Birmingham Magistrate’s Office; and obtained warrants for disorderly conduct, harassment and resisting arrest.

September 9, 2023

Man files complaint against police - so they raid his home and seize his wife

You just can't make this stuff up. Until they eliminate qualified immunity, or, at the very require that you must have an IQ which exceeds your shoe size to work as a police officer, this kind of crap will continue.


September 9, 2023

Five years - That's all we've got (David Bowie)

I was just reading a very depressing thread about the current climate collapse and how we have now passed the point of no return. And then, I thought of this song that was one of my favorites and anthems, fifty years ago.

Please take the time to listen to the lyrics and see how well they fit our current situation.

September 5, 2023

Burning Man 2023 - Monday Afternoon Exodus

September 3, 2023

The next time some MAGA (or Libertarian) Moron Tells you that Government Regulations

or Fire Codes or Building Codes just get in the way of business, raise the cost of doing business, or interfere with business in general, show them this video.

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