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Profile Information

Name: Tom Conroy
Gender: Male
Hometown: CT
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Mar 6, 2021, 08:56 PM
Number of posts: 5,958

About Me

65 years old. Lifelong democrat. Saw JFK in New Haven CT on election eve 1960. I was all of 5 years old. Cast my first vote for Jimmy Carter. Stayed up all night at the English Speaking Union I London to watch the returns. We celebrated the results about 9 AM London time. I cried the morning I learned Bobby Kennedy had been shot. I don't think I ever quite recovered, although President Obama's election helped a lot. These days I'm a moderate democrat and a cultural conservative. I miss the world of good manners, fancy dress and dancing cheek to cheek. Big TCM fan.

Journal Archives

Patron the mural!


Should Biden Run in 2024? Democratic whispers of 'No' start to rise.

I'm putting it up because it's in today's NY Times:

Midway through the 2022 primary season, many Democratic lawmakers and party officials are venting their frustrations with President Biden’s struggle to advance the bulk of his agenda, doubting his ability to rescue the party from a predicted midterm trouncing and increasingly viewing him as an anchor that should be cut loose in 2024.

As the challenges facing the nation mount and fatigued base voters show low enthusiasm, Democrats in union meetings, the back rooms of Capitol Hill and party gatherings from coast to coast are quietly worrying about Mr. Biden’s leadership, his age and his capability to take the fight to former President Donald J. Trump a second time.

Interviews with nearly 50 Democratic officials, from county leaders to members of Congress, as well as with disappointed voters who backed Mr. Biden in 2020, reveal a party alarmed about Republicans’ rising strength and extraordinarily pessimistic about an immediate path forward.

“To say our country was on the right track would flagrantly depart from reality,” said Steve Simeonidis, a Democratic National Committee member from Miami. Mr. Biden, he said, “should announce his intent not to seek re-election in ’24 right after the midterms.”
Should Biden Run in 2024? Democratic Whispers of ‘No’ Start to Rise. https://nyti.ms/3xGyTRO

UK Ministry of Defense update on Ukraine.


Russia is also relying on 1960s tanks. A prayer for Ukraine.

Another Jomini on the Ukraine War is out.

The best commentator out there, though this doesn't sound good.


John Sweeney's Kyiv Diary day 107


Covid ba.4 and 5 in South Africa


Patron at work!


The organized attack on the Capitol described in detail:

I think this twitter thread is quite good.


Covid in CT, the latest.


Replies and Dr. Grubaugh's responses are interesting.

US govt I bonds might be a good investment now.

From today's NY Times:

"There are other options for holding short-term money safely. Briefly put, they include U.S. government I bonds, which yield an amazing 9.62 percent, a rate that is reset every six months. They are very safe but imperfect, especially for short-term purposes. Not only are there limits on the amounts you can buy, but there are also small penalties if you cash them in before five years."

The rate will be reset in a few months. Investment limit is ten grand per annum.

Any investment pros want to weigh in and explain any downside?
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