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Name: J
Gender: Male
Hometown: SoCal
Home country: USA
Current location: Socal
Member since: Mon Feb 1, 2021, 08:27 PM
Number of posts: 7,424

Journal Archives

I'm 99.9% sure that I know what the majority of the documents are.

It's the 2016-2017 Russia counter intel operation... "Crossfire Hurricane"

My Evidence:

1) Trump is particularly engaged with this investigation and how he feels he was "spied on and conspired against"

2) Trump claimed that he was going to de-classify all documents related to Crossfire Hurricane 2016-2017

3) John Solomon, is particularly attached at the hip to the 2016-2017 investigation. He's spoken on it and had access to secret docs for years and has written about it for The Hill and his own website.

4) The "Human Intel" is CIA operatives who interacted with Trump associates like George Papadopolous.

2000 year old Roman ruins "reappear again" after 70+ years underwater


Ancient Romans began construction on a military camp in what is now northwestern Spain, along the Lima River in Galicia, in about 75 AD, Spanish researchers wrote in a 2018 study. They abandoned the camp about a century later.

The remaining ruins became submerged after the construction of a dam in 1949 created the As Conchas reservoir, The Guardian reported.

But this summer, all droughts led to Rome. The ancient camp reappeared on the river bank ó its entire ruined complex on display, drone footage posted on Friday by Faro de Vigo showed.

Where's the debt relief for everybody else?

This is a link to a news story on Yahoo Finance. The author isn't a rightwing extremist, he's a regular contributor on MSNBC, CNN and NPR.

Some of it I like... some I disagree with but I promise it's educational and interesting to read.


The votes arenít there for Congress to pass a debt-relief law, and Democrats need every advantage they can get heading into this yearís midterm elections. So Biden is holding his nose while signing a debt-relief executive order likely to face legal challenges. Biden has also extended a moratorium on student-debt repayment for the eighth time since March 2020, when Congress first enacted a repayment pause as part of the COVID-relief CARES Act. That pause now extends to Dec. 31.

Forgiving $10,000 of debt will wipe out all money owed for about 12 million borrowers and reduce the balance for about 30 million others. But it will cost the government about $300 billion in foregone revenue, according to the Penn Wharton Budget Model. That will add to budget deficits and more or less zero out the $275 billion in deficit reduction included in the so-called Inflation Reduction Act that President Biden signed less than two weeks ago.

Apparently the loan forgiveness is for "E" category loans...

Which means that anyone who previously re-financed their student loans with an outside party are not eligible.

If your loan begins with J or D... you still must pay.

Just got a text from a colleague...

Just wanted to share my happiness... PLUMERIA flowers!!


A few years back I ordered a bunch of Plumeria seeds from bradsbudsandblooms.com

Got like 1-2 seed packs for 4-5 different cultivars.

Had no problem germinating... gave away lots of 18" started plants and kept the 5-6 best ones.

That was FOUR years ago.

They're not really fond of SoCal... lose their leaves every winter. I though they'd never bloom.

Just last week I'm noticing a flower cluster growing and taking shape. I can see the bright pink tightly wound flowers growing and I'm just counting the days until they unfurl.

I'm soooooo psyched!!!

I'll post a pic when they start opening.

Should look like this:


Trump IS running... he MUST run.

Look at the evidence.

1) Trump Media and Technology Group.

Trump is the majority shareholder in DWAC which has a market cap of $1.1B and at one time was over $3B

If Trump announces a run, Truth Social benefits bigly and DWAC's stock price will surge, Trump makes Billions.

If Trump announces no run, the brand takes a yuge hit and loses value.

2) Impending legal action.

If/when the Garland DoJ indicts Trump, it's going to get dragged through the mother of all delays... not a chance for a trial before 1/25

Trump wins in 24, his new AG calls it all a hoax and prosecution is over. And that's before Trump fires all the DoJ'er and FBI'ers his power will allow.

3) Look at the numbers.

a) Trump rec'd the most voted for POTUS in history by anyone NOT named Biden.

b) Trump has a 2:1 lead over any possible Primary challenger.

c) Trump beats Biden and Harris in head to head polling from earlier this month, Harvard CAPS/Harris Polling

4) Trump is a vengeful bastard. He LIVES to get even. At this stage in his life, NOTHING else matters. He ran in 2016 because Obama made jokes about him. Imagine his motivation for 2024.

5) External factors are favorable for Trump. Most expect economic issues through 2023, maybe longer. Inflation may settle in around 4-5% as the "new normal"... Energy will continue to get more expensive and tumultuous. And lastly, international instability including the proxy war in Ukraine, near war in Taiwan, Kosovo and North Korea rattling the cage again.

Oh yeah, Trump's running. Doesn't matter what Biden or Garland do, he's running.

So, like Global warming... time to prepare.

He's beatable, of course... but it's going to take some forward thinking.

For everyone who speaks longingly about bringing back the GOP of yore...

Are you sure?

Does anyone need a history lesson?

There is NOTHING redeeming about the GOP of 2022 OR 1980.



I only understand the law well enough to have questions...

1) Re: a change of venue request. How does a Judge decide? If DC only gave Trump 5% of the vote, can they hold the trial in DC? Move to Stafford County, Spotsylvania County? Orange County?

2) If the change of venue request is denied, I believe that CAN NOT be immediately appealed but would it remain as a potential post-verdict appeal grounds?

3) Does Trump have a right to 6 Trump voters on the Jury? Finding 12 people who have no opinion of Trump doesn't sound possible.

4) I know that a Federal Grand Jury indictment CAN be challenged, for several reasons in fact. Trump lawyers would be certain to argue that the crime wasn't really a crime, being POTUS. How does the Judge decide? Can his decision be appealed BEFORE a trial? Can an appellate Court or even the Supreme Court find that no crime was committed, thus the indictment is false?

Generally... how much can the Trump SCOTUS affect a trial?

5) Time. What kind of time frame are we talking? Is there any way for this t work through the Judicial system and be done and over by 11/24?

I'm afraid if a GOP'er wins, this thing disappears January, 2025.


"National Archives counters Trump's claims Obama took classified documents"


WE all knew this...

But here's the ammo to shut up fools on social media.

Driving the news: The National Archives was quick to counter Trump's claims on Friday, noting in a statement that it "assumed exclusive legal and physical custody" of Obama's presidential records after he left office.

The former president "has no control over where and how" the records are stored, it said.

The National Archives said it moved about 30 million pages of unclassified records from the Obama administration to a facility that it maintains in Chicago. Classified documents remain in a facility in Washington, D.C.

I think I know a way the GOP can get rid of Trump and keep the base...

So yeah... sometimes I sit around just thinking stuff up.

Of course they won't actually DO THIS...

They make a deal with Trump. "Win the House in 22, we give you the gavel and you refuse to run for 24".

This will make many puke, but Pelosi would hand the gavel to Trump in January. Trump would be seated behind Biden for the SOTU speech doing Lord knows what to the speech transcript? Maybe he'd drop trow and wipe his ass with it on National TV?

They'd tell Trump he'd get to preside over the House Investigation into the MAL FBI Raid and preside over impeaching Biden... twice.

Then he'd hand the gavel off to McCarthy and endorse DeSantis saying "My work is done"...

The instructional part of this story???


Vote like your very life depends on it... because it does.

Vote blue, no matter who.
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