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Name: J
Gender: Male
Hometown: SoCal
Home country: USA
Current location: Socal
Member since: Mon Feb 1, 2021, 09:27 PM
Number of posts: 6,175

Journal Archives

Midterm Strategy and President Biden's approval numbers.

The Republican strategy is clear... they'll attempt to tie Warnock and Fetterman and Cortez Masto and others directly to Biden.

In Georgia, Q'Pac has Biden's approval rating at 33%

In Pennsylvania, he's at 39% according to Suffolk

And in Nevada, he's at 30% according to a Civiqs poll.

Fortunately for us... OZ and Walker are CRAP candidates.

Laxalt and Brnovich are more traditional candidates and may make it a close race.

I've already seen some Dem Senate candidates publicly distance themselves from the White House (Kelly, AZ)

How to play the mid terms?

Battleground State DU'ers... what are YOU seeing on TV ads from the GOP'ers??

It's the GUNS... but it's the hate and despair that pulls the trigger.

This is JUST my opinion.

Kids nowadays are filled with hate, sadness and despair from the moment they begin to understand the language.

Kids are told they have no future because the world is doomed and fucked. Polar Bears are dying.

Kids hear their parents and other adults say mean and nasty things about people.

Kids see neighbors hating neighbor.

Kids see open trenches filled with bodies in Iraq... or in Libya, Syria... or Ukraine.

Kids are raised by Reddit and 4Chan and Call of Duty... and Fortnite.

Kids have trouble developing their own sense of love and adoration for others.

And the violence... violence is normalized in every aspect of their lives.

Didn't always used to be like this... Mid West 1960's-70's childhood here... never saw crap like this.

Our culture is the poison and when you combine that with easy access to guns... you see what happens.

The ONLY solution to all of this is to raise a generation or two of kind and loving kids.

Don't teach kids why other people are BAD... teach them that everyone deserves the right to live in the way that makes them happy and derive happiness from seeing others live their own "best life"...

Because right now... we're living an American version of Rwanda.

I found a Bobby Crimo Twitter page that hasn't been taken down... Awake Fan Club







Salon: "Infowars" host Alex Jones says Trump will announce 2024 presidency run on July 4th

What a way to ruin the burgers and hot dogs...

Can he just disappear already???

Note for the potential alerters. Salon is ranked as LEFT by the media bias websites. So NO I'm not spreading Right Wing Sources.


"Donald Trump is set to announce his run for 2024 on Monday, which is a very special day. We're shooting this right now during a break during my live show on June 29th, Wednesday edition. That means in five days, on July 4th, President Trump is gonna announce he's running for his second term," Jones said. "Imagine the explosive political, cultural, economic, medical, financial implications of that."

The Loophole That Trump Tried to Steal the Election With Is Still There

Yes it's TDB which is frequently garbage... but the author is Margaret Carlson, former managing editor of the New Republic and first female columnist for Time magazine... hardly a RW'er.

A 5 month old article but describes in detail WHAT legal process the TFG team thought might work, how they attempted it and how it needs to be fixed.


Much of what was broken on Jan. 6 can’t be fixed, but there’s one thing that can: the loophole in the Electoral Count Act on which Donald Trump pinned his hopes of overturning the 2020 election.

That badly worded law—leaving open the question whether the vice president’s role is merely ceremonial or he has the power to replace duly certified electors—is still on the books. It requires only one member from the House and one from the Senate to make an objection to halt the count, with both branches of Congress then retiring to their respective chambers.

From there, the election can be tossed to the House.

Well that's embarrassing. The Kavanaugh would-be assassin is a local kid.

Simi Valley High, class of 2014.

Has anyone EVER been charged with an attempted assassination of a Supreme Court Justice?

Tried googling it but only see Kavanaugh news...

I don't think so... this is unfortunate and historic... shows the bad place the country is in right now. And I think it'll only get worse...

Anyone need a quiet keyboard? My marriage depended on finding one.

I had an older Logitech that drove my wife crazy.

At times she was quite... irritated.

I found a super quiet solution for just $39 at Best Buy.

The Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard.

Full size, has about the same throw as a laptop keyboard.

*Bluetooth only. Requires a PC that supports Bluetooth OR you can buy a $10 Bluetooth adapter dongle.

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