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Profile Information

Name: Ayme
Gender: Non-binary
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Current location: Los Angeles
Member since: Sun Jan 10, 2021, 12:08 PM
Number of posts: 295

About Me

Old White 420 Trans DJ

Journal Archives

Potato Heads

Send one to your local R congresscritter today!


Amend: The Fight For America

Just released on Netflix. I BEG you, IMPLORE you to watch. It is a MUST watch. This series will fire you up, and you will see the Blue Tsunami.

We cannot legislate morality - been there, done that. But it is imperative that we each examine and constantly amend and evolve our own conscious and subconscious, taught or learned prejudices.

January 6, 2021 was nothing new, even if the hate was directed at their own. And its aftermath isn't new either.

But white supremacy has now been entirely exposed, even more than it was in the 1960's. Covid-19 is a deadly virus, but racism is and always has been, our most virulent and lethal disease.

Equal Justice and Protection Under Law
Regardless of Race, Gender Identity (that goes for cis identities too), Who You Love or Where You Come From
The Right to Privacy - Women are in Control of their Own Bodies

The Promise of America has always been a Lie to anyone not white
But we CAN Repair, Repay and Heal
Remember, the real Promise of America is Hope
The whole Point IS the Promise of an Equal, Diverse Society
And it's a Commitment We The People Make to Each Other, Every Single Day - to Form that More Perfect Union
Love Always Wins!

But nothing is Guaranteed. We must continue to fight injustice on all fronts.
AOC did exactly the right thing in TX. She led the way and showed us that empathy and compassion is absolutely the correct approach for all us of to take.

We have to Know our History
We have to Know the Law
And that's how WE will change this Country, and fulfill that Promise
With Honor, Dignity and Respect

Bring the 14th Amendment to the forefront of the Conversation
Stand up for those 14th Amendment Rights
Get into Good Trouble - Necessary Trouble
Restore Empathy to our Immigration System and Policies
Reject the Politics of Fear and Anger

The Waiting Is Over
The Time Is Now

Biden's Address To The DOJ

I can only hope President Biden will also tell this directly to the Civilian "Security" Forces (i.e., those who've given the oath to protect and serve). When you got cops pepper-spraying handcuffed 10-year old girls and saying it's their own fault (not to mention pull my gun and fire as my first response), a DOJ trickle-down policy isn't likely to have much effect and will take too goddamn long. Defund The Police!

Iíve just concluded a briefing with the civilian and military leadership where I laid out my national security priorities. And I want to share the message directly with the Department of Defense staff all around the world. Because each of you ó each of you ó whether youíre newly enlisted, a career officer, a non-commissioned officer, or a civilian policy expert, youíre essential to how we project our strength around the world, defend Americaís interests, and advance American leadership in the world.
So often, our Armed Forces and the Department of Defense staff are how the rest of the world encounters America. And you all know as well as anyone that our country is safer and stronger when we lead not just with the example of our power, but with the power of our example. ✂️

There is no aspect of our agenda of the 21st century leadership where the women and men of the Defense Department do not have a role ó whether itís helping curb the pandemic here at home and around the world; or addressing the real threats of climate change that already is costing us billions in impacts on our bases, on our national security; or being part of an ongoing fight for racial justice.
You are essential to how we must rethink and reprioritize our security to meet the challenges of this century, not the last.

Excerpt copied from today's Good Gnus on DailyKos, with praise and thanks to chloris creator.

If We're Not Allowed To See The Traitors On Television...

...I wish the Impeachment Managers would start calling out names of those colluding with t***p. But I know...I know...they can't. But it'd really drive the point home if we could see a picture of Hawley putting his feet up, etc. Or Qruz trimming his nose hairs. Anything! The images in my head of these seditious asshats not paying attention when they should which only emphasizes their guilt...grrrr....

But did you catch the sly reference Ted Lieu made about people saying t***p should be given a 'Mulligan'? Nice one Ted. And I also heard an audible disagreeable noise/response from someone off camera right after he said that, I presume from the shitheel who made the referenced remark.

14th Amendment hearings can't come soon enough!

Not Since The Moon Landing...

...will millions of Americans be riveted to their televisions. In just a few hours, Impeachment II (Son Of Schmilsson!) will air (Live!), and it will be (and become) the highest rated show evah! No wonder they waited until after the Super Bowl.

Coming to a streaming service near you, the Mini Series, the Movie (and subsequent Universe), my gOD the Marketing! I see a lot of dollar signs floating in many eyes (looking at you DNC Chair Jamie Harrison).

The Horror...The Horror!

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