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Profile Information

Name: Aram Katz
Gender: Male
Hometown: Sullivan County, NY
Home country: USA
Current location: Soon to be Zhenjiang in China
Member since: Tue Mar 23, 2021, 11:44 AM
Number of posts: 4,521

About Me

Demoralized, depressed, destroyed by American immigration law written and pushed for in 1952 by two xenophobes determined to keep people out.

Journal Archives

RI anti-Jewish craphole bar seems to have a douche for an owner too

It's like Amy's Baking Company in Maricopa County.

Someone wants to go out of business.
Posted by AZLD4Candidate | Tue Jul 26, 2022, 05:27 PM (5 replies)

It has finally happened. I sold my first screenplay

The one that won me eight awards over the last 11 months is being sold. I need to fill out an NDA and I get the purchase agreement.

It is not being optioned!!!
Posted by AZLD4Candidate | Tue Jul 26, 2022, 04:48 PM (37 replies)

A North Carolina city hired a Black town manager. Then its entire police force resigned.

Source: Yahoo via AOL

Less than a week after the entire police department in Kenly, N.C., announced their resignation, citing a “toxic” and “hostile” work environment, elected officials from the town of about 2,000 residents have gone silent on a plan for law enforcement moving forward. The July 20 mass resignation of the department’s police chief, four full-time officers and two town clerks, who are all white, came less than two months after the town hired a new town manager, who is Black, leaving many critics to question whether race was at the core of the department’s sudden collapse.

Justine Jones, who has worked for 16 years in local governments in Minnesota, Virginia, South Carolina and North Carolina, was selected to be town manager after a "nationwide search" of 30 candidates, according to a town press release. She began the job on June 2.

Kenly is 36% Black, 20% Hispanic and 36% non-Hispanic white.

Read more: https://www.aol.com/news/north-carolina-city-hired-black-224423255.html

The more things change, the more things stay the same.
Posted by AZLD4Candidate | Tue Jul 26, 2022, 04:31 AM (63 replies)

Parents, 6-year-old girl, fatally shot in tent at Iowa park

Source: AOL News

A Cedar Falls couple and their 6-year-old daughter were fatally shot while camping at an Iowa state park in an apparently random attack by a man from Nebraska, who later turned the gun on himself, authorities said.

The couple leaves behind a 9-year-old son, according to the Cedar Falls mayor. It was not immediately clear Saturday if the boy was with his family at the time of the attack at the Maquoketa Caves State Park Campground.

The Iowa Department of Public Safety identified the victims as Tyler Schmidt, 42; his 42-year-old wife, Sarah Schmidt; and their 6-year-old daughter, Lula Schmidt. Their bodies were found in their tent early Friday at the campground, about 180 miles (290 kilometers) east of Des Moines.

Authorities said the suspected gunman, 23-year-old Anthony Sherwin, was found dead in a wooded area of the park with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Read more: https://www.aol.com/news/girl-6-among-3-fatally-135259888-205624906.html

More gun violence.
Posted by AZLD4Candidate | Sun Jul 24, 2022, 12:38 AM (7 replies)

Question: Who here thinks police have a right wing/white supremist tilt in their investigations?

Posted by AZLD4Candidate | Sat Jul 23, 2022, 09:42 AM (12 replies)

Cancer developed. Rapidly aggressive over two weeks. Inoperable.

My mother had to put her beloved dog down today. She is sobbing because of this and the fact that while it was happening, the dog was licking her face with an "I'm sorry" look on his face, sort of blaming himself for this.

You can see the cancer in his face

Goodbye, Dude. You have a miserable life with terrible owners that abused you until my mother adopted you. At least in the last five years of your life, you were a spoiled, pampered prince.
Posted by AZLD4Candidate | Tue Jul 19, 2022, 09:50 PM (76 replies)

Everlast performed a song in 1998 called "What it's Like." 2nd verse is so relative today

Mary got pregnant from a kid named Tom that said he was in love
He said, "Don't worry about a thing, baby doll I'm the man you've been dreaming of"
But three months later he say he won't date her or return her calls
And she swear, "Goddamn, if I find that man I'm cuttin' off his balls"
And then she heads for the clinic and she gets some static walking through the door
They call her a killer, and they call her a sinner and they call her a whore
God forbid you ever had to walk a mile in her shoes
'Cause then you really might know what it's like to have to choose

Posted by AZLD4Candidate | Mon Jul 18, 2022, 09:57 PM (2 replies)

"My body, my choice" for COVID vaccinations is good for the right wing

"My body, my choice" for abortion is terrible for the right wing.

They all claim liberals do moral relativism. I wish someone would explain this inconsistency to me.
Posted by AZLD4Candidate | Mon Jul 18, 2022, 09:55 PM (4 replies)

AOC Assaulted on Capitol Steps by Right-wing Pervert

Posted by AZLD4Candidate | Fri Jul 15, 2022, 12:48 AM (10 replies)

Clown show alert: AZ Trump Party Governor's Debate


1) Potted plant
2) Lump of dog shit
3) Drooling cadaver
4) Complete Moron

You choose which is which.

Posted by AZLD4Candidate | Sat Jul 9, 2022, 04:41 AM (3 replies)
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