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Mrs. Claw

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Member since: Wed Jul 21, 2021, 12:28 PM
Number of posts: 74

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After seeing the R2 Numbers on Delta

we will be staying in a while. Instacart, doordash, TV. Even if I am safe from it, I don't want to risk it, because there are a lot of things the CDC thought it knew they don't know. Just gonna stay home, work, wait for it to peak, then maybe, hopefully by fall we can go to a movie or something.

Trying to work it out so I can stay here.

I appreciate those who treat me as friends.

Rev. Jesse Jackson Arrested Outside Senator Sinema's Office In Protest Against Filibuster

Source: ABC 15 AZ

Read more: Link to source

Do You Think It All Happens At Once?

Trump, Graham, McCarthy, the whole cabal just frong marched all at one in a cathartic crescendo of justice?

Some of us are tired of "investigations" and endless "committees."

We are fatigued from the non-stop disrespect for our institutions and allegiances to foreign adversaries. You think it is gonna be like rain after a drought? Whooosh?

Will the end of the movie be worth having sat in this theater the whole effing time?

A Branson Entertainer And Friend

just told me he was threatened for trying to advocate for the vaccine. Apparently some churches are saying it is made with aborted fetuses.

Let me be clear here: a guitarist just threatened a cast member to hit him over the head with his guitar if he continued to promote getting vaccinated.


Dear Society: I Don't Want To Risk "Mild" Covid

cause it sucks to have a fever, sore throat, cough, runny nose, and be confined to bed. Offices all over the country think this is an acceptable risk. It isn't. And I have no interest in the latest Hollywood blockbuster to risk even a "slight" temp. Although something just uner 1/10th of one percent of the vaxxed get symptoms, so far, I have kidney disease so it seems an unreasonable risk.

This was all avoidable. If I go out and then get sick, I should be able to sue Hannity/Fox/Twitter/Facebook et. al

A Little Kitty Lovin To Speed Up Monday!

New kid at Target not working out

Best Geometry student eva!

At least it still runs..

When any vacation will do!

This Doesn't Help. ER Doc Tells Us Long Covid

is a myth and in Hubby's head. Cites WSJ. Hubs tells him spend more time reading the New England Journal of Medicine if you are serious about this doctor stuff.

Goes downhill from there.

Blows off SVT's, says to take aspirin. This is for a cancer/aortic aneurysm patient. Where is there good medical care?

I am very grateful

that we have a President that makes his decisions on science not polls.

If the science says the booster is warranted we will be offered the booster.

If the booster polls poorly however the science backs it we will be offered the booster.

That is called a President.

Adorable Cat Is Adorable Will Make Your Day!


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