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Profile Information

Name: Tom Conroy
Gender: Male
Hometown: CT
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Mar 6, 2021, 07:56 PM
Number of posts: 3,677

About Me

65 years old. Lifelong democrat. Saw JFK in New Haven CT on election eve 1960. I was all of 5 years old. Cast my first vote for Jimmy Carter. Stayed up all night at the English Speaking Union I London to watch the returns. We celebrated the results about 9 AM London time. I cried the morning I learned Bobby Kennedy had been shot. I don't think I ever quite recovered, although President Obama's election helped a lot. These days I'm a moderate democrat and a cultural conservative. I miss the world of good manners, fancy dress and dancing cheek to cheek. Big TCM fan.

Journal Archives

I'll Be Seeing You - Bing Crosby


Begin the Beguine - Benny Goodman

I think Artie Shaw had the hit, but this is pretty smoothe.

So how good a boxer was Mike Tyson?

IMHO he was probably over rated even in his prime. He had obvious skills and a knock out punch but he was too small, he didn't have the arm reach to be a really dominant heavy weight.
I didn't see too many of his early fights but some of those he seemed to win before he ever stepped in the ring. His opponents were afraid to fight him (Hello Michael Spinks!).
As I recall the beginning of the end came when he faced the British heavy weight Frank Bruno. Tyson famously said: Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. Well, Bruno's plan was to not get punched in the face. He stayed away, picked his spots, and lasted six rounds before a TKO I think (I'm doing this from memory).
Then came the fight in Japan with the guy whose name I can't remember. I never saw that one but I assume it was the same story. Avoid the ferocious rush where Tyson tries to end the fight early, let him punch himself out.
Finally there was Evander Holyfield, a skilled boxer who had no fear of Tyson, and had figured out his flaws. After a few rounds Tyson was reconsidering his choice of careers.
I think Tyson and was a good boxer who lucked out for a long time in the lack of quality opponents. Tyson wouldn't have stood a chance against the great boxers of an earlier era. Someone like George Forman would have laughed at him.
Just my opinion on a lazy Saturday night.

Moonglow - Artie Shaw

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga Concert Review

Here's a review of Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga's concert at Radio City Music Hall. Over 6000 people attended the concert. All were vaxxed, few wore masks. Bill and Hillary Clinton were there. Tony did great!


My Foolish Heart - Billy Eckstine

There is a story about Billy Eckstine that I'm reasonably sure isn't true, but it should be true: One day the always elegantly dressed Billy Eckstine strode into a recording studio in NYC and noticed a disheveled, completely strung out Miles Davis crumpled over in a corner. Eckstine nodded in Davis' direction and said : Looking good Miles.
Supposedly Davis was so ashamed of himself he left that day for the family farm in Alabama to finally get himself off heroin.
As I said, the story probably isn't true but it demonstrates the regard African American musicians had for The Fabulous Mr. B.
Eckstine was the one who most suffered from the discrimination of the era. Strikingly handsome, a better singer than Sinatra, he missed out on the TV shows, the big recording contracts, Hollywood.
This song shows him at his best.

That Sunday, That Summer - Nat King Cole

How we loved him!

Joe Biden is the base!


Boy, did I ever find out that people around here hate David Brooks. But he's up with a column tonight that I think contains some wisdom. You can read it if you haven't recently read the Times on line.
Bottom line: Joe Biden is the base of the Democratic Party. If there was another base it would have won the primaries.

I'm relying on Joe to carry us home!

This is what we had to deal with in 1988.

We are going to hear a lot about the issue of crime this election cycle. I don't think Defund the Police will be a winning slogan.
In 1992 Bill Clinton had an answer. Just Google the name Ricky Ray Rector. We can do a lot better than that. We are going to have to.

Thanks For the Memories - Bob Hope and Shirley Ross

Bob Hope made great movies in the 30s and 40s. And he could sing a bit.
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