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Mrs. Claw

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Member since: Wed Jul 21, 2021, 12:28 PM
Number of posts: 74

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The Gloves Come Off: Here Come The Vaccine Mandates

I think we all saw this coming. I don't think we have a whole lot of other good options.


Came Home To Find Todd Bleeding All

over the bathroom from his nose and mouth, which is a sign of kidney failure according to docs. He is lying down now. He refuses to go back to ER. I don't blame him. All they do is give some fluids and refer him out. They won't admit him.

I have been helping him with his posts on other sites and checked in on Facebook, tagged dozens of his so-called friends to message him, cause I thought that would get his spirits up to talk to them.

1 Like. Zero messages. I loathe Facebook. I don't want him to be logging in and see nobody cared. Should I just delete the post before he sees it?

I spend a good amount of time crying. It isn't just that he is sick. He is sad. Sorry to vent to strangers just nobody else to talk to.

How Many Floridians Had To Perish From

Covid so that Disney could live?

Someone should ask Ronny Boy that question.

That The Entire Republican Party Became Pro-Vaccine

Overnight, literally, scares me. We know they are self-serving, so it was hopefully polls.

But they are acting like even they believe it is existenstial. What could they be shown to convince them like that?

Quote OF The Week: "Have Him Die Somewhere Else"

A Florida man was introduced to two very different kinds of neighbors this week.

One of them is being hailed a hero for possibly saving his life as he convulsed inside a car — which rolled down into the lawn of a family who, instead of helping, yelled at them to get off their property, authorities said Thursday.

“Get off our lawn,” the homeowners reportedly said. “Get the man out of here, have him die somewhere else.”

Thankfully story has happy ending.

After recovering from the health scare, the unidentified neighbor called the sheriff’s office asking for Tony’s phone number so he could personally thank him.

“The man said, ‘I want to talk to Tony… He saved my life,’” deputies said in the Facebook post.


Kitten knows what the bell is for!

Why Is Daily Kos Railing On Joe?

Joan McCarter lays into Joe. Says he betrayed black activists. I think she is misreading holding cards as long as he can. Why bet heavy on anything before the river card if nobody is raising you?


Except our own.

President Biden and Dr. Fauci

ages 78 and 80, respectively.

There are those who think only the young have the energy to do big jobs. But they prove that ability, leadership, and wisdom don't have a retirement age.

Historians will be kind to these men.

Media Missing Point On Covid Positive Texas Dems:

The point is that even vaccinated, being forced to work with Republicans is hazardous to health. The act of having to share a facility with them is likely what made them sick.

It is fundamentally wrong for your medical freedoms to make others sick.

Can Somebody Please Clarify What Effective Against Variant Means?

Does this mean against symptoms, hospitalizations, death, or what? I have seen different measures, different standards, and I generally do not quote any study not peer reviewed.
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