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Profile Information

Name: Tom Conroy
Gender: Male
Hometown: CT
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Mar 6, 2021, 08:56 PM
Number of posts: 6,524

Journal Archives

Politicians and sex

I purposefully stayed away from the Andrew Cuomo threads, I guess because I had a hard time making any judgments. It's not a good thing to be harassing your subordinates, and if true it's a bad thing to be touching a. woman's breast without consent. On the other hand it doesn't surprise me that a powerful man with no social life awkwardly approaches attractive woman. It's a pretty old story. I do confess I was a bit offended when a 25 year old woman at least through her lawyers claimed she was being groomed
15 year olds are groomed. 25 year olds are hit on..I don't have a big issue with his being impeached or resigning. But it's an old story. I just can't get to excited one way or the other.
Thinking about our Presidents, I have no doubt that Joe Biden is faithful to his wife, just as I am sure Trump was cheating on his. Obama was faithful as was W.
Clinton? I don't think Monica was the only one. George H W? Others might disagree but I would wager small money he was faithful. Reagan, Carter and Ford were faithful. Nixon and LBJ cheated.
That of course brings us to JFK. It is what it is. I read Grace and Power. The big revelation to me was how little time Jackie spent in the White House. In the end I just concluded it's really none of my business. People's sex lives are often complicated. Mine certainly was before I got married. Jackie wanted to be buried next to Jack. Which to me says a lot. The rest is basically none of my business.
Do I care about any of this? I suppose I have a prurient interest. At least I've heard of these people, unlike the subjects of today's gossip columns. But I don't really care. I'll judge politicians by what they accomplish. I'm too old to think that their sex lives matter much.


OMG the stock market!

There is a story today in the NY Times that some day the stock market could decline. I guess I should have posted it in breaking news.


The rules of attraction - Older male division.

I hope people won't think this is too elitist. I just don't know how else to tell the tale.
Years and years ago I remember reading the diaries of the great literary critic Edmond Wilson. He had an entry where he expressed surprise that he remained sexually attracted only to woman his age despite growing older.
I think it's the same way with me. I'm in my sixties but I was out with my wife to lunch the other day and taking a good look at her face and think: She's pretty cute.
It's not just her. Before I got married I dated a girl who was a bit older than me
We remain good friends. She was a bit older. We got together for dinner a little while ago. She must be 70 but my first thought was: Wow! She's pretty hot.
It's not that I can't admire a pretty young girl but they don't stimulate me the way these two do. Obviously this isn't true of all men. Hello Orange Goofball and Jeffrey Epstein.
I have no idea why this should be. Any pop psychologists out there with a theory?
Just something I was thinking about because I don't have much to do.
PS now that I'm thinking about it, when I was younger I did have a few older women who hit on me and that was kind of scary. And over the years I've had a few guys hit on me. But basically when I was in college I became attracted to those smart girls who went to little or big Ivy League schools. As they grew older my interest did not wane.
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