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Profile Information

Name: Tom Conroy
Gender: Male
Hometown: CT
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Mar 6, 2021, 07:56 PM
Number of posts: 3,230

About Me

65 years old. Lifelong democrat. Saw JFK in New Haven CT on election eve 1960. I was all of 5 years old. Cast my first vote for Jimmy Carter. Stayed up all night at the English Speaking Union I London to watch the returns. We celebrated the results about 9 AM London time. I cried the morning I learned Bobby Kennedy had been shot. I don't think I ever quite recovered, although President Obama's election helped a lot. These days I'm a moderate democrat and a cultural conservative. I miss the world of good manners, fancy dress and dancing cheek to cheek. Big TCM fan.

Journal Archives

Positively 4th Street - Bob Dylan

The music of my life.

So there were three stories about VP Harris this weekend

Two on CNN.com and one in Politico. They weren't complimentary. When that happens it usually isn't a coincidence. Somebody has an agenda and wants to get a message out there. I have no idea who or why.
There is one thing I noticed a while ago. Politico Playbook most mornings will publish their version of the President's schedule. They will list the time the President gets the daily brief. Back in the early part of the year it always said VP Harris was present to get the brief with the President.
Awhile ago I noticed she isn't present anymore. For a while now it's just been listing the President getting the daily brief by himself.
I have no idea what that means, if anything. But I was reminded of it when I saw the three stories about the VP this weekend.

Vote for the DU Anthem!

Bank Embezzler Tracked Down 52 Years Later

He'd been on the FBI's most wanted list for the longest time. He was inspired to steal by watching the Steve McQueen movie The Thomas Crown Affair. And best of all: He Got Away With It!


Anybody following the Theranos trial?

That's actually the one I would watch it it were televised. My phone must know I'm interested. Recaps keep popping up out of nowhere.
I mean basically it sounds like the financial scam of the century. A 20 year old drops out of college and somehow entrances wealthy gullible investors to spend multi millions of dollars with basically no proof of a technology that worked. Have to give her credit: That's some chutzpa!
The feds are resting their case after presenting a long parade of wealthy and or powerful people who were happy to hand over somebody's money in this scam.
Interesting to see if she will testify. That I would like to watch.
Only know what I read but it sounds like a strong case for the feds.

All Along the Watchtower - Bob Dylan

It was a time.

Blowing In The Wind - Bob Dylan

Not walking the dog until this one goes up

Don't Think Twice, It's All Right - Bob Dylan

We're doing Dylan tonight! You can't stop me!

The Times They Are A Changin - Bob Dylan

The soundtrack of my life.

I Scored Tickets to see Judy Collins!

When Stephen Stills played this song for her she said: That's very nice Stephen, but I'm not getting back together with you.
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