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Profile Information

Name: Tom Conroy
Gender: Male
Hometown: CT
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Mar 6, 2021, 08:56 PM
Number of posts: 6,524

Journal Archives

SC Police open Investigation into Death of Murdaugh Housekeeper and Financial Settlement

Apparently a housekeeper for the Murdaugh family died some years ago in the Murdaugh family home. Alex Murdaugh promised her family he would bring an insurance claim against himself for their benefit. The claim was brought, the case was settled for $500000, but the family has never seen a dime.
SC Police have opened an investigation:


Anderson Cooper has Written a Book about his Family: The Vanderbilts

Anderson Cooper is probably the wealthiest living Vanderbilt. But he earned his fortune himself.
It should be a fun read:


Sloop John B - Brian Wilson and Al Jardine

Song begins about 30 seconds in.

Man Arrested In Murdaugh Assisted Suicide Scheme!

A man has been arrested by South Carolina authorities who allege he assisted SC lawyer Alex Murdaugh in an assisted suicide scheme which would allow Murdaugh's son to collectt 10 million dollars in insurance money. The man was a former client of Murdaugh's. The man arrested, Edward Smith, is alleged to have supplied drugs to Murdaugh in the past.
I link to the NY Post because the story deserves to be read in the tabloids:


I'm Going to a Rock Concert!

OMG! I haven't done this in so long. But I was driving by the local concert venue and just as I passed the electronic sign flashed and said that Brian Wilson and Al Jardine of Beach Boys fame are coming Oct. 8. I think Brian Wilson is a genius. A worthy successor to Cole Porter.
My wife was with me driving. It really didn't register at first. Then we were at lunch and I began to think: I've listened to his music since I was a kid. This will be my one chance to see him
So I ordered the tickets!
I'm pretty excited. It's time to revive the performing arts. The world's opinion of us as a nation may go up and down. But American music and movies (and popular culture in general) are beloved the world over. So after the Great Lockdown I've taken my first step back to seeing a live performance.

Britain OKs boosters for those over 50.


Sometimes the Brits are ahead of us!

Boosters May not be Available to the General Public on 9/20.

I know there is a lot of interest on this site about the Covid booster shot. There is an interesting article up on Politico about some of the issues the White House is having with the CDC. One of the issues is when boosters will be available to the general public:


M.T.A. - The Kingston Trio

Masks for school children?

Here's a long article from New York magazine. In Britain and Scandinavian countries they don't require masks in schools. I don't really have an opinion. Just food for thought.


Is Covid spread mostly in households?

Here's an article that suggests that you are most at risk for getting Covid from a member of your own household:

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