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LiberatedUSA's Journal
LiberatedUSA's Journal
December 19, 2021

You've got nowhere else to go.

You don’t have to like how things are working out, but unless you can point to a more viable party as an option:

December 3, 2021

How many people here have had a troll respond with...

…”Adoption not Abortion!!!”?

We have a Supreme Court justice making the exact same argument a troll would make. Her personal choice of adoption should not have any relevance to the judicial question at hand.

This was a very long game set up with her. “She can’t be racist, because she adopted a minority.” “She can’t be criticized for her religion cause other justices are Catholic.” and finally, “see, she walks the walk and adopted, so all women, young girls and rape victims should bring to term and give them over to adoption services.”

November 30, 2021

How has your booster treated you?

Got mine today (Pfizer). Like the others, I have not felt sick. Unlike the others, my arm is very sore.

November 29, 2021

So what are ways you have wasted money?

That $230 jean thread gave me the idea for this one. Mine has been computers. From a $5,000 Alienware back when World of Warcraft came out so very long ago, to an even more expensive Falcon Northwest one not all that long ago.

So I guess that is how I like to spend the extra cash I come up with. And as I told the person in the Jean thread, at a certain point you are just paying for the name. Advice I don’t care to follow when it comes to a Falcon computer. They have top notch customer service and I don’t have to worry about building it and messing it up.

So what’s your avoidable, your own damned fault, money sink?

October 9, 2021

Are you out of the loop on what kids tease about?

So am I. I have not set foot in a high school, as a student, in damn near 25 years.

So could some of you help us out here. It seems the shooter was bullied for having nice things. I know a friend who’s daughter was bullied for being too thin.

Is it a situation where the kids just flat look for something to tease about now, if no thing is apparent? I remember kids being teased for being poor or fat. Is it reversed now or just you can’t win? Skinny girl gets made fun of for her weight; so does the fat one. Rich kid gets shit for fancy clothes, poor kid gets bullied for welfare clothing, and the quiet ignore-me-style kid gets bullied for the crime of attempting to Teflon their way through school?

I was a Teflon student myself. Never bullied. Got along with the preps, geeks and stoners alike. Maybe that isn’t allowed now. Gotta be bullied for something sorta outlook.

October 2, 2021

Saw remake time!

They are going to have to remake the Jigsaw movies. The new ones will be about a maniac who gets people to kill themselves by both refusing to acknowledge people around them are dying of a virus, while also getting them to believe solutions, which will harm them if tried, will actually cure them of said virus.

He also masterfully gets the surviving family members to say the victim was simply called home to Jesus and is in a better place.

I feel like I’ve seen the movie already, with the only difference being this remake’s mastermind shits his britches.

September 9, 2021

You know what is coming 18 years down the road, right?

All the GOP ads featuring those born because their moms were denied their constitutional right to a choice. The ones featured will be the ones they were able to turn to their way of thinking. The ads will be worse than anything with Sarah McLachlan music playing in it.

September 2, 2021

Is there a limit on how many times you have to pay $10,000?

Like if an entire group focuses on a woman, do they all get to sue her individually and in essence, bankrupt her?

Edit: I mean sue the people that help her. Can they sue them multiple times?

September 2, 2021

This is going to force teenage girls...

…who become pregnant, to be quite about it. They can’t even tell their friends, because that would be how the word would get out to the parents that like this law. They will need to tell their parents as soon as they know and shut up about it.

“I thought you were pregnant? But you aren’t now that you and your family went on vacation to California”?

And as soon as an “activist” gets wind, the lawsuits will be flying.

And that is only for those that can afford the trip.

Women will have to order pregnancy tests online, so as not to allow anyone to see they are testing for pregnancy by buying it in person at the store, as that would draw suspicion.

The insanity is going to run wild.

I wonder if they will set up “watchers” for the closest abortion clinics across state lines.

July 29, 2021

Where do you fall?

Does everyone here remember the Snow Shovel double murder, suicide this past winter?

Here is a link to an article on it:


There is graphic video of it out there (not at the posted link) that has audio so you can see and hear how it got started and went. I won’t post a link to that, that is on you.

Ok, so this one, across the political forum world, caused a lot of shouting matches. What I think was really going on, was everyone essentially agreed the murderer was a piece of shit, but many on the gun safety side just either could not see or would not admit that the couple were not blameless.

So where do you all fall on this? I am in the middle.

The reason the man was seen pacing in his living room, after the two murders, was his adrenaline was wearing off and he was realizing his 2 choices, prison or suicide. It shows had he not had access to that gun, those people would have stood a better chance of not dying from a revenge killing spree. The gun gave him an easy outlet before allowing him some time to “get a grip” and call the police since they assaulted him.

Those two were flat dicks; serious bullies. There was a long history of problems with that couple and the entire block. They taunted the guy, threatened him, threw a shovel at him and were so intense on bullying him, they straight ignored his first few shots. Holy shit! When he pulled the gun, she kicked the taunting up a notch!

I am sorry, they weren’t blameless. When you screw with someone long enough, you’re gonna get bit. They didn’t deserve to die, their 16 year old autistic son didn’t deserve to lose his parents, but you go looking for trouble, eventually you’ll find it. It is why I try to avoid places I feel I would need a gun on me to feel safe.

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