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Member since: Wed Mar 10, 2021, 07:57 PM
Number of posts: 630

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There is so much corruption left behind by the Trump administration. Is it time to fire all top

managers in the Executive Branch and make they all reapply for their jobs? Maybe not, but it is time to enforce the nepotism and anti discrimination laws already on the books especially where Federal employment is concerned.

The way to crack down on lobbyist is to simply ignore them and give them no time. Also gets rid of

dark money. We need more Dem Senators and more Dem Reps. that alone can get rid of dark money and stop lobbyists IF they just ignore them and refuse their money and say so in public.

That decision on overturning the assault weapons ban may be the straw for expanding SCOTUS.

GOP judges, thanks Moscow Mitch, are going to make it impossible to not revamp the SCOTUS.

I'm just wondering if people like Kellyanne Conway, Christ Christie etc. still believe in the

alternate universe of Trump in the face of all the "stop the steal" lies, Jan 6 insurrection, and all the COVID lies by Trump and his other cultists? Do you think they have any shame or embarrassment?

You know damn well that liberals are not in control of our Intel agencies or

all of this RW GOP Trump shit would be over by now. Many would be in jail, quite a few dead of "natural auses" and many more fired from their Federal jobs and NONE of this recount shit would be going on.

Like an unattended plant that has no brain, Trump will wither up and die if the media simply ignores

him. They could have stopped him three years ago had they just ignored his fake appearances when he was ranting his early lies.

Listening to Pence, what the hell did he and Trump do over the last four years but help destroy

democracy, give their wealthy friends more of the US tax base, tear babies from parents arms, enable the pandemic to take deep root in the nation, and diminish USA in the eyes of the world. I guess he is proud of what they accomplished for Putin?

The RW media simply hates smart, decent human beings of all stripes. nt

Does Sec. Austin have the power to take away Flynn's retirement pay and other benefits?

Asking for myself.

It really is time for us to ask:

WHAT THE HELL DOES TRUMP HAVE ON MITCH and MACARTHY? Are they a part of that satanic pedophile group they keep projecting on the Democrats?
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