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Name: J
Gender: Male
Hometown: SoCal
Home country: USA
Current location: Socal
Member since: Mon Feb 1, 2021, 08:27 PM
Number of posts: 7,441

Journal Archives

Well... an oligarch's gotta' get his money somewhere. Why the T-14 tank hasn't been seen in Ukraine

Really a funny story...

So the Russians FINALLY design a new Main Battle Tank as a LONG delayed competitor to the US M1 Abrams.

It's shown in 2015 at their Victory Day parade...

It's thoroughly modern, copies lots of M1 Abrams features, has an armored crew compartment, an autonomous turret, armored ammo storage, advanced armor, fires several different armament... low silhouette...

And 7 years after it was displayed, they may only have between 9-20 T-14's...

Look to the owner of the tank factory and count how many yachts he has.


Going to take a few days away... have a good weekend everyone

Too much Ukraine War news for me... need a break.

Dealt with anxiety issues to varying degrees much of my life and now I'm feeling "edgy"...

At one time dealt with a decade long benzo-fog situation...

My sister in law just had a baby... and is pregnant again. Then I see the stroller at the Train Station massacre today.

Yeah, need some time off. Take care everyone. Be safe and healthy.

Something I don't understand about the Train Station rocket attack.

We all saw the pics and it's horrific.

Most of the pictures were pixelated to cover their gruesome nature.

In all of them I noticed, next to the dead bodies were suitcases and personal effects that appeared to be untouched, completely unscathed by any blast.

No, I'm not going "Conspiracy Theorist" or anything like that... it's just the Engineer in me asking "What happened"??

If it weren't for the blood, I'd think they were poisoned, like a chemical attack.


First NATO Air Losses... a Mystery. YouTube-Mark Felton.

2 Romanian aircraft mysteriously go down with 8 KIA.

History doesn't repeat... but it rhymes. (Ukraine 2022, Europe 1945)

Widely known as "The lost German girl"

Obviously concussed and in shock.

She would be identified as Lore Bauer, a young German girl who had been assigned as a Luftwaffenhelferin to operate anti-aircraft guns, as Germany was experiencing massive losses of male soldiers.

Stationed in Czechoslovakia when the war ended, she and her other german and austrian female were brutally beaten and raped.
When she ran into an American unit on the road, you can see her bury her face into a small notebook. It turns out that she had hidden about 100 Czech crowns (currency) which she did not realize was worthless at the end of the conflict.

She flashed the currency to bribe the soldiers into allowing her to pass. To let her know that the unit was American, cameraman Haglund handed her a US penny.

Over time she made her way back to Germany and married after the war. She gave birth to two children, and it was her granddaughter, Emi, who would visit Haglund’s grave in San Bernardino, California and leave a penny–the very same penny given to her grandmother in 1945–on his headstone.

People and News entities use the phrase "Will Smith Oscar's Slap" instead of "Assault".


I've been punched. I've been slapped.

Not much difference. With the kind of hand velocity delivered by Smith, that was a decent shot.

Is there a subconscious "cover-up" for Will Smith... like "Well he didn't HIT him"...

If you've been slapped by a 6'2 200 lb athletic guy... at what appeared to be full power, you've been assaulted.
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