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Member since: Mon Jan 4, 2021, 10:20 AM
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They Lied

Therefore the court is invalid. Thats how the Rs would respond, that is how the Dems should respond and scream it from every tower all the time. We have to fight fire with more fire, in this case.

Trump 2024

I just turned off the TV after I saw Smerconish saying that you have to admit that Trump is the number 1 candidate for the Rethugs in 2024. Man that pisses me off, the only reason people think that is because idiots like this guy keep saying it, and they keep saying it because they think it's good for ratings. Honestly I have to think that the media, in most of its forms, is mostly responsible for the mess we are in.
When the bobble heads say something dumb like that, the other person should say something to the effect of "Why would you think that a person who is being investigated so heavily would be a viable candidate?" Then then go from there, to list off the Facts about the investigations.

Whats with the damn pop up window

That won't go away. VERY ANNOYING

Event cancellations and the media, an example of hidden bias

Or maybe lazy journalism.
In San Antonio TX a number of large events have been cancelled due to COVID, that's a good thing. The way it is reported is what's bad below is the headline from KSAT a local news station in TX
As more conventions cancel, San Antonio loses out on $21 million in economic impact
Cancellations due to concerns over COVID-19 delta variant, tourism bureau says

What they should be saying is recent cancellations of events due COVID concerns are expected to save hundreds of lives.

Buy expressing the cancellations in terms of monetary loss they are making people see only the bad side of these protective measures.
Its similar to saying "Smoke alarms cost Americans millions of dollars every year"

Most keys are made of brass

Brass is a non-ferrous metal and as such will not "stick" to a magnet. It's sweat and surface tension if anything.
But goddammit why can't the news media just make that point and put this issue to bed.

Dunder Mifflin may make a comeback


It really bugs me that they giving the orange menace airtime, but I could not resist posting for the sake of all "The Office" fans out there. Heck Michael Scott may have done a better job.

Curious Statement by Gaetz's Dad

Per the Politico interview,
I said to the FBI Im willing to wear a wire and be cooperative, but I was asked to say things that are not true to draw out an admission,
Its the later part of this statement which to me seems like he is laying the groundwork to be able to backtrack on some things he has said. It also does not say he wore a wire, only that he offered to do so.

The full article is linked below:
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