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Mrs. Claw

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Member since: Wed Jul 21, 2021, 12:28 PM
Number of posts: 74

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Arizona Covid Cases Continue To Rise Vaccination Rates Still Flat.

Looks like another two percent of Arizonans got vaxxed in July so far. At this rate we will hits reach 70 percent by January.

But at current pace another 200k would be infected by then, so another 2-4k deaths is possible.

Fully vaxxed, masked, and not going to the movies. There is nothing I want to see that bad.


A Different Take On The Whole "Democrats Have Lost The Narrative Meme"

We look at it differently. We look at history and find that the out of power party, after the Presidential honeymoon, tends to be handed the narrative by the media, and it is very difficult to get it back. But this is different in that the Republicans have fumbled the narrative. They have had a megaphone that has horrified most of sensible America. They know their messaging has been a toxic mix of misinformation and insurrection rationalization, and realize that it has not worked.

This was their chance to swing the pendulum, and they blew it. Now you have the President going out of his way to be magnanimous simply because it is a stark contrast to extremism. This has nothing to do with what goes on behind the scenes, mind you, but he knows that his midterm chances stands on having some meat to bring to the table in terms of infrastructure and jobs, and ending this awful pandemic. The Republicans are now being squarely blamed for delaying our progress.

If I am right look at some polling in red states and see if Democrats are surprisingly competitive.

Anyways the point is that I don't believe the party in power even has the narrative, unless the opposition fumbles or we force a turnover.

GOP just threw, what Todd calls, a "pick six." So I don't feel we have lost a narrative. The analogy I use is I feel it is like a food truck court where metaphorically speaking the GOP is selling rancid smoothies and the Democrats are quiet and calm and focused, just waiting for someone to appreciate their simple and safe refreshing lemonade.

For Those Who Think That Jobs Are Being Handed Out Door To Door

Anecdotally, of course but my mother-in-law, who has a decent resume but is in her early sixties, applied as part of Gov. Ducey's job search requirement to over 30 companies on Indeed.

1 callback from a guy that wanted her to do some online tests before he would interview her.

That is it.

So no, jobs are not just floating around like apples on a tree.

Just wanted to say that.

-Mrs. Claw

If The GOP Is Pushing Vaccines Overnight That Tells Me One Thing:

Someone high, very high profile in their circles has Covid.

Something is up.

I Just Want To Say To Everybody Who Might See This

That the President literally took over a full gut job of a country. He is doing his best. But we need rehab, cleanup, additions, yardwork, a new roof and even the gutters are rusty. Not to mention the plumbing, electrical, and insulation. And don't forget the paint.

So I am plenty enthused to support him and his agenda in 2022. My husband says so much about what makes Joe special is that he does not invite people to walk in his luminescence. He invites them to walk in their own.

We need more of this country to stop choosing to walk in the dark.

Mama Don't Let Your Bezos Grow Up To Be A Cowboy

Kitteh says cowboy hats is not fors eveyonez.


Facebook Anti-Vaxxers Falsely Attributing Deaths To Vaccines Despite Family Protestations

There are several cases on Facebook where they are not only not removing anti-vaccination posts, but allowing to stand complete falsehoods about the circumstances of one’s demise.

Case 1, Hadley Huffman.

This is the response to that post-

It got so bad her Grandmother had to clarify on her deceased Granddaughter’s post:

Then after being informed that it was not the vaccine, by the young lady’s grandmother, we find this exchange from total strangers:

Case 2, the late Dr. Thomas Flanagan. Also found on #covidvaccinevictims hashtag.

Then in the comments we find this:

Facebook is not doing a great job. Type in any kind of random anti-vaccine hashtags at all, and you will find dozens of dubious posts, some flat making up the circumstances of a person’s death, even arguing with the family over the circumstances.

These are not isolated. They are part of a larger issue of rampant misinformation spreading faster than we can vaccinate.

So yes, they should be called out and yes they should be held accountable for the damage and hurt they allow. This is just two of many, and some of the comments are just beyond any reason whatsoever.

Congrats To AZ Diamondbacks Fans-Most Vaxxed Population In Country.

Your team blows, for sure, but look around the stadium, and you will see, according to the CDC's honor system guidelines, 99 percent of the fans are vaccinated.

It is only about 50 percent in the state but kudos D-Backs fans. You might be 39 games under .500 but your fans are Covid heroes!

(-Mrs. Claw with some snark credit to Todd.)
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