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Member since: Sun Mar 28, 2021, 05:24 PM
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So I noticed everyone is wearing masks again in Florida.

Just came back from Costco where 2 weeks ago maybe 10% of the people wore masks now almost a 100%. No mandate just common people using common sense.

Most people just don't want to get sick and get others sick. The maskholes and the doomsters are a true minority. Only loud on social media. But in reality both groups are a tiny part of real Americans who are simply going about their lives.
Posted by cinematicdiversions | Sat Jul 31, 2021, 01:46 PM (27 replies)

Germany walks out of Olympics match after racist attacks by Honduras team.

Shame on Honduras. Such overt racism has no place in the Olympics. Good for Germany for standing up for what is right.

WAKAYAMA, Japan (AP) — Germany’s Olympic soccer team walked off the field during a preparation match for the Tokyo Games on Saturday in response to alleged racist abuse from an opposing Honduras player toward German defender Jordan Torunarigha.

The players left the field together with five minutes remaining in the game after Torunarigha was “racially insulted,” the German soccer federation said on Twitter.

“If one of our players is racially abused, it’s not an option for us to keep playing,” Germany coach Stefan Kuntz said.“It was hard to get him in, he was terribly upset because he said he was repeatedly racially abused,” Kuntz continued. “For us it’s clear, this violates our values, we cannot tolerate it. We’ll take our player completely under our protection.”


Posted by cinematicdiversions | Sun Jul 18, 2021, 07:00 AM (20 replies)
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